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|si| Slovenia +386

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digit for geographic services (formerly 2-3)
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (formerly 5-6)
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

30 March 2000 - national renumbering

Beginning 30 March 2000, new area codes took effect throughout Slovenia. This included changes to subscriber numbering, to form 7-digit numbers.

On 20 October 2000, a six-second warning delay was introduced as a reminder that mandatory use of new numbering would soon commence.

On 20 November 2000, the permissive dialling period ended. New numbering must now be used, at least domestically.

Changes to the regional codes are as follows (area codes do not include the leading 0 trunk prefix):

New Code Region/Service   Old Code/Comment
   1     Ljubljana            61
   2     Maribor              62
         Murska Sobota        602
         Ravne                69
   3     Celje                63
         Trbovlje             601
   4     Kranj                64
   5     Nova Gorica          65
         Koper                66
         Postojna             67
   6     (reserved)           Mobile and Business
   7     Novo Mesto           68
         Krsko                608
   8     (reserved)           special service (toll free?)
   9     (reserved)           special service (premium rate?)
Information on the new numbering plan was available from Telekom Slovenije's renumbering web page (in domestic language).

Some details may also be available through Slovenia's Government PR and Media Office web page.

Reports indicate further work was being done to complete the numbering changes by 2001.

Reports were available from Slovenia Weekly: 2000-42 and 2000-44.

1 October 1993 - new country code 386 replaces 38

ITU assigned country code 386, which came into service 1 October 1993 to replace the old Yugoslav country code 38 territory.

Other Information

See carrier Telekom Slovenije.

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