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|ao| Angola +244

Number Format

Area Code:            1-2 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-6 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
Subscriber Number 6 digits in Luanda area only? (Few details on Angola numbering are available).

Area code information

26 June 2005 - wireline/fixed numbers expanded

Geographic numbers were expanded to a consistent national 9-digit format by prepending '2' to the area code, and adding a carrier digit between the former area code and subscriber number portion.

Existing numbers were converted or introduced according to the following tables.

The following table represents Luanda, which had the only single-digit area code:

Old format  New format  Carrier
----------  ----------  -------
2 xxxxxx    22 2xxxxxx  Angola Telecom
 (new)      22 6xxxxxx  Mercury
 (new)      22 7xxxxxx  Mundo Startel
2 740xxx    22 8740xxx  Nexus
2 741xxx    22 8741xxx  Nexus
 (new)      22 9xxxxxx  Wezacom
The following table represents the new format for area codes outside Luanda, which have 2 digits (represented by 'BB'):

Old format  New format  Carrier
----------  ----------  -------
BB xxxxx    2BB 2xxxxx  Angola Telecom
 (new)      2BB 6xxxxx  Mercury
 (new)      2BB 7xxxxx  Mundo Startel
BB xxxxx    2BB 8xxxxx  Nexus
 (new)      2BB 9xxxxx  Wezacom
Overview of national numbering format (including details of special number ranges):

Format     Service
------     -------
2xxxxxxxx  geographic fixed/wireline
3xxxxxxxx  reserved for fixed/wireline
4xxxxxxxx  reserved for future use
5xxxxxxxx  reserved for future use
6xxxxxxxx  data, internet, other specialty services
610610xxx  internet access
680xxxxxx  reserved for portability - Angola Telecom
681xxxxxx  reserved for portability - Mercury
682xxxxxx  reserved for portability - Mundo Startel
683xxxxxx  reserved for portability - Nexus
684xxxxxx  reserved for portability - Wezacom
691xxxxxx  reserved for mobile portability - Movicel
692xxxxxx  reserved for mobile portability - Unitel
7xxxxxxxx  private and corporate networks
705xxxxxx  private network
750xxxxxx  corporate network
8xxxxxxxx  special services
800xxxxxx  freephone (green numbers)
805xxxxxx  shared cost?
808xxxxxx  country direct
840xxxxxx  reserved - personal numbering?
860xxxxxx  reserved - automatic system?
9xxxxxxxx  premium and wireless services
900xxxxxx  premium - marketing
901xxxxxx  premium - entertainment
905xxxxxx  premium - broadcast contest lines
906xxxxxx  maritime radio
91xxxxxxx  mobile - Movicel
92xxxxxxx  mobile - Unitel
Trunk prefix '0' is discontinued - all domestic calls to subscriber numbers are to be dialled with 9 digits, whether local or long distance.

These changes ran in parallel until the mandatory date of 26 September 2005.

This numbering change was previously scheduled for 28 May 2005.

Short codes as of 2005

Short codes as of current numbering plan:

Short code  Service
----------  -------
   1010     Angola Telecom carrier select
   1011     Mercury carrier select
   1013     Mundo Startel carrier select
   1014     Nexus carrier select
   1015     Unitel carrier select
   1016     Wezacom carrier select
   112      Emergency (SADC)
   113      Police
   115      Fire
   116      Ambulance
   151      Time
   15xxx    Information
   19xxx    Special network services
Sources: INACOM announcements (17 June 2005, 2 December 2004, via ITU) - which indicated details of number changes.

US-Angola Chamber of Commerce news - which indicated 28 May 2005 changeover date.

INACOM national numbering document (PDF format).

Also, report by Sergiu Rosenzweig.

15 January 2005 - mobile numbers change

Movicel mobile numbers +244 91 xxxxxx changed to +244 912 xxxxxx.

Unitel mobile numbers +244 92 xxxxxx changed to +244 923 xxxxxx.

Source: INACOM announcement (2 December 2004, via ITU)

February 2004 - new carrier Nexus in Luanda

Nexus, a new "wireless fixed" carrier (WLL?), is in operation in Luanda since February 2004. Number ranges assigned are:

+244 2 740xxx, +244 2 741xxx

The announcement also made mention of changes to Bela Vista (+244 72) subscriber numbers, presumably around the same time. Old subscriber numbers +244 72 60xxx became +244 72 28xxx.

Source: Telecom Angola announcement via ITU, 2 February 2004.

Other information

Regulator is Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM).

Major carrier is Angola Telecom.

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