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|bz| Belize +501

Number Format

Area Code:            none (formerly 1-2 digits; see note below)
Subscriber Number:    7 digits (formerly 4-5 digits; see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         no longer used (formerly 0)
International Prefix: 00
Prior to introduction of national 7-digit numbering in 2002, Area Code plus Subscriber Number totalled 6 digits. Several years prior to that, Belize local number lengths were very variable, even within an area code.

1 November 2005 - new mobile number ranges

New SpeedNet mobile number ranges were announced to take effect 1 November 2005:

Number range  Service
------------  -------
+501 624xxxx  mobile - GSM SpeedNet
+501 625xxxx  mobile - GSM SpeedNet
The announcement included the +501 622xxxx and +501 623xxxx SpeedNet CDMA prepaid ranges already announced for May 2005.

Collect calls are prohibited to prepaid (mobile or fixed) and payphone numbers.

Source: BTL announcement (7 September 2005, via ITU).

31 May 2005 - new mobile number ranges

New SpeedNet GSM/CDMA mobile number ranges were announced, to take effect 31 May 2005:

Source: Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announcement (28 April 2005, via ITU).

March 2005 - new mobile number ranges

New SpeedNet CDMA mobile number ranges were announced:

No specific dates of implementation were indicated.

Source: Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announcement (16 March 2005, via ITU).

5 November 2004 - new number ranges

New wireline/fixed number range in Dangriga (Stann Creek district): +501 521xxxx.

Source: Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announcement (5 November 2004, via ITU).

New GSM prepaid mobile number ranges: +501 620xxxx, +501 621xxxx.

Collect calls are prohibited where '0' is second digit of national number i.e. +501 x0xxxxx.

For mobile numbers, collect calls are prohibited where second digit is '2' i.e. +501 x2xxxxx

1 May 2002 - national renumbering to 7-digit format

Belize has moved to a standard 7-digit national telephone numbering plan as of 1 May 2002. The former plan consisting of 1- or 2-digit area code and 4- to 5-digit subscriber number plan will be available for a three-month permissive period (mandatory 7-digit service began 1 August 2002).

There will no longer be a trunk prefix used for domestic calls. The 7-digit national number is now used for dialling all calls within Belize. From outside Belize, the 7-digit national numbers is dialled following the international prefix and country code 501.

The first digit of the new 7-digit national numbers indicate the region or service:

1 - short codes
2 - Belize
3 - Orange Walk
4 - Corozal
5 - Stann Creek
6 - wireless services (mobile, paging)
7 - Toledo
8 - Cayo
9 - reserved? short codes?
The second digit of the new 7-digit national numbers indicate the service provider:

0 - prepaid
1 - mobile
2 - regular / fixed

Summary of May 2002 Belize changes

The following table indicates general conversion from old format to new format, as expressed in domestic format.

The Old column indicates format prior to May 2002, with area code in parentheses, which includes trunk prefix. In the former system, international calls into Belize would omit the trunk prefix.

The New column indicates the national 7-digit number format as of May 2002. The conventional number appears first; if there is a prepaid service range, the number format is listed to the right.

In some cases, not all the final digits of the subscriber number are retained e.g. Corozal suburbs, where final 4 digits of an existing subscriber number may be different in the new plan in some places.

Service/Place            Old          New
================         ==========   =======
prepaid cellular         (013) xxxx   603xxxx
cellular                 (014) xxxx   614xxxx
cellular                 (015) xxxx   615xxxx
prepaid cellular         (016) xxxx   606xxxx
paging                   (017) xxxx   617xxxx
prepaid cellular         (018) xxxx   608xxxx
prepaid cellular         (019) xxxx   609xxxx

Belize City              (02) xxxxx   22xxxxx [20xxxxx prepaid]
Belize City area         (021) xxxx   220xxxx [209xxxx prepaid]
Caye Caulker area        (022) xxxx   226xxxx [206xxxx prepaid]
Ladyville area           (025) xxxx   225xxxx [205xxxx prepaid]
San Pedro                (026) xxxx   226xxxx [206xxxx prepaid]
Burrell Boom             (028) 2xxx   2259xxx [2059xxx prepaid]

Orange Walk              (03) 2xxxx   322xxxx [302xxxx prepaid]
Orange Walk suburbs      (03) 3xxxx   323xxxx [303xxxx prepaid]
Orange Walk and area     (031) xxxx   320xxxx [309xxxx prepaid]

Corozal Town             (04) 2xxxx   422xxxx [402xxxx prepaid]
Santa Cruz               (04) 24xxx   4234xxx [4034xxx prepaid]
Corozal suburbs          (04) 3xxxx   423xxxx [403xxxx prepaid]
Corozal District         (041) xxxx   4209xxx [409xxxx prepaid]

Dangriga                 (05) 2xxxx   522xxxx [502xxxx prepaid]
Hopkins                  (05) 37xxx   5237xxx [5037xxx prepaid]
Dangriga area            (051) xxxx   520xxxx [509xxxx prepaid]

Independence             (06) 2xxxx   523xxxx [5032xxx prepaid]
Placencia                (06) 239xx   5033xxx [prepaid only]
Maya Beach               (06) 37xxx   5238xxx [5038xxx prepaid]
Independence and area    (061) xxxx   520xxxx [509xxxx prepaid]

Punta Gorda              (07) 2xxxx   722xxxx [702xxxx prepaid]
Punta Gorda              (071) xxxx   7202xxx [7092xxx prepaid]

Belmopan                 (08) 2xxxx   822xxxx [802xxxx prepaid]
Edental, Spanish Lookout (08) 3xxxx   823xxxx [803xxxx prepaid]
Belmopan and area        (081) xxxx   820xxxx [809xxxx prepaid]

San Ignacio and area     (09) 2xxxx   824xxxx [804xxxx prepaid]
Benque Viejo             (09) 3xxxx   823xxxx
Edental, Spanish Lookout (09) 3xxxx   803xxxx [prepaid only]
Benque Viejo and area    (091) xxxx   820xxxx [809xxxx prepaid]


Area code information

(Clarification of fixed-length numbering plan courtesy Mark Cuccia)

Other Information

Regulator is Public Utilities Commission.

Major Belize carrier is BTL.

Also see numbering information link (via ITU).

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