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|uy| Uruguay +598

Number Format

Area Code:            1-4 digits
Subscriber Number:    4-6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

(Note: for rau.edu.uy, the area code list is buried towards the bottom of the document. Text search for Telediscado nacional.)

1 July 2010 - national renumbering

Uruguay will adopt a consistent national 8-digit subscriber number format in 1 July 2010.

In Montevideo (+598 2) and Maldonado (+598 42), the area code will be incorporated into the subscriber number i.e. +598 2 xxxxxxx and +598 42xxxxxx.

For all other numbers, the new national 8-digit subscriber number will be formed by prepending digit '4' to the exisitng area code and subscriber number.

Mobile numbers will follow the following format:

+598 94xxxxxx, +598 95xxxxxx: Telefónica Móviles
+598 96xxxxxx, +598 97xxxxxx: América Móvil Gireles Uruguay
+598 98xxxxxx, +598 99xxxxxx: ANTEL (ANCEL)

Source: Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones (URSEC) announcement (7 May 2008, via ITU).

(Item courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

July 2005 - national digit lengths

The following table indicates valid lengths of area codes and subscriber numbers for Uruguay. The "x" characters indicate the minimum mandatory digits, while "." characters are optionally present in the number up to the maximum number of digits shown. Number lengths may vary depending on place and usage.

Number range       Regions/Service
------------       ---------------
+598 2 1xx.....    Montevideo (including short codes?)
+598 2 2xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 3xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 4xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 5xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 6xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 7xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 2 9xxxxxx     Montevideo
+598 3 xxxx......  Canelones, Durazno, Flores (part), Florida, San José
+598 4 xxxx......  Punta del Este, Lavalleja, Maldonado, Rocha, Treinta y Tres
+598 5 xxxx......  Colonia, Flores (part), Rio Negro, Soriano
+598 6 xxxx......  Cerro Largo, Rivera, Tacuarembó
+598 7 xxxx......  Artigas, Paysandù, Salto
+598 8 xxxxxxx     special services?
+598 9 xxx.......  mobile (collect calls not permitted)
Source: ANTEL announcement (12 July 2005, via ITU).

2004? - new numbering plan proposed

Regulator URSEC published a proposed new numbering plan, likely some time in 2004: URSEC numbering plan document (in spanish).

There is no known schedule for implementing the new plan, but the following features are noted:

Geographic/fixed numbers involve a consistent 1-digit area code and 7-digit subscriber number format.

+598 2 xxxxxxx will be assigned for Montevideo metropolitan area. As Montevideo area code is already +598 2 followed by 7-digit subscriber numbers, these numbers are not expected to change for the new plan.

+598 4 xxxxxxx will be assigned for other areas of Uruguay. If the area code and subscriber number portion totals 7 digits, the new subscriber number will be created by the combined area code and subscriber number, and the new area code '4' will take effect.

Some areas such as Maldonado may already have an 8-digit total of area code and subscriber number. The number would be partitioned into area code '4' followed by the remaining 7 digits as subscriber number e.g. +598 42 xxxxxx would become +598 4 2xxxxxx.

Mobile numbers would be formatted as follows:

Number range    Service
------------    -------
+598 90 xxxxxx  premium-rate or internet service rather than mobile
+598 94 xxxxxx  Abiatar (Movicom) mobile
+598 96 xxxxxx  AM Wireless Uruguay
+598 99 xxxxxx  Ancel
Short codes would generally be of form 1xx. 911 will be a national emergency short code, although there would remain individual emergency service short codes in 10x format.

26 October 1997 - Uruguay numbering expansion

As of 26 October 1997, an expansion of Uruguay's numbering plan, including an additional digit for Montevideo, took effect. A permissive dialling period until April 1998 allows use of either old or new numbers.

6-digit Montevideo subscriber numbers were migrated to 7-digit numbers: +598 2 xxxxxx to +598 2 xxxxxxx. The conversion pattern was not straightforward, but at least the final three digits appear to have been retained.

Some suburban areas were also brought into Montevideo's +598 2 area code. Places affected are: Barros Blancos, El Pinar, Empalme Olmos, La Paz, Las Piedras, Melilla, Pando, Progreso, Rincon de la Bolsa, San Jose de Carrasco, Santa Teresita, Sauce, Solymar, Toledo-Suarez, Totoral, Tropas Viejas. This involved Some numbers that were in +598 32, +598 347, +598 38, +598 39 by changing these to +598 2 xxxxxxx (7-digit subscriber number format in Montevideo area code).

Other information

Regulator is Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones (URSEC).

Major carrier is ANTEL.

(with tip courtesy Ray Chow)

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