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|pl| Poland +48

Number Format

Area Code:            2-5 digits
Subscriber Number:    4-7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
Total of area code + subscriber number is generally 9 digits.

Area code information

30 September 2009 - trunk prefix elimination

Poland will be discontinuing use of the '0' trunk prefix for domestic calling. On 30 September 2009, calls may be dialled with or without '0' prefix. On 15 February 2010, the prefix will be eliminated in the "calling line presentation" (Call Display/Number ID?). As of 15 May 2010, use of the '0' digit is discontinued as the new prefix-less dialling scheme becomes mandatory.

15 February 2009 - 9xxx shortcodes change to 19xxx

'1' will be prepended to short codes of form 9xxx effective 15 February 2009. The resulting 19xxx format short codes operate permissively until the former codes are discontinued on the mandatory date of 15 May 2009.

1 December 2008 - change to premium and voting codes

Premium rate numbers +48 300 xxxxxx changed to +48 703 xxxxxx, and televoting numbers +48 400 xxxxxx to +48 704 xxxxxx. The usage will be permissive until 1 March 2009 when use of the former codes will be blocked by a recorded message.

Source: Schedule for changes to numbering (UKE, 20 May 2008)

(News courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

Various changes

Miernik News and information on Poland's telephone system, including numbering changes is available thanks to Miernik.

Standardisation of numbers

The current numbering plan is apparently standardised so that area code plus subscriber number (excluding prefixes) totals 9 digits.

Geographic wireline/fixed numbers have 2-digit area codes followed by 7-digit subscriber numbers.

Most mobile numbers are standardised at 3-digit area codes followed by 6-digit subscriber numbers. A few mobile services have 4- or 5-digit area codes followed by 5- or 4-digit subscriber numbers respectively.

Non-geographic services (freephone, premium, voting, personal/universal numbers) generally use 3-digit area codes followed by 6-digit subscriber numbers.

The only known exception (other than short codes) where area code and subscriber number does not total 9 digits is Sieci Teleinformatyczna, +48 20 xxxx for teleinformatical networks.

Source: Ministry of Infrastructure announcement (9 March 2004, via ITU).

1 December 1997 - Gdansk, Gdynia: 6- to 7-digit subscriber numbers

6-digit subscriber numbers in Gdansk and Gdynia area (+48 58) were changed to 7-digit numbers.

The first digit of the old subscriber number was replaced by two new digits as follows:

Old 6  --> New 7
digit #    digit #
=======    =======
2xxxxx     62xxxxx 
3xxxxx     30xxxxx 
4xxxxx     34xxxxx 
5xxxxx     55xxxxx 
6xxxxx     66xxxxx 
7xxxxx     67xxxxx 
8xxxxx     68xxxxx 
Source: Polfracht Shipping Agency page.

1 February 1998 - Szczecin: 6- to 7-digit subscriber numbers

6-digit subscriber numbers in Szczecin area (+48 91) were changed to 7-digit numbers.

Polfracht Shipping Agency page.

The initial digits of the old subscriber number were replaced by new digits as follows:

Old 6  --> New 7
digit #    digit #   Comment
=======    =======   =======
11xxxx     311xxxx 
12xxxx     312xxxx 
14xxxx     414xxxx 
15xxxx     415xxxx 
16xxxx     416xxxx 
170xxx     3170xxx 
175xxx     3175xxx 
176xxx     3176xxx 
177xxx     3177xxx 
178xxx     3178xxx 
179xxx     3179xxx 
22xxxx     22xxxx    (remains unchanged at 6 digits) 
24xxxx     424xxxx 
3xxxxx     43xxxxx 
4xxxxx     44xxxxx 
5xxxxx     45xxxxx 
6xxxxx     46xxxxx 
7xxxxx     47xxxxx   (except for old 791xxx ranges below)
7914xx     42614xx 
7915xx     42615xx 
7916xx     42616xx 
792xxx     4452xxx 
794xxx     4454xxx 
795xxx     4455xxx 
Source: Polfracht Shipping Agency page.

1 September 1997 - Krakow, Przemysl changes

Krakow subscriber numbers expanded to 7-digit format from 6 digits. A few details were available from Krakow In Your Pocket (no longer directly accessible). A digit was prepended according to the first digit of the old 6-digit Krakow number as follows:

Old 6  --> New 7
digit #    digit #
=======    =======
1xxxxx --> 41xxxxx
2xxxxx --> 42xxxxx
3xxxxx --> 63xxxxx
4xxxxx --> 64xxxxx
5xxxxx --> 65xxxxx
6xxxxx --> 26xxxxx

Przemysl subscriber numbers expanded to 7-digit format (6 then former 6-digit number), and area code changed to 16 from 10, that is a +48 10 xxxxxx number changed to +48 16 6 xxxxxx.

Unofficial references to expansion of some subscriber numbers in Gdansk (from 6 to 7 digits), and a few other number changes in Poland, were noted in a Lonely Planet Travellers' report.

Other Information

Regulator is the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) (formerly URTIP/www.urtip.gov.pl, ML/ml.gov.pl).

Overseeing government ministry is Ministry of Infrastructure.

Also see CEEBIC news page for details (unstable link or may be unviewable on some browsers).

Also, check Miernik's Poland phone information page for some details on the Krakow changes.

Telecom carrier website: TP S.A..

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