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|sh| St Helena and Tristan da Cunha +290

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    4 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

2011 - numbering plan update

The following number ranges were assigned for service as of March 2011. 1xx or 1xxx are short codes; other ranges not indicated are for future assignment.

Number range  Location/Service
============  ================
+290 2xxx     Jamestown, St Helena
+290 3xxx     assigned for service
+290 4xxx     assigned for service
+290 6xxx     assigned for service
+290 70xx     assigned for service
+290 71xx     assigned for service
+290 8xxx     Tristan da Cunha
Source: Cable and Wireless announcement (17 March 2011, via ITU)

December 2006 - +290 now includes Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is a British island territory, administered from St Helena.

British telecom regulator Ofcom announced that the St Helena +290 country code would now include telephone numbers in Tristan da Cunha, of the form +290 8xxx.

St Helena will continue to use all other +290 xxxx number ranges except the unassigned +290 0xxx.

This is a correction from a previous announcement of 15 December 2006 which indicated Tristan da Cunha numbers would be in the range +290 3xxx.

Source: Ofcom announcement (6 February 2007, via ITU)

November 2004 - new range introduced

Saint Helena (country code +290) +290 6xxx range was introduced in St Helena.

Numbering ranges as of November 2004:

Range      Service/Location
-----      ----------------
+290 1xxx  (1xx to 19xx used for domestic short codes)
+290 2xxx  Jamestown numbers
+290 3xxx  telephone services
+290 4xxx  telephone services
+290 5xxx  international premium rate
+290 6xxx  telephone services
+290 70xx  telephone services
+290 71xx  telephone services
+290 72xx  international premium rate
+290 73xx  international premium rate
+290 74xx  international premium rate
+290 75xx  international premium rate
+290 76xx  international premium rate
+290 77xx  international premium rate
+290 78xx  international premium rate
+290 79xx  international premium rate
+290 8xxx  international premium rate
+290 9xxx  international premium rate
Source: Cable and Wireless announcement (4 November 2004, via ITU).

Other information

See Cable and Wireless site.

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