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|as| American Samoa +1 (684)

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         1
International Prefix: 011

2 October 2004 - American Samoa moves from +684 to +1 684

American Samoa formerly operated under country code +684, assigned on or before the 1964 CCITT Blue Book.

Other United States Pacific island territories (Guam and Northern Marianas) had replaced their direct country code access with area codes under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) during 1997-1998.

After speculation when American Samoa would also join NANP, +1 684 (NPA/area code 684) became a reserved area code. A formal migration plan from +684 to +1 684 was approved by March 2003.

Migration timeline:

American Samoa number ranges as of 3 Mar 2003, with +684 changed to +1 684 for the following number ranges:

Former Range  Locality/Service   Carrier
============  ================   =======
+684 258      wireless PCS       Blue Sky 
+684 622      Fagaitua           ASTCA 
+684 633      Fagatogo           ASTCA 
+684 644      Satala             ASTCA 
+684 655      Ofu                ASTCA 
+684 677      Tau                ASTCA 
+684 688      Leone              ASTCA 
+684 691      Olotele/Aoloau     ASTCA 
+684 699      Tafuna             ASTCA 
+684 733      wireless cellular  ASTCA 

ASTCA = American Samoa Telecommunications Authority
American Samoa is not to be confused with the separate nation, Samoa +685 (formerly Western Samoa), whose telephone system and numbering plan significantly differ from NANP standards.

Sources: NANP information on American Samoa.

NANPA announcement (9 September 2004, via ITU) Additional background and timeline information courtesy Mark Cuccia. Also corrections courtesy David Cantrell.

Other information

Details of entry into NANP (+1) are in NANPA Planning Letter (PL-330) of 2003.

See United States Pacific Islands section.

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