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|kh| Cambodia +855

Number Format

Area Code:            2 digits
Subscriber Number:    6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 001

Area code information

General notes

Note that cellular or "Hand Phones" may be represented as an entire 9-digit number:

'0' (which is the national trunk prefix) +
2-digit Cellular Area Code +
6-digit Subscriber Number

The fixed/wireline subscriber number range identifies the carrier as follows:

2xxxxx MPTC
3xxxxx Camshin
4xxxxx MPTC
5xxxxx reserved for future digit expansion
6xxxxx reserved for future digit expansion
7xxxxx MPTC 
8xxxxx MPTC 
9xxxxx Camintel
International prefix: 001 for MPTC/Telecom Cambodia, and 007 for Royal Telecam International. Other 00x prefixes are reserved for future use as international prefixes.

Mobile area codes: +855 1x or +855 9x as follows:

Area code   Carrier/Service/Status
=========   ======================
+855 10     reserved
+855 11     Camshin (Shinawatra) DCS 1800
+855 12     CamGSM
+855 13     reserved
+855 14     Camtel CDMA (reserved)
+855 15     Casacom (Samart) NMT 900
+855 16     Casacom (Samart) GSM 900
+855 17     reserved
+855 18     Camtel AMPS
+855 19     reserved
+855 90     reserved
+855 91     MPTC TLMRS (Trunked Land Mobile Radio)
+855 92     Mobitel Tango service
+855 93     reserved
+855 94     maritime radio
+855 95     national paging service
+855 96-99  reserved
Short codes: of form 1xx or 1xxx e.g. 117 for police, 12xx for telephone carriers/operators. The 14xx ranges of carrier short codes were assigned as follows:

Short Code   Carrier
==========   =======
140x         Telecom Cambodia
141x         Camshin
142x         Mobitel
143x         spare
144x         spare
145x         Samart
146x         spare
147x         spare
148x         Camtel
149x         Camintel
Freephone number format is 1800xxxxxx, with home country direct services specifically under 1800881xxx.

1900xxxxxx is reserved for premium rate number.

Further details are available from Cambodian telecom regulator's (MPTC) webpage regarding the numbering plan.

1 May 2000 - 001 introduced as international prefix

The 00 international prefix was replaced by 001 on 1 May 2000. Source: MPTC International page.

Other Information

Cambodian telecom regulator is MPTC.

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