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|sd| Sudan +249

Number Format

Area Code:            2-3? digits
Subscriber Number:    5-6? digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
(Insufficient detail available on full numbering format).

Area code information

October 2011 - South Sudan leaves +249, forms +211 country code

With the formation of South Sudan as a separate nation, telephone numbers there migrated to the new country code +211 in late 2011. The remaining Sudan territory continues to use +249.

1 September 2005 - updated national numbering format

New 9-digit national number ranges were introduced. These consist of the national standard two service digits followed by 7-digit subscriber numbers as follows:

Number format    Service/Carrier
-------------    ---------------
+249 12 xxxxxxx  fixed - Sudatel
+249 15 xxxxxxx  fixed - Kanartel
+249 91 xxxxxxx  mobile - Mobitel
+249 92 xxxxxxx  mobile - Areeba (Bashair)
It is unclear whether Sudatel changed the previously-established +249 18 xxxxxxx numbering or whether the +249 12 xxxxxxx range represents new subscriber numbers.

+249 1x represents all wireline/fixed numbers in Sudan, while +249 9x represents all wireless/mobile numbers.

Source: National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) announcement (13 July 2005, via ITU).

June 2005 - new mobile code

+249 92 xxxxxxx number range is assigned for Bashair Telecom, operating with the name Areeba-Sudan.

Specific date of activation was not known.

Source: NTC announcement (2 June 2005, via ITU)

1 April 2004 - national renumbering

Numbering changes take effect in Sudan as of 1 April 2004. For calls from outside Sudan, the former numbering will operate permissively with the new numbering until 1 June 2004. At that point, attempts to use old numbering will receive a recorded message. As of 1 September 2004, the recorded message would be discontinued.

The changes also introduce a consistent closed dialling plan within Sudan, where each domestic call requires 9 digits (area code plus subscriber number) to complete.

Previously and presumably, former Khartoum +249 11 xxxxxx numbers could be dialled locally with only the 6-digit subscriber number (xxxxxx). Now, with new +249 1 83xxxxxx numbering, calls within Khartoum must now dial 1 83xxxxxx.

Details of April 2004 numbering changes:

1) Khartoum and area: existing area codes in +249 1x format with 6-digit subscriber numbers are consolidated into a single +249 1 area code, followed by 8-digit subscriber numbers:

Place           Old format      New format
=====           ==========      ==========
Khartoum        +249 11 xxxxxx  +249 1 83xxxxxx
Khartoum North  +249 13 xxxxxx  +249 1 85xxxxxx
Omdurman        +249 15 xxxxxx  +249 1 87xxxxxx
Khartoum Rural  +249 18 xxxxxx  +249 1 86xxxxxx
The digit '8' of the 8xxxxxxx subscriber number ranges identifies Sudatel as the carrier.

2) Other areas: Prior to the April 2004 changes, subscribers in other Sudan regions had 3-digit area codes followed by 5-digit subscriber numbers. Digit '8' was prepended to existing 5-digit subscriber numbers to form new 6-digit subscriber numbers.

3) Non-geographic and wireless services:

Service             Old format        New format
=======             ==========        ==========
Mobitel             +249 12 xxxxxx    +249 912xxxxx
New mobile carrier  ---------         +249 922xxxxx
Private network     +249 11 70xxxxx   +249 1 870xxxxx
Private network     +249 13 70xxxxx   +249 1 870xxxxx
VSAT                +249 17 xxxxxx    +249 17 8xxxxxx
Also see: sudan.net article (Telephone dialing codes to Sudan changing April 1st).

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) announcement (9 February 2004, via ITU).

Other information

Carriers include:


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