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|gq| Equatorial Guinea +240

Number Format

Area Code:            0-1 digits
Subscriber Number:    6 digits (formerly 4-5 digits; see note)
Trunk Prefix:         ?
International Prefix: 00
Limited information is available for Equatorial Guinea telephones. However, from November 2004 notice via ITU, national numbers are 6 digits in length. Previous information indicated 4- and 5-digit national numbers for dialable points.

Area code information

9 April 2010 - national expansion from 6 to 9 digits

National 9-digit numbers took effect in place of the previous 6-digit national scheme. Fixed/wireline numbers begin with '3' while mobile numbers begin with '2' or '5'. The second digit identifies the carrier. For fixed/wireline numbers, the fifth digit identifies the region and whether a CDMA-based fixed network is used (e.g. '9' for Bioko conventional technology lines, '4' for CDMA-based Bioko numbers)

New numbers       Service/Location
-----------       -----------------
+240 22 2xx xxxx  GETESA, mobile
+240 33 xx4 xxxx  GETESA, Bioko (CDMA)
+240 33 xx6 xxxx  GETESA, Continental Region (CDMA)
+240 33 3x7 xxxx  GETESA, Centro-Sur, Kié-Ntem., Wele-Nzás fixed
+240 33 3x8 xxxx  GETESA, Litoral and Annobón fixed
+240 33 3x9 xxxx  GETESA, Bioko fixed
+240 35 xx7 xxxx  HiTs, Centro-Sur, Kié-Ntem., Wele-Nzás fixed
+240 35 xx8 xxxx  HiTs, Litoral and Annobón fixed
+240 35 xx9 xxxx  HiTs, Bioko fixed
+240 55 1xx xxxx  HiTs, mobile
+240 80 xxx xxxx  freephone, shared-cost, personal numbers
+240 90 xxx xxxx  premium number
Known conversions, partial list:

Old numbers   New numbers  Service
-----------   -----------  -------
+240 04xxxx   33x04xxxx    GETESA, Bioko – fixed - CDMA
+240 06xxxx   33x06xxxx    GETESA, Continental - fixed – CDMA
+240 07xxxx   33307xxxx    GETESA, Centro-Sur area fixed
+240 08xxxx   33308xxxx    GETESA, Litoral/Annobón fixed
+240 09xxxx   33309xxxx    GETESA, Bioko fixed
+240 2xxxxx   2222xxxxx    GETESA mobile
+240 5xxxxx   2225xxxxx    GETESA mobile  
Source: ORTEL announcement (4 May 2010, via ITU)

(with report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

November 2004 - numbering plan update; 6-digit format

GETESA announced the current national numbering ranges in effect:

Number range  Service/Location
------------  ----------------
+240 07xxxx   Continent (Malabo)
+240 08xxxx   Bata
+240 09xxxx   Bioko island
+240 2xxxxx   GSM mobile (except 22xxxx)
There are indications that the leading '0' for fixed/geographic numbers is included, to form a consistent 5-digit format following country code +240. Previous dial access likely omitted the leading '0' from outside the nation.

There was no indication when 6-digit national numbering was introduced. The likely migration from previous 5-digit numbers is:

Old range   New range    Service/Location
---------   ---------    ----------------
+240 3xxxx  +240 23xxxx  mobile
+240 4xxxx  +240 24xxxx  mobile
+240 5xxxx  +240 25xxxx  mobile
+240 6xxxx  +240 26xxxx  mobile
+240 7xxxx  +240 27xxxx  mobile
+240 8xxxx  +240 08xxxx  Bata
+240 9xxxx  +240 07xxxx  Malabo
But the former Malabo range did not seem to migrate from 9xxxx prepending '0' like Bata did, unless there are corrections to be made in some of the source information.

+240 09xxxx is presumably a dialable range introduced.

Source: A GETESA announcement (18 November 2004, via ITU).

With additional report courtesy Ray Chow.

2002 - numbering plan update

Numbering ranges were announced by GETESA, 7 October 2002, via ITU. That document is no longer available online.

The announcement indicated:

Malabo was in the range +240 9 xxxx

Bata was in the range +240 8 xxxx

Mobile numbering ranges were from +240 3 xxxx through +240 7 xxxx inclusive.

No other areas of Equatorial Guinea were reported to have geographic numbering ranges.

It was unclear if 5 digits were required for calls within Malabo or Bata, or just the last 4 digits (excluding 8 or 9 as area code digit).

Other information

Dialling formats within the country are not confirmed.

Carrier is Guinea Ecuatorial de Telecomunicaciones Sociedad Anónima (GETESA). But their information is likely limited.

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