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|lu| Luxembourg +352

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    5-11 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

Note on leading zero in GSM numbers

Luxembourg GSM numbers start with a leading zero (+352 0xx format). Due to the common practice of omitting leading zeroes on international calls, Luxembourg has protected national number ranges that correspond to the GSM ranges without the leading zero:

GSM range  Protected range
---------  ---------------
+352 021   +352 21
+352 028   +352 28
+352 061   +352 61
+352 068   +352 68
+352 091   +352 91
+352 098   +352 98
Attempts to call a number in a protected range will either be intercepted or forwarded to the GSM number (as if leading zero were used).

Source: ILR numbering information.

1 September 2006 - national mobile renumbering

New mobile numbers in Luxembourg took effect 1 September 2006. The existing lead digit '0' was changed to '6' for the following mobile number ranges:

Old format      New format
----------      ----------
+352 021xxxxxx  +352 621xxxxxx
+352 061xxxxxx  +352 661xxxxxx
+352 091xxxxxx  +352 691xxxxxx
Permissive use of the old format continues until 1 March 2007. Luxembourg mobile numbers are always 9 digits.

This was postponed from the original schedule as announced April 2005. Permissive use of both new and old formats would have been introduced 1 November 2005, with new format numbers mandatory on 1 May 2006. The previous plan also included similar migration for existing mobile numbers in +352 028, +352 068 and +352 098, but the September change did not include these ranges.

After the new mobile numbers are mandatory, a recorded message will advise callers to use the new format. The recording will be discontinued on 1 November 2007, however.

Sources: ILR press release, announcing mobile number changes 30 April 2005 (French, PDF).

Allen & Overy bulletin, 25 August 2006.

Also see ITU Operational Bulletin 845, 1 October 2005.

(Report courtesy Guy Hoffmann, ILR)

21 October 2004 - new +352 20 VoIP number range

+352 20 was activated 21 October 2004 for Voice over IP service. Subscriber number lengths were not confirmed.

Source: ILR numbering information.

14 February 2003 - new number ranges

Subscriber number ranges were introduced that begin from +352 243 through +352 248 inclusive. Subscriber number lengths were not confirmed.

Source: ILR numbering information.

1 June 2001 - 6xxxxx numbers moved to 236xxxxx

6-digit subscriber numbers beginning with 6 were prepended with '23' to form 8-digit numbers on 1 June 2001, except for subscriber numbers beginning with 68 which are existing mobile numbers. That is, 6xxxxx becomes 236xxxxx (or +352 236xxxxx from outside Luxembourg).

Both the old and new formats for these numbers were dialable in parallel/permissive mode until 30 March 2002. From 1 April 2002, there was a recorded warning announcement when the old 6-digit 6xxxxx number was dialled. As of 1 October 2002, 6xxxxx announcement was discontinued, and that range became available for reassignment.

The goal is to clear a mobile numbering range, so that numbers beginning with 6 will be identified as mobile numbers (see April 1999 numbering plan section below).

Details are available via the regulator, Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (formerly ILT).

ILT/ILR Numbering reference: ILR.

April 1999 numbering plan

The eventual goal of the numbering plan is that the leading digit of the national number will signify the type of service as follows:

Most ranges will adopt an 8-digit subscriber number standard. Many numbers have yet to be harmonised with this eventual numbering scheme.

Former emergency number 012 was taken out of service in favour of the European standard 112 as of 31 December 1999.

GSM mobile numbers have been using 021, 028, 091, 098. The leading 0 is intended to be part of the subscriber number, but due to the normal practice of omitting the leading zero for international calling, the 21, 28, 91, 98 subscriber number ranges have had to be protected from misdialling.

Former 0800 service moves to 8002xxxx, with all 0800 numbers to be removed from service as of 31 December 2001. That is, toll-free service will no longer use a leading 0 digit.

Former 0898 service moves to 9007xxxx, 9017xxxx et 9057xxxx. 0898 is to be removed from service as of 31 December 2001. That is, premium service will no longer use a leading 0 digit. Exceptions may continue for GSM mobile number ranges 091 and 098, although the 6xxxxxxx mobile range is eventually expected for GSM.


Other Information

There is a website regarding Luxembourg telephone numbering. Also, regulator is ILR (formerly ILT).

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