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|ad| Andorra +376

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    6 digits (9 digits in special case)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

1 December 2004 - new freephone numbering

Andorra introduces new freephone number ranges, as dialled within Andorra:

1800 xxxx for national purposes; and

1802 xxxx for national and international purposes, which is available from other nations as +376 1802xxxx as of 1 December 2004.

The 08xxxxx range as dialled within Andorra was discontinued.

Source: STA announcement (1 December 2004, via ITU).

1 March 2004 - updated numbering ranges

STA advised of the current numbering ranges in Andorra (compared to previous communication via ITU dated 14 July 1998). There was no change to the basic numbering format (generally 6-digit subscriber/national numbers), and no apparent changes to existing number ranges.

The following number ranges were current on 1 March 2004:

Service              Format     Comment
=======              ======     =======
Special service      08xxxxx    domestic use only
Short Codes          1xx        not assigned in 1998
Special service      1xxxxx     value added services as of 1998
Mobile               3xxxxx     GSM as of 1998
Mobile               4xxxxx     voice mail as of 1998
Mobile               6xxxxx     assigned March 2003
Additional services  690xxxxxx  not assigned in 1998
Telephony and ISDN   7xxxxx
Telephony and ISDN   8xxxxx
Special services     9xxxxx     not assigned in 1998

17 December 1994 - separate country code +376

+376 as a separate country code for Andorra was implemented 17 December 1994. Country code +376 was assigned to Andorra at the time ITU updated its country code (E.164) list edition of 31 July 1994.

Previously, Andorra was reached through France (+33 628) and there was also access via Spain's numbering plan (+34).

Other Information

Regulator is STA.

Numbering information link (via ITU).

(additional detail courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

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