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|st| Sao Tome and Principe +239

Number Format

Area Code:            none (formerly '12')
Subscriber Number:    Sao Tome: 7 digits (formerly 6, 5 digits)
Trunk Prefix:         none
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

Sao Tome area code is 12, with 5-digit subscriber numbers. Numbering format for Principe (area code or subscriber numbers) if any, is unknown.

31 January 2010 - national expansion to 7-digit numbers

Existing 6-digit national subscriber numbers were expanded to 7-digit form by prepending '2' to existing fixed type numbers (from +239 2xxxxx to +239 22xxxxx), and expanding the mobile type numbers to +239 98xxxxx or +239 99xxxxx. Regarding mobile numbers, there was no indication whether existing mobile numbers were migrated to either the 98xxxxx or 99xxxxx ranges, or whether existing numbers were redistributed through both the new ranges.

Leading digit of the national subscriber number will signify:

Lead digit   Service
----------   -------
0            future use
1            short codes and special service
2            fixed/wireline
3            reserved for "nomadic" service
4            future use
5            future use
6            non-geographic e.g. premium rate
7            non-geographic e.g. private networks
8            non-geographic e.g. freephone
9            mobile

Notice from AGER (28 December 2009 and 8 January 2010, via ITU).

(with info courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

1 August 2002 - Sao Tome national renumbering

The digit '2' was prepended to 5-digit Sao Tome subscriber numbers to form new 6-digit subscriber numbers effective 1 August 2002.

Domestic dialling now requires the 6-digit subscriber number. For example, subscriber number 23456 became 223456.

The area code '12' which had been used for all calls into Sao Tome was eliminated. The new 6-digit subscriber number became a national number. Thus, the international format for the above example changed from +239 12 23456 to +239 223456.

As of 2 April 2002, GSM mobile numbering is available in Sao Tome in the format +239 90 xxxx.


Carrier CST notice (in Portuguese, Novo plano de numeração)

Notice from ITU numbering page.

Other information

Carrier is Companhia Santomense de Telecomunicações

Regulator is Autoridade Geral de Regulação (AGER). No active website known as of February 2011.

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