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|ps| Palestine +970

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digit
Subscriber Number:    7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

General Information

PalTel has general information on Palestinian numbering.

Possible formats for PalTel fixed/wireline numbers is:

+970 2 2xxxxxx
+970 4 2xxxxxx
+970 8 2xxxxxx
+970 9 2xxxxxx
All PalTel subscriber numbers begin with 2 (thus the 2xxxxxx format).

Cellular mobile carrier Jawall has numbers of format +970 59 8xxxxxx or +970 59 9xxxxxx.

Short codes include 166 for fault reports and 199 for service inquiries.

(link courtesy of a contributor)

April 2005 - Jawall mobile numbers become 7-digit

Jawall (Palestinian) mobile subscriber numbers are now consistently 7-digit, following +972 59 (also via +970 59). No details on migration from former 6-digit mobile numbers, nor were specific dates of change given. However, new 7-digit subscriber numbers were reported to begin with digits '8' and '9' according to PalTel information. The general Israel mobile migration involved prepending '9' to existing 6-digit mobile numbers, however, and this mostly seems to be the case for Jawall.

Earlier announcements indicated that the mobile carrier would not change its subscriber numbers in sync with Israel's 2004 mobile number expansion.

Source: MOC announcement (14 April 2005, via ITU).

(additional background courtesy PalTel/Jawall)

1999 - Palestinian country code assignment

Various news reports indicate that country code 970 was assigned for the Palestinian territory. This new country code replaces the existing calling arrangements via Israel (country code +972), and has been placed into service from most nations.

Originally reported to activate March 1999, the first known uses of country code 970 occurred in May.

Egypt was reported to be the first nation to use the 970 country code in May 1999, according to a report from ArabicNews.Com.

Matav, a carrier from Hungary, announced in a press release that it implemented calling to Palestine via +970 as of 1 June 1999, with one-digit area code followed by 7-digit subscriber number (or for mobile subscribers, 59 + 6-digit number).

The Palestinian carrier Paltel has acquired international grade switches which will effectively allow a national network operation. Reference: Total Telecom article (CWI - Paltel moves toward switch independence, 13 November 2000).

No numbering plan details for conversion from Israel numbering plan are available. Israeli telephone numbering format remains in effect in the meantime, until the Palestinian Authority establishes its own numbering plan (that is, 972 country code is replaced with 970, with the following digits remaining the same as with the Israeli system).

See also these reports:

New York Times, 23 January 1999 report, via Global Policy site

(Thanks to Richard de Koning, Richard Brennan, Michael Koerner, Sergiu Rosenzweig and Matav for reports)

Other information

Carrier is PalTel.

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