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|rw| Rwanda +250

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    9 digits (was 5-6 digits, 8 digits GSM)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 000 (formerly 00)

Numbering range information

1 February 2009 - national renumbering

Rwanda expanded to 9-digit national numbering from the previous scheme where numbers could be 5 to 6 digits (fixed/wireline) or 8 digits for GSM mobile.

International calling prefix from Rwanda also became '000', formerly '00'.

A permissive period for using both old and new numberings was indicated until 31 July 2009 by the regulator RURA.

Old numbering   New numbering   Comments
-------------   -------------   --------
+250 03xxxxxx   +250 783xxxxxx  GSM mobile, MTN
+250 05xxxx     +250 75xxxxxxx  GSM mobile, Rwandatel (formerly CDMA)
+250 08xxxxxx   +250 788xxxxxx  GSM mobile, MTN
+250 5xxxxx     +250 250xxxxxx
+250 5xxxxx     +250 255xxxxxx
For MTN customers, the trunk prefix '0' is retained although now omitted for calls to its network from outside Rwanda. For example, if domestic dialling of an MTN GSM number was 03xxxxxx, it became 0783xxxxxx.

Sources: (RURA announcement, 14 January 2009, via ITU)

AllAfrica: Rwanda: MTN Telephone Numbers to Change (20 January 2009)

(with report courtesy Michael Seisenbacher)

August 2000 - miscellaenous information

As of August 2000, fixed/geographic subscriber numbers begin with digit '5' had 6 digits. Other fixed/geographic subscriber number ranges had 5 digits.

GSM mobile numbers are 8 digits excluding country code - that is, dial 08xxxxxx within Rwanda, and +250 08xxxxxx from outside Rwanda.

For August 2000 details, see numbering document for Rwanda (on ITU numbering page).

However, there was a 2004 report of updated numbering ranges courtesy Hugh M. Hamilton, based on findings from the 2003-4 Rwanda telephone directory book:

"The book is the first issued since 1994. Sometime between 2000 and now, the 7 xx xx series in Kigali was changed to 57 xx xx. The 8 xx xx series in Kigali remains as is. There is also one eight-digit landline number: The Office of the President of Rwanda in Kigali, 59 06 20 00."

(some additional information courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

Other information

Incumbent carrier is Rwandatel.

Another carrier is Terracom.

Regulator is Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency.

(some additional information courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

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