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|es| Spain +34

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    9 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

10 February 2007: 9567 Gibraltar access discontinued

Spain's previous arrangement of calling Gibraltar numbers with a 9567 access code was replaced by the standard international dialling format following an agreement involving Spain, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. Spanish telephone subscribers must now use 00350 (international prefix '00' followed by country code 350) followed by the Gibraltar number.

For details, see: Gibraltar.

1998 - national numbering change

Spain has adopted a national 9-digit subscriber number plan in early 1998. New numbers were formed with the digit 9 followed by the area code then subscriber number from the previous format e.g. Madrid +34 1 xxxxxxx becomes +34 91xxxxxxx from other nations. Within Spain, all domestic calls whether local or long distance will require the new 9-digit number. The dialling sequence for calling from one area code to another remains unchanged as the initial 9 was previously used as the domestic long distance prefix.

Wireless numbers begin with 6.

The ITU/European Union standard international dialling prefix of 00+ was also adopted at this time, replacing the former 07+ access code to reach numbers of other nations.

Permissive dialling of either old or new format numbers was scheduled to end 6 June 1998.

The former Spain system had area codes of 1 or 2 digits, followed by subscriber numbers of 6-7 digits. The total number of area and subscriber digits was 8 (excluding the initial 0 toll prefix with the area code).

(Source: Telefonica, from press release and information that is no longer available).

From a (now-unavailable) Telecom Italia press release, the change may have taken effect for most inbound international callers as of 4 April 1998.

(tips thanks to Christian Feldhaus, Diego Betancor)

See also Swisscom press release for information from a Switzerland viewpoint.

Gibraltar - domestic dialling format used

Spain telephone subscribers call Gibraltar using 9567 plus the 5-digit subscriber number, instead of international calling via country code 350.
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