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|ht| Haiti +509

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (8 digits in March 2008; see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00
Until March 2008, 7-digit national numbers without area code. Some sources previously indicated the old 6-digit format. Still other sources may list the old area code format, which was long abandoned.

Numbering range information

1 March 2008 - national renumbering, 7- to 8-digit format

Regulator CONATEL has announced the following migration to 8-digit national numbering format, an apparent flash cut without permissive dialling period:

Old range     New range      Service
---------     ---------      -------
+509 2xxxxxx  +509 22xxxxxx  fixed (Teleco)
+509 3xxxxxx  (unknown)      mobile (Rectel - no migration indicated)
+509 4xxxxxx  +509 34xxxxxx  mobile (Comcel)
+509 5xxxxxx  +509 35xxxxxx  fixed, mobile (Haitel)
+509 6xxxxxx  +509 36xxxxxx  mobile (Digicel)
+509 7xxxxxx  +509 37xxxxxx  mobile (Digicel)
+509 8xxxxxx  +509 38xxxxxx  mobile (Digicel)
+509 85xxxxx  +509 985xxxxx  Data (e.g. Multilink)
+509 87xxxxx  +509 987xxxxx  ISP (Multilink)
+509 88xxxxx  +509 988xxxxx  VoIP (any carrier)
+509 89xxxxx  +509 989xxxxx  ISP (ACN)
+509 9xxxxxx  +509 39xxxxxx  mobile (Comcel)
(new range)   +509 4xxxxxxx  mobile (any carrier)
(new range)   +509 8xxxxxxx  freephone, premium numbers
(new range)   +509 9xxxxxxx  alternate technologies (any carrier)
Short codes and 00 international prefix remain unchanged.

Source: CONATEL announcement (23 August 2007, via ITU)

(News courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

January 2005 - new Haïtel mobile number ranges

Haïtel mobile number ranges were announced by regulator CONATEL:

+509 561xxxx, +509 562xxxx, +509 563xxxx, +509 564xxxx, +509 565xxxx

International dialling format: +509 NXX XXXX Source: CONATEL announcement (28 January 2005, via ITU).

2002? - new number ranges

CONATEL announced further numbering range assignments for Haiti:

Number range           Carrier/service type
============           ====================
2xx xxxx               CONATEL (as of 1 March 1999)
330 xxxx to 334 xxxx   RECTEL (mobile cellular)
405 xxxx to 409 xxxx   COMCEL (mobile cellular) [plus 420 xxxx?]
510 xxxx to 559 xxxx   HAITEL (PCS)
800 xxxx               CONATEL intelligent network
851 xxxx to 855 xxxx   IRIS (wireless)
Source: CONATEL.

throughout 1999: new services introduced

The following subscriber number ranges were introduced at various dates in 1999:

Number range  Carrier/service type       Service started
============  ====================       ===============
330 xxxx      RECTEL (mobile cellular)   January 1999
420 xxxx      COMCEL (mobile cellular)   23 May 1999
510 xxxx      HAITEL (PCS)               1 March 1999
851 xxxx      IRIS (wireless)            June 1999

1 March 1999: Expansion to 7-digit national numbers

According to information in a document by regulator CONATEL as posted on an ITU numbering plan page (Word format), Haiti's national numbers were changed to 7-digit format by prepending the digit '2' before existing 6-digit subscriber numbers.

There was an indirect reference to the proposed national renumbering from an NCHR - Haiti Insight article. This is an unofficial reference.

There is a lack of formal and consistent telephone numbering information available regarding Haiti. However, there are sufficient details available to suggest that a 7-digit plan is now in effect. The numbering change would also allow for a future entry into the North American Numbering Plan, although there are no known serious plans for such a move.

until early 1990s?: single-digit area code format

Old country code lists in various telephone directories were indicating an old format of single-digit area codes in effect for Haiti at one time. 1 would be for Port-au-Prince, 2 for Gonaives, 3 for Cap-Haitien. No details are available on the old format, or when this was changed to a 6-digit national number format.

Other Information

Telecom regulator is Conseil National des Telecommunications (CONATEL).

Haiti on-line telephone directories from: Haiti Focus.

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