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|it| Italy +39

Number Format

Area Code:            1-3 digits (see note below)
Subscriber Number:    5-8 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00
Numbering plan is in transition to a fixed 9-digit national plan.

Area code information

15 March 2004 - new Elsacom area code

310: Discover the advantages of the new Elsacom number Elsacom, a European GlobalStar mobile satellite carrier has numbering based from Italy.

On 15 March 2004, +39 310 xxxxxxx numbering range was introduced for Elsacom's subscribers. Previously, Elsacom numbers used the +39 563 xxxxxxx geographic/fixed numbering range.

The new +39 310 numbering was introduced to provide up to 70% discount from charges assessed for the existing +39 563 range.

But a report from Germany indicated +39 563 is a conventional fixed area code, which means normal European charges (3-5c/minute from Germany, about twice that of a local call). The new +39 310 represents an international mobile call, therefore higher rates (35c/minute) are reportedly applicable. The specific rates for each Elsacom number range will depend on the particular carriers and countries involved.

There is no word on how long parallel running of +39 310 and +39 563 will be maintained. As of April 2004, both number ranges are usable.

For details, see Elsacom 310 page.

(report courtesy Andreas Meier)

29 December 2000

The second phase of the national renumbering begins (see 19 June 1998 below for first phase).

Changes based on the June 1998 numbers will occur as follows:


A fixed 9-digit numbering plan will be established. The first digit will indicate the type of service:


First digit    Type of service
-----------    ---------------
     0         internal network services/international access
     1         national/emergency services
     3         mobile
     4 ??      fixed?? (future implementation? not to be implemented?)
(Information from Telecom Italia; tip courtesy Ray Chow).

November 1999 - Freephone code changes from 167 to 800

The existing 167 toll-free numbering access will be replaced with 800. Mandatory use of 800 instead of 167 will occur at the end of November 1999.

19 June 1998 - national renumbering

Area codes are to be eliminated, as the first phase of a new national numbering plan. Within Italy, all calls would be dialed as 0 then the area code then subscriber number as used before to June 1998. This applies even for local calls, or calls to numbers in the same area code.

From outside Italy, calls would now be dialed with the leading 0. e.g. number 5555555 in Rome would then be dialed as +39 065555555, instead of +39 6 5555555. Permissive dialling of either old or new scheme was available until 18 December 1998 - (from Telecom Italia press release of 1998; no longer available).

See also KDDI bulletin of 10 August 1998, which also indicated a permissive date until 18 August 1998.

(Information from Telecom Italia; tip courtesy Ray Chow).

Other information

Italian regulatory groups:
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