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|cy| Cyprus +357

Number Format

Area Code:            1-2 digits (see note below)
Subscriber Number:    4-6 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         none
International Prefix: 00

Area Codes normally 1 digit, but 2 digits for wireless/special services. Area Code plus Subscriber Number totals 7 digits, except for some special services (077, 099) where total is 6 digits (excluding the '0' prefix). This is to be replaced by national 8-digit numbers as of 1 December 2001.

Area code information

1 December 2001 - national renumbering

Cyprus will switch to a national 8-digit closed numbering and dialling plan effective 1st December 2001. For example, this will replace the trunk prefix (0) plus single digit area code and 6-digit subscriber number format for wireline services.

There will be a permissive dialling period from that point until 1st June 2002, where both old and new dialling patterns will be allowed. After that point, callers using the old dialling will receive a recorded message for the six subsequent months.

Calls within Cyprus will cost the same rate, regardless of whether they are local or long distance. This means a doubling of call cost within the existing local areas, but a somewhat reduced cost for long distance domestic calls. This uniform charging will commence 1st December 2001 with the introduction of the new numbering plan.

For domestic dialling of wireline / geographic numbers, the trunk prefix 0 is replaced by the digit '2' to form the new national 8-digit number. Wireless services will replace their (09x) area codes with subscriber numbers beginning with 99x:

Nicosia          (02)     22
Famagusta        (03)     23
Larnaca          (04)     24
Limassol         (05)     25
Paphos           (06)     26
Universal Access (077)      77      [1]
Voicemail        (079)   79 xxxxxxxx [2]
Freephone        (080)     800
Premium Rate     (090)     900
NMT              (092) xxxxx    992xxxxx
Packet Switching (0931) ??      1461 ??     (CYTAPAC)
Packet Switching (0932) ??      1462 ??     (CYTAPAC)
CYTA GSM         (094)     994
CYTA GSM         (095)     995
CYTA GSM         (096)     996
Paging           (097)     997
Soeasy           (098)     998
Internet Access  (099) 16     909016
Internet Access  (099) 26     909026
Premium Rate     (099) Z    909Z  (Z is a digit from 3 to 9)


[1] Universal Access service will change after June 2002

[2] Unclear if new voicemail numbers total 10 digits, as an exception to the general 8-digit national numbering rule.

The international prefix from Cyprus (00) will not change, nor will 3 or 4 digit special service short codes.

Calling to Cyprus numbers from other nations will become +357 plus subscriber number.

For details, see CYTA (carrier) website on renumbering.

News reports: see Cyprus Mail articles of 27 Sept 2000 and 30 Jan 2001.

Also see:

2000 (?) - new special services; GSM voice mail change to 079

New special services are available domestically:

077 + 4 digits : local rate service, available nationally 099 + 4 digits : premium rate service, available nationally Also, GSM mobile subscribers now access their voice mail through 079 code. Previously, voice mail access was based on the GSM subscriber number. For example, a GSM customer with number 09-6xxxxx would reach the voice mail by calling 09-2xxxxx (the xxxxx digits were the same).

(news courtesy Spyros C. Bartsocas)

199x? - Renumbering

At some undetermined time, Cyprus adopted single-digit area codes for geographic numbers. Wireless and special (toll-free, premium) services have 2-digit area codes.

(Additional information courtesy Spyros Bartsocas).

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