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Mooney's Mini-Flags
|mo| Macao +853

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    6-7 digits (special services may vary)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

2006-2008 - national renumbering

Macau began implementing a conversion to a standard 8-digit national number format in September 2006. The project involves two phases, first converting the mobile numbers and the 6-digit fixed/wireline numbers, then the second phase converts the existing 7-digit fixed/wireline numbers.

Report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig.

Source: Ministry of Information Industry (China) announcement (2 August 2006, via ITU).

30 September 2006 - first phase of renumbering (convert 6-digit fixed and 7-digit mobile service)

8-digit national numbers were formed by prepending '28' to existing 6-digit fixed/wireline numbers, and '6' to previously 7-digit mobile numbers:

Old format    New format     Service (Carrier)
----------    ----------     -----------------
+853 2xxxxx   +853 282xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 3xxxxx   +853 283xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 4xxxxx   +853 284xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 5xxxxx   +853 285xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 6xxxxxx  +853 66xxxxxx  mobile (CTM, Hutchison, SmarTone)
+853 7xxxxx   +853 287xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 8xxxxx   +853 288xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
+853 9xxxxx   +853 289xxxxx  fixed (CTM)
New numbering in this phase became mandatory 28 February 2007.

31 December 2007 - second phase (convert existing 7-digit fixed service)

The second phase of the national renumbering converts the existing 7-digit fixed/wireline numbers of carrier CTM.

Old format    New format
----------    ----------
+853 2xxxxxx  +853 82xxxxxx
+853 3xxxxxx  +853 83xxxxxx
+853 4xxxxxx  +853 84xxxxxx
+853 5xxxxxx  +853 85xxxxxx
+853 7xxxxxx  +853 87xxxxxx
+853 8xxxxxx  +853 88xxxxxx
+853 9xxxxxx  +853 89xxxxxx
New numbering in this phase becomes mandatory 30 June 2008.

June-July 2004 - updated situation

Subscriber number ranges are mostly 6- or 7-digit format, which varies according to the starting digits of the number. Most number ranges are 6-digit, except for the following 7-digit ranges:

6001234 (voicemail access)
60xxxxx (mobile; July 2004)
61xxxxx (mobile)
62xxxxx (mobile)
63xxxxx (mobile)
65xxxxx (mobile)
66xxxxx (mobile)
68xxxxx (mobile)
69xxxxx (mobile)
89xxxxx (except 895xxx which is 6 digits)
Also, 601xxxxx is for mobile value added service, 6006xxxxxx is for mobile message entry, and 901xxxx(xx) (7-9 Digits) for voice mail.

1xxx short codes are for general carrier information ("Hotline" service).

October 2003 - new mobile numbering

Number in the +853 61xxxxx range were introduced for mobile service, likely late 2003.

Source: CTM Macao announcement (13 July 2004, via ITU)

2000 (?) - mobile numbering ranges

7-digit mobile numbers for GSM were assigned in the ranges 66xxxxx and 68xxxxx at some unknown date, in service by 2000. Voicemail access number was indicated as 6001234.

Source: Macao numbering document (via ITU).

Other Information

Regulator: Office for the Development of Telecommunications and Information Technology

Also, some regulatory oversight is given by China's Ministry of Information Industry (website in Chinese).

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