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Mooney's Mini-Flags
|au| Australian External Territories +672

Number Format

Area Code:            1-2 digits (see note below)
Subscriber Number:    3-5 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

For Antarctic bases (area codes 10, 11, 12, 13), subscriber numbers are 3 digits

For Norfolk Island (area code 3), subscriber numbers are 5 digits.

Area code information


Includes Australia-administered territories: Antarctica (Australian bases), Norfolk Islands.

April 2003 - added digit for Antarctic base subscriber numbers

In April 2003, an extra digit was added to subscriber numbers of Antarctic bases under +672 (Australia-administered network). The change was a splash cut, without parallel operation of old and new numbers.

The format changes by Antarctic base:

Base              Old format   New format
====              ==========   ==========
Casey             +672 12 8xx  +672 12 8xxx
Davis             +672 10 6xx  +672 10 6xxx
Macquarie Island  +672 13 9xx  +672 13 9xxx
Mawson            +672 11 7xx  +672 11 7xxx
Source: REACH Sydney announcement (May 2003, via ITU) (details courtesy Bill Breeze).

2000 - East Timor access +672-9

As East Timor becomes independent from Indonesia, Australian carrier Telstra was rebuilding the East Timor telecommunications services. +672-9 was an interim international access code, now replaced by a separate country code (+670).

See East Timor section for details on current implementation of country code +670.

1994, etc.: Cocos (Keeling) and Christmas Islands move from +672 to +61

Cocos (Keeling) Islands moved from this code to the Australia system (now +61 8 9162) as of 2 October 1994.

Christmas Island has also moved to the Australian plan at some unknown time. Numbers are now in the +61 8 9164 range.

These areas will become +61 8 with Australian numbering plan restructuring. See Australia for more information.

(Some updated information courtesy Geoffrey Dyer.)

Other information

Carrier on Norfolk Island is Norfolk Telecom.

Norfolk Island web phonebook

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