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|ws| Samoa +685

Formerly known as Western Samoa - name changed in 1997. Not to be confused with American Samoa.

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    5-6 digits (becoming 6-7 digits)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 0

Numbering range information

1 May 2004 - mobile renumbering

'77' was prepended to existing mobile numbers of 7xxxx format to become new 7-digit numbers (777xxxx), effective 1 May 2004.

This will open the 77xxxxx range for future mobile subscriber numbers, if not the entire 7xxxxxx range.

Source: Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announcement (15 April 2004, via ITU).

(with updated information courtesy Richard Herbert)

2004 - national renumbering

In 2003, SamoaTel announced that Samoa will have standard 6-digit numbering from the existing 5 or 6 digit mixed system "over the next year or so".

Existing numbering formats:

0       international access
1xx     short codes / special
2xxxx   Apia area
3xxxx   Apia area
4xxxx   Upolu rural
5xxxx   Savaii
59xxxx  wireless local loop
60xxxx  wireless local loop
6xxxx   (except 61xxx) Apia
7xxxx   mobile (Telecom Samoa Cellular)
8xxxxx  customised services e.g. freephone
9xx(xx) emergency / operator / home-direct services

Based on proposed 6-digit numbering plan, the conversion was to proceed
as follows, although most time frames for these changes are unknown:

'6' will be prepended to existing 5-digit fixed/geographic subscriber numbers to form the new 6-digit numbers.

Originally, the plan for mobile numbers was to prepend '7' to existing mobile numbers in 7xxxx format to become 77xxxx, during February 2004. But this plan was changed to convert mobile numbers to 7-digit format for 1 May 2004 (see above).

Current freephone service (800xxx format numbers) were expected to be changed to 1-800 access (e.g. 1800xxx).

There is indication of introducing a premium "1-900" service with format 19xx...

2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx, 5xxxxx number ranges will be reserved for any new competing carriers.

Wireless local loop numbers are to be changed to 60xxxx format:

New format   Old format     Area/service
==========   ==========     ============
600xxx       55xxx          SamoaTel test numbers
601xxx       412xx-413xx    Fogaloa Pass
602xxx       415xx-416xx    Le Mafa Pass
603xxx       417xx-419xx    Lalomanu 
604xxx       38xxx          Mt Fiamoe
605xxx       ---            unused
606xxx       unknown?       Asau
607xxx       567xx-569xx    Le Piu Tai
608xxx       570xx-574xx    Mt Tagotala
609xxx       545xx-549xx    Mt Olomanu
Home direct service access is expected to remain as is: 92610 for Australia, 92640 and 92641 for New Zealand (or their equivalent access codes 920 and 921 respectively).

5-digit payphone numbers are not expected to change (960xx or 961xx).

Samoa Direct inbound international service access is expected to remain unchanged (9685).

No changes are expected to emergency short codes: 994 fire, 995 police, 996 ambulance/hospital, 999 general emergency.

Source: SamoaTel announcements (2 May 2003, 11 October 2003 and 20 August 2003, via ITU).

(additional report on mobile change courtesy Richard Herbert)

August 2003 - Wireless Local Loop ranges

Carrier SamoaTel has indicated that +685 59xxxx and +685 60xxxx ranges are used for Wireless Local Loop services in Samoa.

Announced late 2000 - new mobile range

Subscriber numbers of the form 7xxxx (Telecom Samoa) were introduced in Samoa for mobile services.

Reference: Samoa Communication notice (via ITU; document before 2003 is unavailable).

Other Information

Carrier is SamoaTel.

A Samoa Directory is available.

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