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|bo| Bolivia +591

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digit [formerly 1-3 digits]
Subscriber Number:    7 digits [formerly 5-7 digits]
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

28 November 2001 - carrier selection codes introduced

On 28 November 2001, carrier selection codes were introduced to replace the trunk prefix '0' for use within Bolivia. This is a domestic change only. See national renumbering of 20 October 2001 for changes which affect dialling into Bolivia.

The carrier selection codes are of the form 01Y where the Y digit represents the long distance carrier to be selected for the call. Thus, long distance calls within Bolivia are now dialled as 01Y + region code + subscriber number.

For international calls from Bolivia, the prefix will now be 001Y + international number instead of the former 00 + international number.

It was unclear whether a default pre-subscribed carrier access would be available using just the '0' trunk digit. It may be in use for calls from public telephones, however. However, a default international call prefix is more difficult since 00+ can no longer be used - it would conflict with 001Y+ for calls into the North American Numbering Plan.

20 October 2001 - national renumbering

Bolivia converted its numbering plan into a standard format on 20 October 2001. Geographic/fixed numbers now use a single-digit region code followed by a 7-digit subscriber number.

The region digit is:

2 - La Paz, Oruro, Potosí
3 - Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando
4 - Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, Tarija

Mobile numbers are now national 8-digit numbers beginning with the digit '7'. The second digit of a mobile number represents the carrier.

Toll-free numbers now begin with 800, but the leading trunk code 0 is no longer used. That is, 0800 has been replaced by 800 for calls within Bolivia. Presumably, 800 service is unavailable for access from outside the country. The 800 number is apparently 8 digits, although some documentation suggested that it would be 9 digits.

Premium rate services now begin with 900, and no longer with 0900. The format is the same as for 800 (8 digits, or possibly 9).

911 is assigned for emergency number access. 80x and 90x number ranges (without leading trunk prefix 0) are reserved for future non-geographic services (toll free, premium, etc) and thus cannot be assigned as the beginning digits of conventional subscriber numbers.

Source: SITTEL announcement (26 September 2001, via ITU)

Other information

Additional telecommunications links are available from Bolivia Web.

Bolivian regulator is SITTEL (Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones).


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