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|cd| Congo (Kinshasa) +243

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digit (previously 1-3 digits?)
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (previously 4-6 digits?)
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
This is the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose capital is Kinshasa (not to be confused with the Congo whose capital is Brazzaville). Until recently, this nation was called Zaire; it reverted to its previous Congo name.

Area code information

October 2005 - Supercell number range assigned

+243 80 was assigned for mobile carrier Supercell for its GSM numbers. Initially, the company's service will be in Gomba.

Supercell GSM numbers are of the form +243 80 xxxxxxx.

Source: ARPTC announcement (27 October 2005, via ITU).

June 2005 - new Celtel mobile number range

+243 99 xxxxxxx range was introduced for Celtel Congo.

Source: ARPTC announcement (20 June 2005, via ITU).

1 April 2004 (?) - new WLL number range

New numbers in the range +243 4 xxxxxx were introduced for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) service under OCPT/SADC. Date of service is unclear, but this was announced as of April 2004.

Source: 1 April 2004 announcement (via ITU).

March 2003 - subscriber numbering details

More details of fixed subscriber numbers are available for Democratic Republic of Congo (capital Kinshasa).

The 7-digit subscriber number consists of an operator prefix digit followed by 6 digits of the operator's subscriber number.

The assigned operator prefix for Congo Korea Telecom (CKT) is '5'. A sample CKT fixed number in Kinshasa in international format would be +243 1 5 234567.

Numbers in Kinshasa (+243 1) are now under this format. Other centres are expected to adopt this scheme in due course.

Source: 7 March 2003 announcement (via ITU).

From May 2002 - new national numbering of Congo Korea Telecom

National regulator Office Congolais des Postes et Télécommunications (OCPT) in Kinshasa indicated that Congo Korea Telecom (CKT), the new fixed/conventional carrier, will adopt a new national numbering plan starting in Kinshasa in May 2002.

This consists of 1-digit area code with 7-digit subscriber number. Details were unavailable for wireless numbering format, or for the previous national numbering plan.

Trunk prefix 0 will be used for domestic long distance calling. 00 will remain the international prefix.

Area codes assigned (from May 2002) are:

Kinshasa                      1
Katanga                       2
Bas-Congo, Bandundu           3
Kasai                         4
Equateur, Province Orientale  5
Kivu, Maniema                 6
The implementation schedule for the new numbering plan outside Kinshasa was not known as of May 2002.

Other information

ARPTC, (Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Telecommunications du Congo), national regulator (French text, information may not be available for certain subjects).

Vodacom is a carrier.

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