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|sv| El Salvador +503

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    8 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00 (formerly 0)

Numbering range information

23 November 2011 - +503 6 range introduced

A new +503 6xxxxxxx range was introduced for additional mobile numbers.

Source: SIGET announcement (24 November 2011, via ITU)

August 2005 - Intelfon mobile number range

Intelfon mobile number ranges are:

(Information courtesy Edgard Rodas, Intelfon)

14 May 2005 - national renumbering to 8 digits

Existing El Salvador 7-digit national numbers are expanded to 8-digit format on 14 May 2005. This will be a splash cut with no parallel or permissive operation.

increase length of the national number from seven (7) to eight (8) digits. '2' will be prepended to fixed/wireline numbers

'7' will be prepended to mobile, non-geographic numbers (i.e. to the existing +503 7xxxxxx, +503 8xxxxxx, +503 9xxxxxx ranges).

Freephone (800) and premium (900) services remain unchanged.

Old range     New range      Area/Service
---------     ---------      ------------
(reserved)    +503 20xxxxxx  future use
(new range)   +503 21xxxxxx  Metropolitan area
+503 2xxxxxx  +503 22xxxxxx  Metropolitan area
+503 3xxxxxx  +503 23xxxxxx  Central area
+503 4xxxxxx  +503 24xxxxxx  Western area
+503 5xxxxxx  +503 25xxxxxx  Metropolitan area
+503 6xxxxxx  +503 26xxxxxx  Eastern area
(new range)   +503 27xxxxxx  Eastern area
(new range)   +503 28xxxxxx  Western area
(new range)   +503 29xxxxxx  Central area
(new range)   +503 70xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 71xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 72xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 73xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 74xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 75xxxxxx  mobile
(new range)   +503 76xxxxxx  mobile
+503 7xxxxxx  +503 77xxxxxx  mobile
+503 8xxxxxx  +503 78xxxxxx  mobile [except 800xxxx, 800xxxxxxxx]
+503 9xxxxxx  +503 79xxxxxx  mobile [except 900xxxx, 900xxxxxxxx]
Source: SIGET announcement (18 March 2005, via ITU).

Other Information

Carrier: Telecom (El Salvador) page.

Regulator: Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones (Superintendence for Electricity and Telecommunications)

See SIGET numbering plan documents (generally in Spanish).

Also SIGET numbering search page

(some new/fixed links courtesy Ray Chow)

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