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|ae| United Arab Emirates +971

Number Format

Area Code:            1-2 digits
Subscriber Number:    7-9 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

September 2006 - numbering update

A new +971 55 xxxxxxx mobile range was made available, to join the existing +971 50 xxxxxxx mobile numbers..

Domestic dialling of mobile numbers now require the full number sequence, including leading '0' - 050 xxxxxxx or 055 xxxxxxx. The '0' is omitted for international calling into UAE.

Calls within a traditional geographic areas can still be completed by dialling only the subscriber number. Calls to other areas are completed as '0' + area code + subscriber number.

Area Code   Number Range     Place/service
---------   ------------     -------------
   2        +971 2 xxxxxxx   Abu Dhabi area
   3        +971 3 xxxxxxx   Al Ain area
   4        +971 4 xxxxxxx   Dubai area
   50       +971 50 xxxxxxx  mobile/wireless, Etilisat
   55       +971 55 xxxxxxx  mobile/wireless, future
   6        +971 6 xxxxxxx   West Coast area
   7        +971 7 xxxxxxx   Eas Al Khaimah area
   9        +971 9 xxxxxxx   East Coast area
Special 7-digit number ranges (no associated area code):

200xxxx  shared cost services
300xxxx  future use
400xxxx  shared revenue services
4004181  directory enquiries
4004444  internet access (Dial Up - internet subscribers)
500xxxx  shared revenue/carrier use (internet access, other services)
5005555  internet access (Dial 'N Surf - for casual non-subscribers)
600xxxx  shared revenue services (television quiz)
700xxxx  shared revenue services
800xxxx  freephone numbers
900xxxx  shared revenue services (premium/900)
For example, Etisalat business office may be reached by +971 4004101 (domestic short code is 101).

Sources: Etisalat, TRA announcement (7 September 2006, via ITU)

by May 2000: subscriber numbers become 7 digits

Etisalat (UAE carrier) announced that wireline/geographic subscriber numbers will expand from 6 to 7 digits by May 2000.

Many areas of 2-digit area codes will be changed to 1-digit area codes plus 7-digit subscriber numbers.

Previously, subscriber numbers were 5 or 6 digits, with area code plus subscriber number totalling 7 digits.

Details on timing, conversion digits, etc. - check with Etisalat.

See also documents (Word format) from ITU numbering page (October 2006) and ITU numbering page (April 2007).

For some mobile numbers, the area code plus subscriber number totals 9 digits, such as +971 50x xxx xxx (information from Jeff Steele).

Other Information

Regulator is Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

An article in the Al-Twasul News Letter (Issue 11) described:

1) a special regional dialling link between the communities of Al Ain and Buraimi,

2) special Internet access number, and

3) 600xxxx mass calling exchange.

(article link no longer available)

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