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|gm| Gambia +220

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (formerly 6 digits until February 2004)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

2012 - numbering plan update

Number range   Service/location
============   ================
+220 20xxxxx   mobile, GSM (Africell)
+220 21xxxxx   mobile, GSM (Africell)
+220 22xxxxx   mobile, GSM (Africell)
+220 3xxxxxx   mobile, 3G (QCell)
+220 42xxxxx   Banjul (Gamtel)
+220 43xxxxx   Bundung (Gamtel)
+220 43xxxxx   Serekunda (Gamtel)
+220 4410xxx   Brufut (Gamtel)
+220 4412xxx   Tanji (Gamtel)
+220 4416xxx   Tujereng (Gamtel)
+220 4417xxx   Sanyang (Gamtel)
+220 4419xxx   Kartong (Gamtel)
+220 44195xx   Berending (Gamtel)
+220 446xxxx   Kotu (Gamtel)
+220 446xxxx   Senegambia (Gamtel)
+220 447xxxx   Yundum (Gamtel)
+220 448xxxx   Brikama (Gamtel)
+220 448xxxx   Kanilia (Gamtel)
+220 4480xxx   Bondali (Gamtel)
+220 4485xxx   Kafuta (Gamtel)
+220 4486xxx   Gunjur (Gamtel)
+220 4487xxx   Faraba (Gamtel)
+220 4488xxx   Sibanor (Gamtel)
+220 4489xxx   Bwiam (Gamtel)
+220 449xxxx   Bakau (Gamtel)
+220 5540xxx   Kaiaf (Gamtel)
+220 5541xxx   Kwenella (Gamtel)
+220 5542xxx   Nyorojattaba (Gamtel)
+220 5543xxx   Japeneh (Gamtel)
+220 5543xxx   Soma (Gamtel)
+220 5544xxx   Bureng (Gamtel)
+220 5545xxx   Pakaliba (Gamtel)
+220 5546xxx   Kudang (Gamtel)
+220 5547xxx   Jareng (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Baja Kunda (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Basse (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Fatoto (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Gambisara (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Garawol (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Misera (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Sambakunda (Gamtel)
+220 566xxxx   Sudowol (Gamtel)
+220 5665xxx   Kuntaur (Gamtel)
+220 5666xxx   Numeyel (Gamtel)
+220 567xxxx   Sotuma (Gamtel)
+220 5674xxx   Bansang (Gamtel)
+220 5676xxx   Georgetown (Gamtel)
+220 5678xxx   Brikama-Ba (Gamtel)
+220 5710xxx   Barra (Gamtel)
+220 5714xxx   Ndugukebbe (Gamtel)
+220 5720xxx   Kerewan (Gamtel)
+220 5723xxx   Njabakunda (Gamtel)
+220 5725xxx   Iliasa (Gamtel)
+220 5735xxx   Farafenni (Gamtel)
+220 5738xxx   Ngensanjal (Gamtel)
+220 5748xxx   Kaur (Gamtel)
+220 6xxxxxx   mobile, GPRS (Comium)
+220 7xxxxxx   mobile, GSM (Africell)
+220 8xxxxxx   CDMA (Gamtel)
+220 9xxxxxx   mobile, GSM (Gamcel)
Source: PURA announcement (6 February 2012, via ITU)

20 July 2005 - new fixed numbering range

New number range +220 8 xxxxxx was activated for fixed/wireline subscriber numbers. Details on the associated locations or services were not known.

Source: Gamtel communication (18 July 2005, via ITU).

4 April 2005 - new mobile number ranges

New mobile numbering ranges:

Number range  Carrier
------------  -------
+220 70xxxxx  Africell
+220 77xxxxx  Africell
+220 98xxxxx  Gamcell
Source: Gamtel announcement (1 June 2005, via ITU).

28 February 2004 - expansion to 7-digit national numbers

Existing 6-digit subscriber numbers in Gambia were expanded to 7-digit numbers in February 2004, depending on the service or location.

'4' will be prepended to numbers in the 2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx ranges.

'5' will be prepended to numbers in the 5xxxxx, 6xxxxx, 7xxxxx ranges.

'9' will be prepended to Gamcel mobile numbers (e.g. 9xxxxx).

'7' was prepended to Africell mobile subscriber numbers (e.g. 7xxxxx became 77xxxxx). It was initially unclear whether '4' would be prepended, given that this digit prepended wireline/fixed numbers in the former 7xxxxx range.

It was unclear whether '4' or '5' will be prepended to Internet Service dial-up numbers.

Source: Gamtel press release.

Also see Department of State for Communication and Information Technology announcement (10 February 2004, via ITU).

January 2002 - new ranges introduced

New numbering ranges were introduced in Serrekunda, Sanyang and for GSM mobile numbers. The national 6-digit numbering format remains unchanged.

For details, including current numbering ranges list, see numbering page for Gambia on ITU site.

Other Information

Regulator is Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA)

Gamtel is the national carrier.

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