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|jp| Japan +81

Number Format

Area Code:            1-5 digits
Subscriber Number:    4-8 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 010 (formerly 001; carriers also have other prefixes)

Area code information

There are few other area code lists available for Japan. See Links and Other Resources to find other numbering sites.

10 November 2003 - mobile number portability study group begins

Regulator MPHPT started a study group on Mobile Number Portability for Japan, to work towards a mechanism to allow mobile subscribers to retain their telephone number when switching carriers. A report from this study group is expected around February 2004.

Source: MPHPT Communications news item.

June 2002 - J-Phone awarded 0046 carrier access code

Japan's telecom regulator assigned 0046 to carrier J-Phone. This company planned to become a Type 1 (major) carrier with international call capability on June 2002.

Reference: MPMHAPT announcement 16 May 2002.

1 May 2001 - dialling parity, 010 becomes international prefix

Japan's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announced a "dialling parity" scheme to be introduced as of 1 May 2001. This means customers may choose a default carrier to place domestic or international calls, without always having to dial a carrier access code to indicate the carrier of choice.

With this change, Japan's standard international prefix changed from 001 to 010. A carrier selection code may precede this, if the desired carrier is not the customer's pre-subscribed default carrier.

The domestic trunk prefix (0) remained as is, although customers wishing to use a pre-subscribed default carrier no longer need to dial a carrier access code to ensure this selection.

Permissive dialling of international prefixes was allowed until 1 May 2003.

This development was originally from MPT News Vol. 11, No. 4.

Source: regulator MPHPT.

Other references: MYLINE information and Tokyo Classified page.

1 January 2000 - southeast Osaka suburb code change

As from 1 January 2000, 2am, southeast Osaka area code (international format: +81 720, domestic format: 0720) became +81 72 8 (or 072 8 domestically). That is, area code 720 became 72, with the digit 8 prepended to the existing local number.

For example, 0720-12-3456 in Japan became 072-812-3456. From outside Japan, +81 720 123456 was changed to +81 72 8123456.

1 January 1999 - Mobile and PHS codes change

Mobile renumbering took effect at the start of 1999 (7 digits follow the mobile subscriber area code):

"PHS terminals" in Japan also have numbering changes on 1 January 1999. Like mobile phones, the area codes are followed by 7-digit subscriber numbers:

Information from MPT bulletin (no longer available).

1 January 1999 - Osaka code changes

As of the start of 1999, 6 was added before Osaka subscriber numbers to change the local numbers from 7 to 8 digits. For example, +81 6 ### #### is now +81 6 6### ####.

Information from MPT bulletin (no longer available).

This is an international dialling guide from Japan (gallery.kdd.co.jp).

Other information

Regulator is Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

Japan numbering plan information (details in .gif format image).

Also see selected details on prefixes and numbering plan

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