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The following are various links and sources of information on telephone numbering and related matters. Please note that these links are not part of WTNG, but are the responsibility of their respective authors.

The Telecom Digest Archives country codes with area codes as used in international calling.

The International Dialing Resource Center has general information on international dialing.

World Wide Phone Guide features telephone standards throughout the world, intended for travelling modem users.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the global organisation responsible for telecommunications standards, including the assignment of telephone country codes. Their Operational Bulletin lists changes to national telephone numbering formats in the "Telephone Service" chapter. However, current editions of the Bulletin are only available on the paying service, and not available for general web access. There may be other generally accessible ITU information (press releases, E.164 country code lists, etc.).

ITU also has a series of Service Publications including country code lists.

Also see ITU's page of International Numbering Resources which is collecting numbering plan details for some nations.

Of course, when calling around the world, knowledge of the time zone of the called party can be helpful. Check the US Navy World Time Zones list and the ITU Legal Time list (1 April 2015, Annex to ITU Operational Bulletin #1073)

(ITU link courtesy Risto Nykänen)

The European Communications Office (under CEPT) maintains a list of links of regulators.

ITU provides some information on international regulation, including country lookup, at its Regulatory Knowledge Centre.

IETF operates a Telephone Number Mapping (enum) working group, dealing with means of connecting the Internet with conventional telephone numbers.

There is also an International Numbering Plans site (link courtesy Richard de Koning).

Regulatel is an association of Latin American regulators.

Finally, for those with a particular interest in telecom numbering topics, the TELNUM-L discussion mailing list is available. For more information, see http://telnum.wtng.info/.

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