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|ke| Kenya +254

Number Format

Area Code:            1-3 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 000

Area code information

4 April 2003 - National renumbering

National regulator Communications Commission of Kenya initially issued an announcement in August 2001 on the future of its national telephone numbering.

Telkom Kenya implemented new area codes (STD codes) as of 4 April 2003, with three month permissive period. Some subscriber numbers are changed.

For details, see Telkom Kenya page on renumbering

Generally, the area code and subscriber number, exclusive of any trunk prefix, is to total 9 digits. From outside Kenya, there becomes a standard 12 digits dialled following the international prefix (including country code +254).

Fixed/wireline area codes become standardised at 2 digits, with 7-digit subscriber numbers.

Mobile/wireless service area codes become a standard 3 digits, with 6-digit subscriber numbers. Mobile area code assignments would be in the +254 7xx range (or 07xx within Kenya, including the trunk prefix).

Special tariff services such as freephone would be assigned in the +254 8xx range (or 08xx domestically). Premium rate services would be in +254 9xx (or 09xx domestically).

Regional access codes are 006 for Uganda and 007 for Tanzania. These replace the integrated numbering plan that once existed among these countries and Kenya (as described in EAPTC historical notes).

Under the new plan, short codes of the form 1xx are for carrier selection.

Short codes of the form 9xx are for key services (such as 999 emergency number).

(2003 alert courtesy David Guy)

Previous schedule for Kenya's 2002-2003 national renumbering

This schedule was previously announced by regulator CCK. However, the original 8 June 2002 date for converting area codes became 4 April 2003 as noted above.

March 2002: Safaricom mobile numbers change from 072 xxxxxx to 0722 xxxxxx. Until 30 June 2002, there is permissive use of both 072 and 0722 area codes.

8 June 2002: Fixed/wireline area codes become a standard 2-digit length. Previous area codes from 1 to 3 digits in length will be changed as needed to conform to the new 2-digit standard. Some subscriber numbers will also be modified at this time.

15 July 2002: Some regional numbering changes made. See Yellow Pages Kenya notice for details.

30 July 2003: Subscriber numbers in Nairobi and Mombasa become a standard 7-digit length. Other regions will then be standardised to 7-digit subscriber numbers on a schedule to be announced.

Source: New Numbering Scheme details from CCK.

Also, CCK Public Notice.

History of numbering in East Africa

See EAPTC historical notes.

Other information

Regulator is Communications Commission of Kenya.

Carrier is Telkom.

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