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Mooney's Mini-Flags
|cv| Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) +238

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (formerly 6 digits)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

2013 - country name

ITU and other international agencies are now referring to this nation as Cabo Verde, as the nation has indicated the Portuguese naming should be adopted across all languages.

Source: "Cape Verde Gets New Name: 5 Things to Know About How Maps Change" (National Geographic, 14 December 2013)

April 2010 - new mobile number range

+238 5x xxxxx range was introduced for mobile numbers, specificallyu +238 59 xxxxx for carrier CVMóvel.

The existing +238 9x xxxxx mobile range remains in effect.

Source: Agência Nacional das Comunicações (ANAC) communication (via ITU, 15 April 2010)

October 2006 - new mobile number ranges

Cabo Verde Telecom introduced +238 91xxxxx as a new mobile number range, in addition to the January 2005 number ranges.

Source: CVT announcement (26 October 2006, via ITU).

January 2005 - new mobile number ranges

+238 98xxxxx, +238 99xxxxx were introduced as new mobile number ranges.

Source: CVT announcement (17 January 2005, via ITU).

3 July 2004 - expansion to national 7-digit numbers

Cape Verde's existing 6-digit numbering expanded to 7-digit numbers on 3 July 2004. There was no indication whether a permissive period would apply for attempts to call 6-digit numbers after the change.

'2' was prepended to existing 6-digit fixed/wireline subscriber numbers.

'9' was prepended to existing 6-digit wireless/cellular subscriber numbers.

Source: Cabo Verde Telecom (13 May 2004, via ITU).

Other information

Regulator is Agência Nacional das Comunicações (ANAC).

Carrier CVTelecom, has limited telecom information (in Portuguese).

(With information courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

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