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What's New / Revision History (archive) -->

These are older entries for WTNG's revision history, starting with the more recent changes:

|!!| 7 September 2005
Azerbaijan: Nakhchivan expands to 6-digit subscriber numbers; freephone numbering introduced.

Bangladesh: updates to number ranges since January 2004.

Israel: Jawall (+972 59) mobile subscriber numbers now consistently 7-digit.

Kuwait: update to number ranges.

Oman: updated details for 2004-2005 renumbering list.

Syria: prepaid GSM mobile number ranges introduced April 1994.

|!!| 5 September 2005
A few link and editorial cleanups, courtesy Ray Chow, Mark Cuccia, Sergiu Rosenzweig.

Albania: Added regulator link, with numbering information.

Andorra: Updated 2003 date of introduction for a mobile number range.

Australia: new national telecom regulator.

Belize: New mobile number ranges in early 2005.

Brazil: cleared some broken links, updated some numbering references.

Burkina Faso: updated list of new mobile number ranges, as of 21 March 2005.

Cameroon: corrected country code typos, (thanks to Julius Essoka Lobe of MTN Cameroon for detecting these).

Chile: new number ranges introduced; clarified area code and subscriber number digit counts.

Congo (Brazzaville) and Congo (Kinshasa): flags between the two Congos are now fixed (thanks to Wade Lindqvist for spotting the flag flip).

Cuba: various numbering changes; consolidation of mobile numbers to +53 5; consolidation of area codes in Cienfuegos and Habana provinces.

Egypt: Menouf subscriber numbers lengthened.

El Salvador: Added Intelfon number ranges.

Estonia: May 2005 numbering update.

Gambia: New mobile number ranges for Africell and Gamcell.

Germany: new telecom regulator in effect.

Iran: Tehran subscriber numbers expanded to 8-digit format on 20 July 2005.

Jordan: update to mobile number ranges list.

Madagascar: Gulfsat carrier code; more detail on 1997 national renumbering.

Singapore: 1995-1996 introduction of 020 trunk code access for Malaysia; new IP Telephony numbering range introduced. Maldives: national renumbering to 7-digit system.

Martinique: new numbering range, numbering plan as of May 2005.

Mauritius: Update on national numbering plan.

Mayotte: updated Mayotte number assignments.

Mexico: Correction to Mexico City area code reference (courtesy Randy King).

Morocco: new mobile GSM number ranges, update on national numbering plan.

Mozambique: schedule of national renumbering postponed.

Netherlands Antilles: March 2005 number plan update with new mobile number range assigned.

Niger: update on national numbering plan.

Russia: subscriber number changes in St Petersburg.

San Marino: Link to updated numbering plan information.

Sierra Leone: update on national numbering plan, new local number ranges for PCS carrier.

Sudan: new code for mobile carrier Areeba (Bashair Telecom).

Thailand: correct link for carrier CAT.

Once again, there are some outstanding updates to make to these pages. Efforts will continue to clear up the backlog of updates as much as possible.

|!!| 2 May 2005
American Samoa: clean up wording, particularly related to change from +684 to +1 684 which is now mandatory.

Armenia: all area codes change 1 May 2005.

El Salvador: fixed a broken numbering document link.

Iran: fixed some broken links to telecom operator.

By Country Code list, By Country Name list: clean up a few entries and fix some formatting.

|!!| 30 April 2005
Afghanistan: numbering plan as of December 2004; added regulator link.

Andorra: changes to freephone numbers.

Angola: extra digit for mobile numbers in January 2005; expansion of fixed/wireline numbers expected in May; added regulator link.

Argentina: noted use of '15' prefix on domestic mobile numbers, which is to be omitted when calling these numbers from outside Argentina.

Australia: listed exceptions to 9-digit national number format.

Austria: added link to numbering plan documents, updated information on digit formats.

Belize: new number ranges announced November 2004; added regulator link.

Brazil: updates on national renumbering (through end-2005); added regulator and carrier links.

Burkina Faso: updated mobile number ranges.

Cambodia: added an area codes link.

Cameroon: new mobile number ranges announced.

Cape Verde: new mobile number ranges introduced.

Cayman Islands: updated announcement of numbering range information.

Central African Republic: expansion to 7-digit national numbering January 2005.

Chile: new number ranges in late 2004; updated area code / subscriber number digit lengths based on late-2004 information.

Comoros and Mayotte: updated list of number ranges for Comoros and Mayotte; new mobile number ranges in late 2003.

Djibouti: various new number ranges introduced.

Dominican Republic: added reference for introduction of new +1 829 code.

El Salvador: national renumbering in May 2005.

Equatorial Guinea: updated number ranges.

Gabon: details of national renumbering to 8 digits throughout 2005, added regulator link.

Guyana: various new number ranges added in 2004.

Haiti: new mobile number ranges.

Iceland: added numbering range links, also updated possible lengths of national numbers.

Ireland: new +353 76 VoIP range.

Israel: December 2004 numbering plan announcement from regulator.

Jordan: new numbering range for mobile carriers XPress, Umniah.

Kazakstan: minor table clean-up.

Kuwait: October 2004 numbering plan update announcement (minor updates to number ranges).

Lebanon: added carrier links, minor clarifications to announcement of January 2005 new number ranges.

Liberia: updated links and information on numbering ranges. Added mobile carrier link.

Lithuania: editorial changes and additional link for 2002 national renumbering.

Luxembourg: GSM number range notes, other new ranges introduced February 2003, VoIP range in October 2004.

Mali: new Ikatel mobile number range introduced; updated national numbering plan announced.

Mexico: new area code document link.

Morocco: new mobile number ranges introduced in early 2005. Updated numbering plan link and background.

Netherlands Antilles: updated number ranges.

Niger: updated number ranges.

North Korea: added information on international prefix, Hamchon area code.

Oman: details of 2004-2005 national renumbering.

Paraguay: new, changed numbers in specific locations on January 2005.

Philippines: added information on carrier Digitel number ranges.

Russia: Rostov-on-Don subscriber numbers change to 7-digit format with digit migrating from area code; area codes of form +7 0xx migrating to +7 4xx in 2005 (including Moscow: +7 095 to +7 495). Ekaterinburg and Krasnodar subscriber numbers became 7-digit format in 2004.

St Helena: introduction of new numbering range.

South Africa: Details on national numbering plan proposals for closed numbering system, rationalisation of area codes, change of international prefix to '00'.

Tanzania: number format changes for mobile numbers; updated numbering assignments for some special services; new name and link for telecom regulator.

United Kingdom: additional information on new +44 20 3xxxxxxx range, to be introduced 1 June 2005.

Vanuatu: minor update to a link date reference.

United States Pacific Islands: clean up references on various pages for American Samoa +1 684 where use of +684 is now discontinued.

International Networks: new ranges +882 98, +882 99 introduced, +882 14, +882 17 unallocated; Telespazio +882 13 number ranges, plus notice against misuse of its numbering.

Global Mobile Satellite System: minor editorial clean-up, fixed broken links (corrections courtesy of Thanos Massias).

Inmarsat: additional detail on services, numbering. Consolidation of all service numbers into +870 now targeted by end-2009.

Links page: minor link cleanup.

Note that "DCCL" area code lists have not yet been updated. Some of those items are out of date - please refer to other area code links, especially official government or carrier sites, in the meantime.

|!!| 22 December 2004
Help page: format update.

Completed restructuring into separate pages per nation. Some corrections made to links broken on the last update (broken link finding courtesy of David Belknap).

A large volume of changes is involved in this update. Some contributed items may be missed, or are still to be incorporated on the site. As usual, WTNG welcomes feedback, although rapid responses may not always be possible.

Algeria: added carrier links.

American Samoa: minor wording clarification.

Angola: introduction of Nexus carrier; Bela Vista subscriber number changes.

Anguilla: added regulator link.

Antigua and Barbuda: added government carrier link.

Australian External Territories: added Norfolk Island carrier and directory links.

Azerbaijan: expanded subscriber numbers in Baku 1 August 2004; updates to some details; corrections to international and trunk prefixes; updated regulator link; added wireless links.

Bahamas: added regulator link.

Bahrain: updated information for special numbers, subject to national renumbering which completed mid-2004.

Bangladesh: April 2004 changes.

Barbados: added regulator link.

Bermuda: added carrier link.

Bhutan: November 2003 announcement of new mobile numbering range.

Brazil: Oct/Nov 2004 subscriber numbers in certain areas become 8-digit format.

British Virgin Islands: added carrier links, plus government link.

Bulgaria: fixed some broken links.

Burkina Faso: 30 April 2004 expansion to 8-digit national numbers; June/July 2004 new mobile number ranges.

Cameroon: added government ministry link.

Cayman Islands: added regulatory and carrier links.

Chile: details of new number ranges.

China: Area code change in Chaoyang (Guangdong province). Subscriber number expansions in Fuzhou and Quanzhou (Fujian province), Foshan and Shunde (Guangdong), Nanjing (Jiangsu), Xian (Shannxi).

Congo (Brazzaville): details of 2004 expansion to 7-digit national numbers.

Congo (Kinshasa): new WLL numbers announced April 2004.

Corrected some (mostly internal) switched-up file naming references between Congo (Brazzaville) +242: and Congo (Kinshasa, ex-Zaire) +243.

Côte d'Ivoire: added regulator link.

Cuba: added new number ranges.

Dominica: added regulator and carrier links.

Dominican Republic: 2005 introduction of new +1 829 area code overlay; added carrier links; updated some other links.

East Timor: various corrections and updates, including July 2004 activity report. Added note of the original +672 country code assignment in 1964.

Gabon: added carrier link. Country name simplified to the more familiar Gabon.

Ghana: corrected area code and subscriber number digit lengths. Added numbering range link. Indicated regulator (no active website found yet).

Grenada: added carrier link.

Guam: more detail on 1997 country code change; added carrier link.

Guatemala: added link to Sept 2004 numbering change announcement.

Guyana: new GSM mobile range introduced May 2004.

India: Subscriber number changes for Hassan and Imphal/Lamphel.

Israel: minor details added for 2004 mobile changes.

Jamaica: added carrier link.

Jordan: December 2004 conversion of mobile numbers to national 8-digit format; also added details of previous mobile changes.

Kazakstan: new fixed radio number ranges; added carrier link.

Kuwait: new MTC mobile number ranges for October 2004.

Latvia: added carrier and regulator links.

Lebanon: new numbering plan information - new ranges for GSM, shared cost, premium services in 2005.

Liberia: late 2004 information on numbering plan, including various GSM number ranges. Additional background on past LoneStar access via Monaco +377 47.

Libya: Added historical note for 1994 Tripoli subscriber number expansion. Added new area code links.

Lithuania: added numbering range link.

Macedonia: some text updates, including general information on numbering format.

Macao: updated current situation and number ranges.

Mauritius: International prefixes for carrier selection and pre-selection as of March 2004. Updates to regulator and government links.

Mexico: wording clean-up regarding trunk prefixes (courtesy Simon Alcantara).

Montserrat: added carrier link.

Morocco: added carrier and regulator links.

Mozambique: new national numbering plan in January 2005.

Myanmar (Burma): added numbering range link.

Netherlands: new links to more recent numbering plan information, including new +31 88 non-geographic code to support corporate networks. Also added new area code list link (on Wikipedia).

Netherlands Antilles: area codes formally absorbed into subscriber numbers except for Cura&cceil;ao. July 2004 update to numbering ranges.

Update to St Maarten numbers, new mobile range in Curaçao.

Northern Mariana Islands: more detail of country code change; added carrier link.

Macao: minor editing; added reference to number ranges announcement July 2004.

Moldova: more area code changes August 2004.

Palau: new mobile ranges.

Palestine: Mobile subscriber numbers will not change to 7 digits, as was the case for Israel mobile numbers.

Poland: update to regulator link, update to current state of numbering format.

Reunion: corrected digits for mobile numbering ranges during 2001 changes; added numbering range link.

Samoa: update to national renumbering, including change of plans for mobile numbers (increases to 7-digit format, instead of originally-intended 6-digit format).

Senegal: added detail from 1997 national renumbering; fixed broken links; updated carrier links; added regulator link.

Sierra Leone: added mobile carrier link.

St Kitts and Nevis: added carrier and regulator links.

St Lucia: added regulator link.

St Vincent and the Grenadines: added regulator link.

Sudan: added ITU document link.

Tajikistan: added numbering range link.

Togo: added carrier and regulator links; added numbering information link.

Trinidad and Tobago: added regulator and carrier links.

Tunisia: added carrier and regulator links.

Turks and Caicos: added carrier link.

Turkey: fixed broken link; added carrier link.

Uganda: added 2002 change of area code for carrier MTN and added link for this carrier.

United Kingdom: use of geographic and non-geographic ranges for VoIP services (September 2004 announcement). New subscriber number range as of mid-2005. Also added link to telecom regulator for Jersey (Jersey is part of UK numbering plan, +44).

Vanuatu: new mobile numbering ranges announced in November 2004.

Vietnam: added various numbering details, information on new mobile number ranges in early 2004.

Zimbabwe: added numbering range document link; updated numbers of digits for area codes and subscriber numbers; added regulator and carrier links.

Europe: fixed some broken links to ETNO Common Position (CP) papers.

Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR): +999 was reserved as a country code for possible disaster relief purposes. Some preliminary information on TDR is noted.

|!!| 4 July 2004
Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada/Carricou, Jamaica, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands: added permissive and mandatory dates on which these nations switched from +1 809 to separate area codes.

American Samoa: updated trunk/international prefix list.

Andorra: 1 March 2004 update to national numbering plan.

Bosnia and Hercegovina: added new link regulator numbering plan page.

Bulgaria: some links changed, regulator STC now known as CRC, mobile changes 2 May 2004, updated valid area code and subscriber number lengths. Report that pager code +359 179 will be discontinued.

Cape Verde: July 2004 expansion to 7-digit numbering.

Central African Republic: added numbering range information, carrier links.

Chile: 8 April 2004 new number ranges introduced; some clarification of area code and subscriber numer lengths based on recent information. 18 May 2004 new number ranges introduced in Rancagua (+56 72) for carrier CMET. 17 June 2004 new number ranges for Entel PCS (+56 8xxxxxxx).

Diego-Garcia: added numbering range document link.

Dominican Republic: added note that it was the only Caribbean or Atlantic island territory to retain +1 809, after all other former +1 809 territories changed area codes.

Greenland: added link to numbering range information.

Guatemala: September 2004 expansion to 8-digit national numbers.

Indonesia: updated valid subscriber number lengths, with added detail.

Iran: mobile number changes during December 2003 to January 2004 (permissive to March 2004).

Jordan: updated details on national numbering.

Kazakstan: new area codes announced.

Kenya: some links changed/fixed.

Kiribati: more details on numbers (from January 2004 TSKL announcement); dead link cleanup.

Korea: added some detail of new mobile number ranges introduced in recent years.

Kyrgyz Republic: some links changed/fixed.

Laos: some links changed/fixed.

Lebanon: news report of 8-digit numbering plan to apparently be introduced in 2005. Cleaned up broken link.

Lesotho: added links on 2002 renumbering.

Macedonia: a link fixed.

Malawi: added carrier link; removed broken link; updated link and some detail regarding July 2002 national renumbering.

Maldives: a link fixed.

Marshall Islands: new areas in service 3rd quarter 2004.

Mexico: links fixed, new links to area code pages.

Micronesia: link fixed.

Moldova: links fixed, details on 1 February 2004 national numbering changes and added history on other changes.

Morocco: broken links fixed/cleared.

New Caledonia: various numbering updates and details added.

New Zealand: a few updates to numbering details.

Niger: new Niamey geographic subscriber numbers introduced January 2004.

Nigeria: link to national numbering plan document, update to number of subscriber digits, information on limited cases of cross-border calling with Niger.

North Korea: report of different numberings used for domestic and international access.

Oman: additional numbering plan details; plan to begin conversion to 8-digit numbering plan starting July 2004; added regulator link.

Palestine: added some details on numbering plan.

Paraguay: added various late 2003 numbering changes. Peru: details of national numbering changes (new area codes, mobile number changes) on 1 March 2003.

Puerto Rico: additional note about +1 939 overlay taking effect 15 September 2001.

Qatar: new prepaid GSM subscriber number range.

Russia: Moscow area code split, likely occurred in 2003.

Rwanda: added carrier link, report on some subscriber number changes in the 2003/04 telephone directory since August 2000.

St Vincent and the Grenadines: corrected international/trunk prefix.

Samoa: details of work towards 6-digit national renumbering.

Saudi Arabia: mobile area code change of April 2004; updated information on numbering ranges.

Senegal: numbering ranges as of January 2004.

Serbia and Montenegro: New mobile number range announced December 2003. Updated international prefix (changed to 00 from 99).

Singapore: new mobile number range April 2004; added history from 2002 renumbering; added carrier and regulator links.

South Africa: updated with regulator and carrier links.

Sudan: added carrier link.

Switzerland: more detail on Zurich area code changes.

United Kingdom: regulator changed from OFTEL to OFCOM; numerous broken links were fixed or removed.

Zimbabwe: added history on trunk and international prefix changes (1995-6).

Links page: minor updates.

Europe: Added reference to 112 as common emergency number throughout Europe.

Regional Services: some broken links rectified or removed.

US Pacific Islands: some clean-up of this section. Also removed the redundant text on these territories from the 'U' pages.

International Networks: Updated list of +882 assignments; details on +882 34 for Antarctic service.

Universal Personal Telecommunications (+878): report of first commercial ENUM offering.

WTNG has begun a move to give each nation its own page, rather than attempt to group numerous countries by a starting letter. This and other restructuring of the pages should improve page loading times. Not all letter groups have been restructured yet, only some of the largest pages have been modified so far.

Some correctious courtesy observations from Risto O. Nykänen.

Season references corrected to avoid confusion when reading WTNG in different hemispheres e.g. summer in Europe or North America occurs in opposite months of the year to an Australian summer (courtesy Ewan).

|!!| 24 December 2003
Austria: updated area code information lookup link for Telekom Austria.

Bahrain: national expansion to 8-digit subscriber numbers effective 1 December 2003; new international prefix.

Cambodia: added details on numbering ranges, corrected international prefix.

Costa Rica: historical note on 1994 expansion to 7-digit national numbers.

Diego-Garcia: added map of British Indian Ocean Territory, in which Diego-Garcia is located.

Faroe Islands: updated regulator page link.

Gambia: February 2004 national renumbering.

Georgia: prefix auction for international carriers.

Germany: fixed area code link.

Ghana: fixed link to numbering information.

Gibraltar: fixed a few outdated links to Gibraltar government bulletins; updated link for GRA numbering plan document, fixed regulator link.

Greece: cleared some dead links.

Grenada: new mobile number ranges introduced September 2003; added regulator link.

Guatemala: updated regulator numbering links.

Guyana: updated or cleared some missing links.

Honduras: added carrier and regulator links; cleaned out a broken link.

Hungary: fixed a broken numbering link.

India: fixed broken links.

Iran: fixed some broken linkage.

Israel: 20 April 2004 expansion to mobile numbers; some clean-up.

Italy: fixed or cleared broken links.

Japan: fixed or cleared broken links; added detail on introduction of 010 as international prefix; report on mobile number portability study group.

Jordan: fixed some broken links.

Lithuania: October 2003 report on current numbering situation.

Macao: added information as of October 2003 on current numbering ranges.

Macedonia: 1 June 2003 expansion of Skopje subscriber numbers from 6 to 7 digits.

Mozambique: August 2003 introduction of GSM mobile range; added regulator link.

Moldova: updated and corrected information on November 2003 renumbering. Some area codes are not a simple conversion of prepending digit '2'. Also, the announcement obtained when calling in the old format applies only to mobile numbers.

Monaco: added details of numbering format, clarified that transit dialling through France (+33) was likely discontinued.

Nepal: 14 March 2003, nationwide expansion of subscriber numbers.

Netherlands: added new regulator link.

Nicaragua: additional background received on national numbering.

San Marino: additional information and discussion added.

Serbia and Montenegro: added recent reference to wireless numbers; added regulator/government link.

St Lucia: added carrier link, filled in a few details.

Turkmenistan: added another area code information link.

United Kingdom: information on BT Broadband Voice use of corporate numbering range.

US Virgin Islands: 1995 introduction of new numbering ranges.

Global Mobile Satellite System: updated information.

International Networks: updated information.

|!!| 4 September 2003
Albania: new area codes on May 2002.

Algeria: updated links for 2000 national renumbering.

Antigua and Barbuda: added carrier link.

Australian External Territories: extra digit added to Antarctic base subscriber numbers in April 2003.

Argentina: added regulator link; added another number range link; 1 January 2003 introduction of '9' prefix before area codes when calling mobile numbers.

Bahrain: expansion to 8-digit national numbers announced; added regulator link.

Bangladesh: various area code changes (2003 announcement).

Barbados: added carrier link.

Bulgaria: updated links, added numbering range link, added information on GSM 1 mobile number changes of July 2003.

Burundi: report that 00 is now international prefix. Also added carrier link.

Canada: added detail on postponement of introduction of +1 438 to overlay +1 514.

Comoros and Mayotte: added detail on local numbering ranges for Comoros and Mayotte territories, with additional background.

Congo (Kinshasa): update on subscriber numbering format, including introduction of operator identification digit for subscriber numbers.

Cuba: added some new numbering range implementations in 2003.

Dominica: November 2002 introduction of mobile number range.

Dominican Republic: added link to numbering document.

East Timor: details of 28 September 2003 numbering plan change; added carrier link.

Ecuador: 28 September 2003 completion of nationwide conversion to 7-digit subscriber number format.

El Salvador: updated international prefix, corrected broken link to numbering document.

Estonia: schedule of phase-in for national renumbering and closed dialling plan, resulting in completion of national 7-digit system by February 2004.

Falkland Islands: added carrier, link to numbering document.

Gibraltar: January 2003 news that use of "9567" access code from Spain to Gibraltar was extended.

Guinea-Bissau: added details of numbering, new international prefix.

Hungary: added link to numbering range document; added carrier and regulator main links.

India: April 2003 national numbering plan document; July 2003 observations on numbering situation.

Japan: various updates and corrections.

Kazakstan: added regulator link.

Kyrgyz Republic: added carrier and regulator links, corrected trunk prefix.

Laos: April 2003 introduction of new Millicom mobile numbering ranges.

Liberia: May 2003 announcement of new number ranges for LoneStar GSM service.

Macedonia: some cleanup of area code updates.

Malaysia: some broken links corrected and updated.

Maldives: information on 30 April 2002 national numbering expansion.

Malta: added information for 2001-2002 numbering changes.

Moldova: major national renumbering begins 1 November 2003. Also added carrier, regulator links.

Panama: added regulator information, including links to numbering plan details.

Papua New Guinea: added numbering range document link.

Philippines: added area code list link.

St Helena: added numbering information document link.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: added carrier, regulator links, July 2003 mobile number ranges update.

Samoa: name change, formerly known as Western Samoa. Still distinct from American Samoa.

San Marino: added link to 1998 numbering change document.

Somalia: updated international prefix, based on reports it is now 00. However, there remains uncertainties and likely inconsistencies among telecom services in Somalia.

South Africa: report that 00 was international prefix; but carrier Telkom still indicates 09.

Sri Lanka: details of national renumbering in 2003.

Taiwan: added international prefix; added carrier link.

Uganda: corrected international prefix.

Uruguay: added carrier link, updated number range links.

Global Mobile Satellite Systems: some updating and clean-up of events, including 1 June 2003 introduction of Ellipso +881 3 numbering.

Inmarsat: Several details and links added to this section. Also introduction of +870 77 numbering range for new BGAN service scheduled to begin in mid-2004.

Telex: new section for telex topics. Initially, there is reference to telex country/destination codes.

Various corrections made, thanks to observations from Risto O. Nykänen.

|!!| 22 April 2003
North American Numbering Plan: toll free code 855 is not yet in service and is indefinitely postponed.

North American Numbering Plan: code assignments for Non-Dialable Toll Points will be relinquished as of 1 July 2003.

American Samoa: official plan to migrate from country code +684 to an area code under North American Numbering Plan: +1 684.

Aruba: national renumbering to 7-digit format on 1 February 2003; added regulator link.

Benin: reference to 1995 introduction of new cellular number ranges.

Botswana: additional details of 2001-2003 national renumbering programme, including revised schedule.

Burma: details of November 2000 mobile number expansion.

Burundi: added link to numbering range page.

Cook Islands: information on mobile numbering format.

Gabon: added link to numbering range information.

Guinea: added link to numbering information document.

India: details of renumbering in several places (late 2002, early 2003).

Kenya: added carrier; details on national renumbering.

Macedonia: various area code changes since December 2000.

Maldives: some subscriber numbers change 1 May 2001.

Micronesia: information on new numbering ranges (announced November 2002).

Paraguay: name of main carrier changed; further details on numbering plan.

Romania: added December 2002 information on national numbering plan; updated regulator link.

St Vincent and the Grenadines: November 2002 numbering range update.

Turks and Caicos: added link to numbering range information.

Western Samoa (now Samoa): information on year 2000 introduction of mobile numbering range.

|!!| 8 January 2003
Bhutan: Early 2003 numbering changes in two localities.

Botswana: details of 2001-2003 national renumbering programme.

Brunei Darussalm: 22 March 2003: national 7-digit numbering plan replaces area code plus 6-digit format.

Equatorial Guinea: added link to numbering information; added a few more details on the national numbering plan.

Fiji: adjusted wording to past tense, for now-complete 2002 national renumbering.

Gibraltar: additional information on numbering; link to regulator site.

Germany: mobile number portability as of 1 November 2002; also added schedule details on the decommissioning of 0190 premium service code in favour of 0900 numbers.

Guadeloupe: corrected country code in some examples of number conversions.

India: some details of national renumbering to 10 significant digits (that is, area code + subscriber number must total 10 digits). Some areas have completed subscriber number changes during November-December 2002. Other changes remain to be done. Also some cleanup of the area code links, as a few were outdated or invalid.

Israel: added link to area code information document.

Micronesia: added carrier link.

Netherlands: new link for telecom regulator site, with numbering plan page.

Netherlands Antilles: more information on recent numbering changes.

Nauru: added some dated information on numbering ranges.

Poland: added another area code / numbering information link.

Sao Tome and Principe: information on 1 August 2002 national renumbering.

Serbia and Montenegro: added link to mobile numbering ranges document.

Tokelau: information on introduction of direct dial access (1997?).

Tonga: added carrier link.

Tuvalu: added numbering plan document link and link to telephone directory.

Vietnam: updated number of area code and subscriber number digits; some clean-up of information based on recent sources. Added link to numbering information document.

|!!| 27 October 2002
There are some significant restructuring of the pages, including splitting up the large amount that existed in the countries A-C page. There are now separate pages for countries beginning with A, B and C.

Some upgraded graphical and page heading treatments are now in place, including selector maps based on country codes and country names.

Also an updated format for country code listings - blue background for country code, green background for country or service names.

Regional Services and Special Services are now separate pages.

Armenia: 12 April 2002 activation of new codes for Mountanious Gharabagh.

Ascension: added carrier link, link to ITU numbering resources document.

Bangladesh: added area code link (from main carrier), plus list of internet access numbers.

Belgium: added regulator, carrier links.

Bermuda: added regulator link.

Bosnia and Hercegovina: added regulator link.

Brazil: added regulator's link regarding new numbering information.

Brunei Darussalm: added telecom and regulator links.

Burkina Faso: added carrier and regulator links.

Burma: added carrier link.

Cameroon: corrected carrier link, added another numbering information reference.

Chad: added carrier link.

China: added link for recent Suzhou numbering change.

Comoros and Mayotte: added carrier link.

Dominican Republic: added regulator link and page of assigned central office codes for subscriber numbers.

Egypt: added link to updated numbering information, with references to some numbering changes.

French Polynesia: added carrier link.

Georgia: added regulator link.

Guinea-Bissau: added carrier link.

Haiti: added regulator link, additional detail on numbering assignments.

India: added other regulatory links.

Indonesia: added regulator link.

Ireland: numbering changes in many areas during 2002-2003.

Jamaica: added regulator link, with numbering plan document link.

Kenya: added link for some regional changes of 15 July 2002.

Kuwait: added regulator link.

Laos: added area code information links.

Lesotho: national renumbering began August 2002.

Madagascar: added regulator link.

Malawi: corrected details of new numbering for calls into Malawi (leading '0' digit of national number is omitted). Added news item links on July 2002 renumbering. Added carrier link.

Malta: added link to regulator's numbering plan document.

Nepal: added several area code / dialling information links.

New Zealand: added regulator link.

North Korea: some detail available for Pyongyang subscriber numbers (Sept 2002).

Papua New Guinea: added carrier link.

Saudi Arabia: added carrier link.

Slovakia: added regulator link with numbering information page.

Slovenia: added link to route bulletin.

Sri Lanka: added regulator and carrier links; also added information on various 1996 numbering changes.

Sweden: September 2001 mobile number portability.

Trinidad and Tobago: added text about earlier rumours of +296 country code assignment.

Tonga: news of August 2003 renumbering to 7-digits; new wireless carrier began GSM service with 7-digits already.

Uganda: added regulator link.

Vietnam: Added reference to February 1996 national renumbering.

Yemen: clean-up heading for 1994 discontinuance of +969.

|!!| 17 July 2002
Some changes to the style of topic headings were made throughout the pages, to make these stand out better.

Inmarsat: details on plan to consolidate all Inmarsat services to a single country code +870 by 1 July 2015.

ITPCS: more detail available on +991 assignment for ENUM trial.

Azerbaijan: added link to recent document (22 May 2002) on numbering details; updated number of area code and subscriber digits accordingly.

Bahamas: added link to recent document (5 July 2002) on numbering details.

Belize: details of May 2002 national renumbering.

Bhutan: new service at Ramitey (June 2002).

Botswana: added regulator link.

Brazil: added new link to area code map.

Cayman Islands: added recent document (10 July 2002) on numbering details.

Colombia: 1 June 2002 renumbering of cellular, freephone, premium and Internet services. Added regulator link.

Cyprus: added additional references to national renumbering.

El Salvador: added regulator link with numbering plan document link.

Fiji: additional references and detail of 2002 national renumbering.

Lesotho: added regulator link.

Malawi: details of 1 July 2002 national renumbering, plus added regulator link.

Malaysia: added regulator link.

Mauritania: added regulator link with document on numbering plan, plus additional detail on 1999 national renumbering.

Mauritius: added carrier and regulator links.

Namibia: added regulator link.

Nepal: added regulator link.

Nicaragua: added some numbering detail, information on proposed numbering changes, added regulator and carrier links.

Nigeria: added regulator link.

Papua New Guinea: added regulator link.

Philippines: added regulator link.

Romania: added another reference to 14 June 2002 national renumbering.

Added link to ECTEL regional association which serves some NANP Caribbean Nations.

|!!| 17 June 2002
The usual attempts at cleaning up loose ends, fixing some dead links as these can be found. Thanks to those various readers who have given feedback.

Terminology: clarified trunk prefix to make clearer that this applies only to domestic calls (calls placed within a country code), and omitted for international calls (calls placed to points outside a country code).

Albania: added links to wireless carriers.

Azerbaijan: added links to regulator, wireless carrier, codes lists.

Bhutan: confirmed current numbering format; added links to various early 2002 changes, plus links to detailed national numbering information.

Bulgaria: added links to regulator, plus corrected number of digits allowed for area code and subscriber number.

Canada: Overlay in 2005 for area code 519 (southwestern Ontario).

China: Numbering changes in several regions in 2002.

Congo (Kinshasa): Details of new national numbering plan for conventional fixed service, to take effect from May 2002. Congo (Brazzaville): proposed new numbering plan announced; implementation timing not yet known.

Belarus: added link to area code list.

Denmark: updated regulator numbering links.

Egypt: Some added detail to area code and subscriber number changes in the 6 October and Badrashin areas.

Eritrea: added links to numbering announcements.

Hungary: Some document links fixed.

Iran: Added reference and link for national renumbering of 2000-2001.

Kazakstan: added another codes list link.

Kuwait: added new link to numbering range document.

Kyrgyz Republic: added another link to area codes list.

Macao: added document link for mobile numbering (7 digits), plus link to regulator.

Mali: national renumbering (6 to 7 digits) as of 29 June 2002.

Mexico: added April report on Sprint's enhanced handling of Mexico changes.

Namibia: added new link to numbering range document.

New Zealand: added link to numbering page, plus added details on national numbering format.

Paraguay: added link to regulator numbering document of 2002.

Senegal: Added link to another document on 1997 national renumbering.

Serbia and Montenegro: added carrier links, including numbering details.

Singapore: corrected international prefix (bug alert courtesy of Ken Westmoreland).

Taiwan: added another regulator link (DGT).

Tajikistan: added another codes list link.

Trinidad and Tobago: added link to numbering document.

Turkmenistan: added extra link to U.S. Embassy numbering reference. Also added another codes list link.

Ukraine: added link to document on 1995 change to +380 country code.

United Kingdom: added link to numbering index, which includes information on UK numbering history.

Uzbekistan: added another codes list link.

Vanuatu: added extra link to numbering range information.

|!!| 9 March 2002
There is now a Highlights section which provides a mini-calendar of worldwide telephone numbering events.

The list of Countries by Country Name is now only available in the version without flags, effective with this release. The countries list with flags was rather redundant, and incurred significant loading time on many browsers.

Flags are still available among the main WTNG pages, but some of the changes from last release had problems in displaying the flag (i.e. the flags which were created in-house by WTNG). Wayward flags (at least most of the flag bugs) should be fixed for this release.

Several area code links from Kazakhtelecom mysteriously vanished on or shortly after the previous WTNG update. These dead links have been removed.

Updated Regional/Special Service, for list of International Networks +882 assignments.

Afghanistan: details of new numbering plan available.

Cote d'Ivoire: added detail to January 2000 national renumbering.

Croatia: added link to numbering range document.

Djibouti: added link to national numbering ranges document.

Fiji: national renumbering on 25 March 2002.

Gambia: added link to national numbering ranges, with January 2002 note on some new ranges.

Greece: fixed broken links to documents on the national renumbering.

Japan: updated numbering links, including unexpected change to regulator website (MPT).

Jordan: added date to ITU numbering document link.

Kazakstan: added link to national numbering ranges.

Kenya: details on national numbering, including phase-in schedule, have become available.

Kyrgyz Republic: added link to national numbering document (reference to late 2000 area code and subscriber number changes).

Laos: added link to document describing 1994 national renumbering.

Peru: added link to document describing national renumbering.

Romania: details of national renumbering in June 2002. Added carrier and regulator links.

Rwanda: added notes on national numbering; updated number of digits for national numbering.

Sierra Leone: numbering plan details available.

Syria: added link to numbering document via ITU.

Tajikistan: more details on change to country code +992, and link to numbering plan document.

Tunisia: national renumbering of October 2001, with other changes in January 2002.

|!!| 13 February 2002
Cameroon: noted national renumbering of October 2001 (courtesy Ray Chow).

Chile: added regulator link (SUBTEL), plus links to SUBTEL numbering pages (courtesy Ray Chow).

Faroe Islands: added regulator link (FSE) - (courtesy Ray Chow).

Finland: regulator site change (courtesy Ray Chow).

Georgia: some detail listed on numbering format (area code, subscriber number totals and lengths).

Lithuania: added another report link for the 2001-2003 national renumbering.

Kyrgyz Republic: some detail listed on numbering format (area code, subscriber number totals and lengths).

Malta: added regulator site.

Mexico: added other information on the national renumbering - mandatory dialling of longer numbers takes effect 16 February 2002, particularly from other nations.

Netherlands: added regulator site (courtesy Ray Chow).

Norway: English numbering page is available again (courtesy Ray Chow).

Turkmenistan: added carrier link.

Thailand: fixed links to numbering change reports (dead links reported by Ken Westmoreland).

Regional/Special Services: fixed broken link regarding UISCN (wayward link report courtesy Ken Westmoreland).

|!!| 8 February 2002
As usual, various links were added, removed and changed as needed.

Introducing WTNG's own domain - wtng.info. The new http://www.wtng.info replaces the old interocitor.net domain, so please update links to WTNG. WTNG is grateful to the Gary Numan Fan Site staff for their work on the web-address change-over.

Several flags are introduced, to supply flags not found on Mooney's MiniFlags site. These were created by WTNG, or adapted from public domain sources (e.g. CIA World Factbook).

Argentina: added details of various service numbering changes which occurred through 1998-1999.

Azerbaijan: added area code list link.

Bolivia: national renumbering of October 2001, plus carrier selection codes of November 2001.

Brazil: added other links for area code links, and the October 2001 area code splits in certain regions.

Burkina Faso: added link to numbering details.

Cameroon: added carrier link.

Cape Verde: added carrier link.

Chad: added carrier link.

Czech Republic: national renumbering in September 2002.

Ecuador: notes on renumbering, added links to carriers and regulators.

Egypt: noted some area code changes and added regulatory/government links.

Equatorial Guinea: added carrier link.

Eritrea: added carrier link.

Estonia: added area code list link.

Ethiopia: added carrier link.

Fiji: added carrier link.

Country code +590 is now listed as French Antilles, since it includes not only Guadeloupe, but also the islands St Barthelemy and St Martin.

Georgia: added area code list link.

Guatemala: early 2002 numbering changes listed; regulator link added.

Indonesia: link to numbering plan page.

Jordan: added area code list link and carrier links.

Kazakstan: added area code list link and carrier link.

Kenya: national renumbering proposal information added.

Kyrgyz Republic: added area code list link.

Latvia: added area code list link.

Lithuania: added area code list link.

Mexico: added report of some last-minute area code changes in the national renumbering programme.

Paraguay: added regulator, carrier, link to area code list.

Poland: updated links.

Russia and Kazakstan: link to updated numbering plan (some changes to number assignments; few changes to number structure).

South Africa: Johannesburg area code overlay announced; 10-digit local dialling introduced; new regulator ICASA combined former telecom and broadcast regulators.

Tajikistan: added area code list link.

Tanzania: added another news link for the 2001 national renumbering.

Togo: changed to 7-digit national numbering from 6 digits as of October 2001.

Turkmenistan: added area code list link.

Ukraine: extra area code page links.

Uruguay: added more area code links, plus new reference to Montevideo area numbering changes of 1997.

Uzbekistan: added area code list link.

New Regional page item regarding the history of the East African Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, which provided telecommunications services and an integrated numbering plan for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Added to International Networks link to +882 16 Thuraya service.

|!!| 28 October 2001
Links (on Main index page at the time) - ITU international country codes list link repaired.

Regional page - 1) dead Eurocode article link removed; 2) UIFN/+800: added new article link; 3) ETNS/+388 - added links to articles regarding ETNS implementation.

Brazil - added extra link to announcement for some area code changes.

Canada - +1 514 overlay, permissive/mandatory dialling dates announced.

Comoros and Mayotte - reference to Global269 toll-free plan using this country code.

Cote d'Ivoire - corrected carrier link.

Ecuador - 2 September 2001 numbering expansion for cellular, and two area codes.

El Salvador - corrected flag on the D-F pages.

Estonia - news article on 2002 closed, portable numbering plan.

Ethiopia - added numbering document link at ITU.

Guatemala - added carrier link.

Haiti - added clearer (ITU) reference to numbering plan expansion; also added numbering of new services in 1999.

Jordan - added ITU numbering link.

Kuwait - added carrier link.

Laos - added carrier link.

Lithuania - details of 2001-2003 national renumbering.

Malaysia - added press release link for 8-digit numbering in Kuala Lumpur.

Mali - added carrier link.

Marshall Islands - added carrier link.

Mauritania - details of 1999 conversion to 7-digit national numbering (not discovered by WTNG until 2001).

Mexico - added article link referring to 17 November 2001 implementation for new area codes.

Monaco - added carrier link.

Mozambique - added carrier link.

Namibia - added carrier link.

Norway - NPT numbering page in English has vanished - link to Norwegian numbering page instead.

Palau - added carrier link.

Palestine - added carrier link, article regarding international switching.

Panama - added carrier link.

St Helena - add Cable and Wireless (carrier) website.

Seychelles - add Airtel, Cable and Wireless (carrier) website.

Solomon Islands - added carrier link.

Tanzania - corrected flag on countries list (flags) page.

Togolese Republic - added carrier link.

Uganda - added carrier link.

United Arab Emirates - link added to ITU documents.

Venezuela - 15 September 2001 mobile area code changes; updated details on 2001 numbering changes.

Several corrections for links and items courtesy Ken Westmoreland.

|!!| 23 September 2001
Albania +355: a clean-up regarding length of area codes and subscriber numbers.

Andorra +376: oops... wrong flag. This should now be fixed. Also, added additional detail around the introduction of separate country code +376 for Andorra.

Bahamas +1 (242): oops... wrong flag on the A-C page. Correction was made (thanks Ken Westmoreland for the alert).

Cuba +53: various numbering changes, new GSM service, during August 2001 - March 2002.

East Timor +670: cleaned up some details, including international prefix, in view of the 2001 numbering plan.

Faroe Islands +298: updated international prefix to 00.

Falkland Islands +500: updated international prefix to 00.

French Departments - extra digits required as of 22 June 2001 for inbound international calls, and for domestic dialling: Guadeloupe +590, French Guiana +594 and Martinique +596. Similar changes were made 15 December 2000 for Reunion +262, with mobile number changes there taking effect 22 June 2001.

Additional detail for Gibraltar +350.

Greece +30: another information link on the national renumbering.

Haiti +509: notes on national numbering change, despite a lack of solid information.

Ireland +353: notes on June 2000 mobile mailbox changes.

Israel +972: notes on recent toll-free, premium and mobile code changes.

Italy +39: added regulatory links, correction regarding geographic numbering changes.

Luxembourg +352: added Luxembourg numbering plan references, and noted 2001 changes to some subscriber numbers.

Malta +356: national renumbering in Malta (2001-2002).

Malaysia +60: added reference link to Kuala Lumpur numbering change.

Moldova +373: added links to area code, numbering plan information.

Namibia +264: updated international prefix to 00.

New Caledonia +687: added link to regulator/carrier site.

Poland +48: other subscriber number changes in Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin.

Switzerland +41: updated links to numbering information, with added detail for the subsequent Zurich +41 1 area code change.

Taiwan +886: subscriber number expansion in the Taichung and Nantou area codes.

Thailand +66: added area code link, also added page reference.

Vietnam +84: mobile phone numbers change June 2001.

Yemen +967: update area code and subscriber number lengths; also, added date country code +969 (former Yemen Democratic Republic) was officially discontinued, due to the reunification of Yemen.

Minor changes and corrections to History of Country Codes page.

|!!| 19 August 2001
Albania +355: change to Tirana area code and subscriber numbers (date unknown).

Austria +43: new regulator, RTR, replaced Telekom-Control.

Belgium +32: added detail for Proximus mobile changes.

Bolivia +591: added regulator site.

Bosnia and Hercegovina +387: added minor detail for recent numbering changes.

Brazil +55: updates for various subscriber number and carrier code changes.

Ethiopia +251: confirmed nationwide format of 1-digit area codes and 6-digit subscriber numbers.

Germany +49: details clarified for special numbers.

Greece +30: major national renumbering in progress - 2001-2002.

Slovakia +421: corrections to renumbering details.

Thailand +66: new dialling plan (effective 5 July 2001).

Zambia +260: mobile code changes in 2000; also added link to numbering plan information.

Updated and corrected details of European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) under the European information section.

|!!| 25 June 2001
National renumbering details for:

Minor updates to:

Some corrections and updates to History of Country Codes list.

Some corrections and updates to Regional and Special Services.

Main page: added link to ITU's recent National Numbering Plan page.

Also an update to GMSS information in the Regional and Special Services page, to indicate that Odyssey was defunct since 1997, and also the March 2001 merger of the ICO-Teledesic and Ellipso services, with potential effects on GMSS numbering assignments.

Some broken links may remain - most of the work was to bring the many national renumberings up to date, add a few new items and correct some spellings.

|!!| 14 February 2001
With this update, domestic trunk and international prefixes are included for each nation, where this information can be determined. Some special case prefixes such as collect, card dialling, etc. may not be completely covered.

Mayotte: determined a consistent, French-style 6-digit national number for the Mayotte portion of Comoros and Mayotte.

Added news of area code consolidation in Israel that began December 2000.

Algeria: new national numbering plan as of 15 December 2000.

Additional links and details added for such nations as: Bahrain, Benin, Bulgaria, Diego-Garcia, Egypt, Guatemala, Guinea, Ireland, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, Niger, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vanuatu, Yemen,

Due to recent KDD merger into KDDI, various bulletin links were temporarily lost. Links to these useful international bulletins have now been restored, with indexes from from 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Added a new section on Management of Country Code assignments, including references to ITU-T Recommendations E.193 and E.195, which provide for expansion of country codes, and management of ITU numbering resources respectively.

|!!| 2 December 2000
Hungary area codes in DCCL were revised, and now require a separate page for size reasons. The +35x and +36 country code DCCL lists are now split up and links from Hungary updated accordingly.

|!!| 13 October 2000
Removing and fixing of even more broken links and other bugs throughout WTNG. Hopefully most link problems should be fixed, although external links are often going out of style. As an example of a missing link, KDD's excellent collection of international calling web bulletins appears to be a casualty of their recent corporate mega-merger (now KDDI).

Also made wording clean-ups wherever found. Ensured +670 East Timor, and +991 ITPCS made it into the list by country code, for example.

|!!| 11 October 2000
Fixing over broken links and other bugs - mainly the A-C and D-F pages.

|!!| 9 October 2000
Some break up of the pages was done. The main page has been subdivided for faster initial loading. The alpha list of countries has two versions - one with flags, and one without. The non-flag version should be faster to load on many browsers. Also, country lists are now subdivided to 3-4 letter granularity (one per "keypad" key). Some automated page creation techniques are introduced in the hope this saves some time and doesn't automatically generate more errors. Bug reports are welcome as always.

Morocco adds an extra digit nation-wide as of 13 October 2000.

Singapore announces expansion of wireline numbers to 8 digits by 2004. Wireless services are already 8 digits.

Clarified numbering format for Laos (sync with DCCL note).

New area codes took effect in New area codes took effect in Armenia 15 July 2000.

Added information on Tanzania national renumbering (1999-2001 including nationwide area code changes of July 2000).

A tale of two Congos - 1) Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo whose capital is Brazzaville; and 2) Democratic Republic of Congo whose capital is Kinshasa, which until a few years ago was known as Zaire. The second Congo reverts to its previous name. For WTNG purposes, these could be called Congo +242 and Congo +243.

South Korea area code changes, July 2000.

Report of some area code changes in Iran.

Still trying to fine tune the Terminology.

And there are changes over the past four months too numerous to mention.

|!!| 1 June 2000
Flags have been added to WTNG, courtesy of Mooney's MiniFlags, in accordance with that site's non-commercial use policy. A WTNG flag is used for nations or territories that do not yet have an available, or in cases that are not associated with a specific nation.

There will yet be some broken links hiding in this edition; many regrets, but they will eventually get cleaned out.

Updated information on national renumbering in Bosnia and Hercegovina +387.

Cleared up some details of area code relief activities in Canada +1.

Additional detail for Gibraltar +350.

Link to Pakistan +92 draft report on future numbering added.

New links added to Sweden +46.

Noted recent decision regarding 2002 changes to Switzerland +41 dialling, which will not be as drastic as originally planned.

Area code change information added for Vietnam +84.

New information regarding the formal assignment of country code 388 for European Telephony Numbering Space services. See section on Europe.
|!!| 1 April 2000
Integration of Country Codes History page into WTNG.

National renumbering from 6 to 8 digits in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) +225.

Updated Denmark +45 information, for regulator information (from TST).

News on access to rebuilt East Timor +672-9 telecom network.

Renumbering plans for French overseas departments: Guadeloupe +590, French Guiana +594, Martinique +596, Reunion (France) +262. See France +33 for details.

Additional details for Mexico +52 national renumbering.

Additional Palestine +970 details.

A few broken links cleared up.
|!!| 26 January 2000
Some of the broken links are fixed or removed. This is a rush update, and a reload due to system problems on which WTNG is stored. Regrets are extended to WTNG readers for the unavailability of this site during 26th January.

Hungary announced it implemented the new country code for calls to Palestine +970 in 1999.

Corrected mobile numbering range detail in Portugal +351.
|!!| 15 November 1999
8-digit numbering scheme introduced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60.

Overall maintenance revision - a few things were changed in a few spots.
|!!| 12 September 1999
The proper address for WTNG is now http://phonebooth.interocitor.net/wtng/.

An internal split of the WTNG files was done - the M-S file of nations was split into M-O and P-S to keep webpage sizes manageable.

Clarified details on numbering and usage in Australian External Territories +672.

More details on various numbering changes in the Netherlands Antilles +599.

Sweden +46 changes international prefix from 009+ to 00+ and introduces customer carrier pre-selection.

Numbering expansion announced for United Arab Emirates +971.

Added details on country code activation for Uzbekistan +998.

Various changes and expansions to the Regional and Special Services page. There is more detail on special international services such as GMSS, ISCS, IPRS, etc. as details on new country code assignments emerge.

Unknowns in area code and digit lengths in some countries were at least partly resolved.
|!!| 31 July 1999
Various additions and changes include:

Corrected information regarding telecom agencies in Australia +61.

Added report of a new numbering plan by 2000 for Austria +43.

New national numbering scheme announced for Bosnia and Hercegovina +387.

Added a reference to a future 10-digit numbering plan for India +91.

Additional reference for numbering plan change in Italy +39.

Updated activation date for the new country code in Liechtenstein +423.

Details found for October 1999 national renumbering in Portugal +351.

Details finally found for the 1998 renumbering in San Marino +378.

Welcome to a new WTNG title graphic.
|!!| 1 July 1999
WTNG's new home base on the Web is at Interocitor. The new web space was made possible thanks to the generosity of fans of recording artist Gary Numan and Joey Lindstrom in particular.

The Geocities Phone Booth location will remain available as a "mirror", or secondary/back-up site, although it will not be updated as quickly as the new address.

There is new information on renumbering and carrier selection in Brazil +55.

There is a delay in activating country code 970 for Palestine territory.

This also marks the initial integration of the HTML version of the Country Codes/Area Codes lists with WTNG. The country codes lists are a separate project requiring a number of updates, and some discrepancies can be expected. Corrections and changes, and discrepancy reports are welcome.

Plus... all the updates, clean-ups and other fixes as they can be done.
|!!| 18 February 1999
Among various changes:

New location for Australia +61

8-digit numbering information.

Conversion of country code lists to HTML is underway. A partial conversion is available for the World Zone 2 and World Zone 8 country codes. Lists for other World Zones will be converted and updated as time permits.

New country code 970 announced for Palestine is effective March 1999, with that territory leaving Israel +972 numbering plan.

National numbering changes reported in:

Thanks to Gerhard Schoen for correction on number of digits of area codes and subscriber numbers in Germany +49.

Thanks to Michael Dixon for extra detail on numbering change for Coventry, United Kingdom +44

Thanks to Dave Edmondon for the tip on Japan changes in Osaka, mobile numbers and PHS terminals.

Thanks to Glenn Knickerbocker for extra detail on numbering in Georgia +995.

Future area code 647 overlay announced in Toronto, Canada +1.
|!!| 6 May 1998
Fixed or removed several broken page links. A few new area code lookups added in a few places. Numerous numbering changes found in Argentina +54.

New numbering plans in effect or announced for Faroe Islands +298, Italy +39, Madagascar +261, Spain +34.

India +91 is planning a new numbering system. No word on implementation details or time lines.

Changes to Taipei subscriber numbers - see Taiwan +886.

There are probably other fixes and news to be added, but this update was overdue as it was. The long wait for this edition is regretted.
|!!| 19 March 1998
Added links to detailed country code/area code lists; these are not in HTML format, but text at this time and some searching will be needed to locate the relevant country in many cases. Also corrected nation ordering error and added odd other updates such as +882 (Networks) and more detail on +881 (GMSS) based on TELNUM-L mailing list discussions. Mention of reports of new +808 ("shared cost"), +882 (international networks) country codes. Other bits and pieces fixed.
|!!| 23 February 1998
North American Numbering Plan Administrator website transferred to Lockheed-Martin from Bellcore (now known as Telcordia). Various Bellcore area code detail pages have been removed from service.

More news on Finland +358 numbering developments.

Telecommunications regulator change in Germany +49.

Added new India +91 code lookup.

New Liechtenstein entry to reflect the introduction of new country code 423 in early 1999, and thus a split from the Switzerland numbering plan.

Expanded some Mexico +52 details (courtesy information from Mark Cuccia).

New United Kingdom +44 details on 22 April 2000 numbering changes in numerous regions, including London, Cardiff, Northern Ireland, etc.

More details on Global Mobile Satellite System and use of country code 881.

Various fixes to broken or changed links.
|!!| 19 December 1997
Added link to ETO (European Telecommunications Office) page.

Australia: changed 8-digit numbering information to new page.

Switzerland: added references to renumbering plans.

United Kingdom: Reading code change.

Added Uruguay: numbering changes.

Some other changes and link fixes were done.
|!!| 24 September 1997
New 780 area code for Alberta, Canada, cleaned up bits of other Canadian information including new 867 code (northern Canada).

Fixed Ireland +353 naming.

Apparently a Greenland +299 national numbering expansion.
|!!| 3 August 1997
Added area codes to individual Caribbean entries (+1). Added US Navy time zones link. Various broken links fixed or removed. New information added where found (e.g. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles subscriber number expansion in 1997, some new Argentina, Brazil, Mexico information among other items).
|!!| 2 June 1997
Some words cleaned up. Added North American Fone Finder (courtesy Walt Brubaker). Added recent European decision not to pursue a unified country code numbering scheme. Added new Regional/Special section for country codes formed out of the Soviet Breakup.
|!!| 10 May 1997
The WTNG has been restructured and expanded:

Updated Turkmenistan +993 activation references.

Fixed up United Kingdom +44

information (corrected/cleared websites, condensed some text).

New country code 992 assigned to Tajikistan.

Extra digit to be added to Senegal phone numbers as of late 1997.

Various new links added, various broken links removed.

Contributions/updates/corrections courtesy: Ray Chow, Geoffrey Dyer, Joey Lindstrom, Toby Nixon, and of course all the information providers who have put telephone numbering information on the Web.
|!!| 27 January 1997
Czech/Slovak Republic country code split. Added European "green paper" on telephone numbering. Canada: improved a link to Toronto, Montreal area code news. Added forthcoming United Kingdom changes. Began a description of terminology used.
|!!| 18 January 1997
Some adjustments to return mail and home page addresses. Turks & Caicos and U.S. Virgin Islands updates for the Caribbean were also made. Updated Canada information (Toronto, Montreal).
|!!| 9 January 1997
WTNG has moved to the GeoCities site, since the former host will be shut down. A few odd corrections made, but the move to a new site is the major news for this edition.
|!!| 17 December 1996
Some formatting corrections done. Fixing hangovers from the major overhaul. A note about upcoming Mexico numbering changes (more historical Mexico/NANP info needs to be put in later, though).
|!!| 15 December 1996
Fixed Telecom Digest country code and Construction Site links. Removed The Channel link which mysteriously vanished. More European info, other changes and site updates here and there. New Belize info. Hong Kong 1989 numbering change date added. A full range of countries are now mentioned, even though specific websites or details are unknown. Added future area code split proposals for Canada.
|!!| 15 November 1996
Updated Turkmenistan information. Add link to details Finland codes detail. Add link to Canadian exchanges and local calling area page.
|!!| 20 October 1996
Added Ukraine codes list. Corrected some things, added reference to +881 (Global Mobile Satellite), updated commentary on CIS/ex-USSR nations. A few more links here and there, including Bell Canada news items on the France and Finland numbering changes.
|!!| 8 October 1996
Added Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay entries. In Canada, added mention for Alberta area code split plans. Some general cleaning up, web address corrections, link identification, etc. Of course, this What's New section was also added.
|!!| before October 1996
The original timing of the very first WTNG is unclear, but likely began in some form in 1996 and began to develop from initial prototypes.

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