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|bt| Bhutan +975

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digits
Subscriber Number:    6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         ?
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

November 2003 - MSISDN mobile numbering

Numbering ranges were announced for MSISDN B-Mobile service:

Format          Service type
------          ------------
+975 17 0xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 1xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 2xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 3xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 4xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 5xxxxx  postpaid
+975 17 6xxxxx  prepaid
+975 17 7xxxxx  prepaid
+975 17 8xxxxx  prepaid
+975 17 9xxxxx  prepaid
Source: Bhutan Communications Authority announcement (4 November 2003, via ITU).

1 February 2003 - Taba numbers change

Existing numbers in Taba (+975 2 32xxx) were changed to +975 2 36xxxx effective 1 February 2003, connecting at Dechenchholing.

Source: Bhutan Telecom - Taba telephone numbers to change

25 June 2002 - Ramitey service begins

New numbers for Ramitey were placed into service on 25 June 2002 (subscriber numbers of format 265xxx). This is connected through Phuentsholing exchange, and is presumably in area code 5.

Reference: from http://www.telecom.net.bt/.

1 January 2003 - Bubja system active

A new DRMASS switch was activated in Bubja, connecting at Trongsa (+975 3) effective 1 January 2003. Number format is +975 3 525xxx.

Source: Bhutan Telecom - New DRMASS at Bubja

25 May 2002 - Khasadrapchu numbers change

Khasadrapchu area code is 2, same as Thimphu. Subscriber numbers were previously in the format 32xxxx, a range which was shared with Thimphu. These subscriber numbers were changed to the range 37xxxxx, although area code 2 remains unchanged for these.

Reference: Bhutan Telecom.

May 2002 - new service to Dorokha Dungkhag Office

Bhutan Telecom implemented a radio link (VHF) to Dorokha Dungkhag in the Phuentsholing area. +975 5 290001 was assigned as the number to reach the radio base. This implies the introduction of a new subscriber numbering range.

Reference: Bhutan Telecom.

late 1990s? - numbering change?

Some telephone numbers in Bhutan, generally those in the capital city of Thimphu, began to appear as +975 2 xxxxxx. That is, area code 2 for Thimphu, followed by a 6-digit subscriber number. No official information or confirmation of numbering changes is available. Bhutan numbers had been appearing in the past as 5 digits without area code (Thimphu might have been the only dialable centre until recently).

An April 2002 announcement from BTA, the national carrier, confirmed that Bhutan was operating under a numbering plan of 1-digit area codes followed by 6-digit subscriber numbers. Previously available telephone numbers listed for Bhutan tended to be contradictory as to the actual area code and subscriber number lengths.

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