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|gt| Guatemala +502

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (8 digits on 18 Sept 2004)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

18 September 2004 - national expansion

Carrier TELGUA has advised that a digit will be prepended to all existing 7-digit Guatemala national subscriber numbers on 18 September 2004 to form a new national 8-digit numbering format.

The new leading digit signifies the region or type of service as follows:

Lead digit  Region/Service
----------  --------------
    2       Metropolitan zone (Guatemala City)
    5       Mobile
    6       Suburban Metropolitana zone (Guatemala City region)
    7       Interurban zone (outside Guatemala City and area)
Existing 7-digit mobile numbers have been of format 5xxxxxx, n0xxxxx, n1xxxxx, n9xxxxx - that is, the initial digit is '5' or the 2nd digit is 0, 1 or 9. '5' will be prepended to these numbers as a destination code to form new 8-digit national mobile numbers.

Geographic subscriber numbers will be changed according to region as follows:

Area                          Old numbers  New numbers
----                          -----------  -----------
Guatemala City (Metropolitan) 2xxxxxx      22xxxxxx
Guatemala City (Metropolitan) 3xxxxxx      23xxxxxx
Guatemala City (Metropolitan) 4xxxxxx      24xxxxxx

Guatemala City (Suburban)     6xxxxxx      66xxxxxx

Other areas (Interurban)      7xxxxxx      77xxxxxx
Other areas (Interurban)      8xxxxxx      78xxxxxx
Other areas (Interurban)      9xxxxxx      79xxxxxx
For four months after the 18 September 2004 number changes, callers attempting to use former 7-digit numbering will receive a recorded message advising of the new 8-digit numbering.

Reference: Resolución SIT-218-2004, 20 May 2004 from regulator SIT.

See SIT announcement (via ITU, 5 July 2004).

(report courtesy Jose Luis Ramirez, TELGUA)

January to March 2002 - specific number changes

Some subscriber numbers in Guatemala change prefixes in the early months of 2002.

Metropolitan area changes:

Existing numbers  Change to                        Date
----------------  ---------                        ----
418 xxxx          458 xxxx, 658 xxxx and 758 xxxx  7 January 2002
583 xxxx          483 xxxx                         5 January 2002
584 xxxx          484 xxxx                         5 January 2002
585 xxxx          384 xxxx                         16 January 2002
59x xxxx          43x xxxx                         2 February 2002
Rural Area :

Existing numbers  Change to      Date
----------------  ---------      ----
801               861            28 March 2002
803               863            ?? February 2002
805               865            31 January 2002
Also, information service numberss of the form 555 xxxx change to the form 333 xxxx as of 2 February 2002.

Source: SIT (telecom regulator).

15 August 1996 - national renumbering

National numbers were standardised at 7 digits from the previous area code/subscriber number arrangement (1 digit area code followed by 5 or 6 digit subscriber number).

Other information

See carrier Telgua.

Regulator is Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala (SIT).

Also see numbering documents from SIT.

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