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|lv| Latvia +371

Number Format

Area Code:            0-2 digits (see note below)
Subscriber Number:    5-7 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         8 (eliminated with 7-digit numbering?)
International Prefix: 00
Reportedly changing to uniform 7-digit, no area codes, system

Area code information

  • Public Utilities Commission (via ITU)
  • LMT
  • 2006-2008: national renumbering from 7 to 8-digit format

    Latvia is phasing in an additional digit to subscriber numbers from 1 May 2006 through 1 October 2008, moving from 7-digit national numbers to 8-digit format.

    There are three general phases to the renumbering, each of which involves introduction of new numbers in a permissive operation phase, followed by mandatory use of the new numbers:


    1 May 2006: New mobile numbering introduced, running permissively with old format mobile numbers. '2' was prepended to existing 7-digit mobile numbers to form the new 8-digit national subscriber numbers.

    1 August 2006: New mobile numbering became mandatory; calls to old format mobile numbers result in a recorded message.

    1 November 2006: End of recorded message phase for calls to old format mobile numbers.

    1 February 2007: New numbering introduced for fixed/geographic and special services, running permissively with old format numbers. '6' is prepended to existing 7-digit fixed/geographic subscriber numbers to form the new 8-digit numbers. For freephone and premium numbers, digit '0' is inserted in the existing 7-digit number to become the fourth digit of the new 8-digit subscriber numbers (e.g. 8012345 becomes 80102345, as dialled within Latvia).

    1 August 2008: New fixed/geographic and special numbering becomes mandatory; calls to old format numbers result in a recorded message.

    1 November 2008: End of recorded message phase for calls to old format fixed/geographic and special numbers. All carriers must ensure that only 8-digit numbers are accepted on their networks.


    Old format    New format     Service
    ----------    ----------     -------
    +371 2xxxxxx  +371 22xxxxxx  mobile
    +371 3xxxxxx  +371 63xxxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 4xxxxxx  +371 64xxxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 5xxxxxx  +371 65xxxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 55xxxxx  +371 255xxxxx  mobile
    +371 58xxxxx  +371 258xxxxx  mobile
    +371 59xxxxx  +371 259xxxxx  mobile
    +371 6xxxxxx  +371 26xxxxxx  mobile
    +371 7xxxxxx  +371 67xxxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 8xxxxxx  +371 28xxxxxx  mobile
    +371 80xxxxx  +371 80x0xxxx  freephone
    +371 81xxxxx  +371 681xxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 85xxxxx  +371 685xxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 89xxxxx  +371 689xxxxx  fixed/geographic
    +371 9xxxxxx  +371 29xxxxxx  mobile
    +371 90xxxxx  +371 90x0xxxx  premium
    Source: Ministry of Transport, Department of Communications announcement (7 March 2007, via ITU).

    Other Information

    Major carrier is Lattelekom.

    Mobile carrier is Latvia Mobile Telephone.

    Regulators are Ministry of Transport, Department of Communications (Satiksmes Ministrija, formerly Latvia Telecommunication State Inspection / Valsts elektrosakaru inspekcija) and Public Utilities Commission (Sabiedrisko pakalojumu regulçanas komisija).

    Withdrew from country code 7 (former USSR territory) at an unknown time; ITU assigned country code 371 in January 1993. +7 013 was replaced by +371 in international dialling, although Jurmala switched from +7 013 62 to +371 2. There are reports that Latvia has moved, or is moving, to a national 7-digit number format without area codes (effective 1995?).

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