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|sm| San Marino +378

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    10-12 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00
Note: Some confusion over inclusion of '0549' for the incoming number; some refereces suggest 6-8 digits suffice for inbound calls.

Numbering range information

Use of '0549' digits for international calls to San Marino

Various sources indicate two methods of dialling into San Marino from nations other than Italy:

Earlier information from carrier Intelcom (now known as Telecom Italia) suggested that '0549' was not necessary, but indicated that '0549' was "going to be valid (from some countries) for some time."

However, official information from carrier Telecom Italia indicates that both formats are valid for calls into San Marino, as indicated on their information page for calling to San Marino (in Italian).

Italy makes calls to San Marino as if this were a domestic call i.e. 0549 followed by San Marino number, and not using 00378 (international prefix + 378).

(additional input from Chris Ward, Alan Burkitt-Gray)

8 September 2005 - name change for carrier Intelcom

Carrier Intelcom San Marino is now known as Telecom Italia San Marino.

April 2005 - updated numbering plan announced

Updated National Numbering Plan was announced.

Mobile range +378 3 xxxxxxxx... was identifed for future use. These will have 9 to 12 digits excluding the country code.

See Intelcom San Marino S.p.A. announcement (6 April 2005, via ITU).

19 June 1998 - Renumbering

0549 was added before previous 6-digit numbers of the 8xxxxx and 9xxxxx series. For example, 8xxxxx became 05498xxxxx with the numbering change of 19 June 1998.

Subscriber numbers beginning with the digit '3' were expanded to 12 digits. The special purpose of these numbers, if any, is unknown, although this range is associated with mobile numbers in Italy, which surrounds San Marino.

A permissive dialling period was in effect until 31 December 1998.

Source: regulator's announcement (May 1998, via ITU).

San Marino's format is also described in an article on telephone numbering in ScienceDaily and Wikipedia.

1996 - country code +378 introduced

San Marino had been part of the numbering plan of Italy until 1996. It was reachable as +39 549.

ITU assigned +378 as a stand-alone country code. Italy still accessed San Marino through the domestic 0549 area code, but other nations would now use +378 for San Marino.

Other Information

ITU assigned country code +378 at some unknown point. Numbers here have been reached via Italy (+39 549). Country code +295 was apparently assigned for some time, prior to the assignment of +378.

Source: numbering plan report formerly available from Intelcom (now known as Telecom Italia).

A major carrier is Telecom Italia San Marino.

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