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|fr| New Caledonia +687

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

General information

New Caledonia has a fixed 6-digit national telephone number plan without area codes.

Short codes are of form 1x or 10xx.

VHF marine subscriber numbers have form 66xxxx.

Billed GSM service (Mobilis) has subscriber numbers in ranges 76xxxx through 79xxxx inclusive.

Pre-paid GSM service (Liberté) has subscriber numbers in ranges 81xxxx through 87xxxx inclusive and 91xxxx through 97xxxx inclusive.

Public phone booth subscriber numbers are in the 88xxxx range.

Audiotel (audiotext) service has numbers in the 68xxxx and 366xxx ranges.

15 March 2011 - new Mobilis number range

+687 73xxxx was introduced for Mobilis GSM mobile service.

Numbering plan as of this point:

Number range    Service/Location
============    ================
+687 20xxxx     fixed
+687 23xxxx     fixed
+687 24xxxx     fixed
+687 25xxxx     fixed
+687 26xxxx     fixed
+687 27xxxx     fixed
+687 28xxxx     fixed
+687 29xxxx     fixed
+687 30xxxx     fixed
+687 31xxxx     fixed
+687 32xxxx     fixed
+687 33xxxx     fixed
+687 34xxxx     fixed
+687 35xxxx     fixed
+687 36xxxx     Audiotel, VOIP
+687 41xxxx     fixed
+687 42xxxx     fixed
+687 43xxxx     fixed
+687 44xxxx     fixed
+687 45xxxx     fixed
+687 46xxxx     fixed
+687 47xxxx     fixed
+687 55xxxxxx   local service
+687 56x        local service
+687 57x        local service
+687 58x        local service
+687 66xxxx     marine radio (VHF)
+687 73xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 74xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 75xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 76xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 77xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 78xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 79xxxx     mobile, GSM Mobilis (postpaid)
+687 80xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 81xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 82xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 83xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 84xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 85xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 86xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 87xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 88xxxx     payphones
+687 89xxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
+687 9xxxxx     mobile, GSM Liberte (prepaid)
Source: OPT-NC announcement (10 June 2011, via ITU Operational Bulletin 984)

15 February 2003 - new GSM number ranges

New number ranges from +687 91xxxx through +687 97xxxx inclusive came into effect for OPT's pre-paid GSM service (Liberté) on 15 February 2003. Collect calls are not accepted to these numbers.

Source: Regulator OPT announcement (3 February 2003, via ITU)

1 September 2002 - new Nouméa number range opened

A new 29xxxx range for Nouméa went into effect 1 September 2002.

Source: Regulator OPT announcement (1 October 2002, via ITU)

Other Information

Regulator is Office des Postes et TÚlÚcommunications

Carrier site is telecom.opt.nc.

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