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|sc| Seychelles +248

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    6 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

1 November 2010 to 4 August 2011 - national expansion to 7 digits

A two-phase renumbering began on 1 November 2010 with certain number ranges assigned new 7-digit numbers, running permissively with the former 6-digit numbers until 1 February 2011:

Old numbers  New numbers
-----------  -----------
+248 41xxxx  +248 441xxxx
+248 42xxxx  +248 442xxxx
+248 43xxxx  +248 443xxxx
+248 47xxxx  +248 647xxxx
Other 6-digit numbers in Seychelles remained unaffected in the first phase.

The second phase began 4 May 2011 for the following number ranges, which have permissive running until the 7-digit numbers become mandatory on 4 August 2011:

Old numbers  New numbers   Carrier
-----------  -----------   -------
+248 2xxxxx  +248 42xxxxx  CWS (fixed/wireline)
+248 3xxxxx  +248 43xxxxx  CWS (fixed/wireline)
+248 5xxxxx  +248 25xxxxx  CWS (mobile)
+248 6xxxxx  +248 46xxxxx  Airtel (fixed/wireline)
+248 7xxxxx  +248 27xxxxx  Airtel (mobile)
Note that new mobile subscriber numbers begin with '2' while fixed/wireline numbers begin with '4', with carrier identified according to the following digit.

Short codes (availability may depend on carriers and capability assigned to callers):

Short code   Service
----------   -------
100          operator
101          voice mail
102          voice mail
103          voice mail
104          calling card
105          national operator
106          prepaid card
107          international prepaid card
108          prepaid card (Inner islands)
109          prepaid service
110          prepaid service
111          ringback tone
112          emergency
117          prepaid service (PSTN)
120          faults (business customers)
121          faults
122          mobile enquiry
123          customer assistance
124          mobile billing
125          customer assistance
126          faults
127          mobile enquiry
128          customer assistance/complaints
131          international phonogram
133          police
140          talking clock (English)
141          talking clock (French)
142          talking clock (Creole)
151          medical assistance
155          mobile accounts
16x          testing (except 160)
171          maintenance control
172          operator sub-identification
173          howler
174          operator access
175          operator access
176          operator access
177          ringback
181          directory enquiry
185          directory enquiry
188          directory enquiry
191          wake-up call
195          wake-up call
Special service numbers in the 8xxxxx and 9xxxxx ranges (such as freephone, premium) remain at 6 digits (with some cases of shorter codes assigned in these ranges).


ICT announcements (18 March 2011, 26 January 2011 via ITU)

(with report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

July 2006 - updated national numbering plan

Updated Seychelles numbering plan was released. Changes since September 2005 list:

New short codes for carrier Intelvision:

Short code  Service
----------  -------
128         customer service (Intelvision)
176         operator directory service (Intelvision)
188         directory enquiries (Intelvision)
New number ranges listed since September 2005:

Number range  Place/Service
------------  -------------
+248 346xxx   Plaisance (Cable and Wireless) [new since Sept 2005] 
+248 41xxxx   VoIP (Intelvision) [new since Sept 2005]
+248 42xxxx   VoIP (Intelvision) [new since Sept 2005]
+248 43xxxx   VoIP (Intelvision) [new since Sept 2005]
+248 47xxxx   VoIP (Kokonet) [new since Sept 2005]
Missing from numbering plan since September 2005 (may not have been removed from service):

Number range  Place/Service
------------  -------------
+248 78xxxx   fixed cellular (Telecom Seychelles)
+248 79xxxx   mobile - prepaid (Telecom Seychelles)
Source: Department of Information Technology and Communications (10 July 2006, via ITU)

September 2005 - Updated national numbering plan

Assigned number ranges in Seychelles as of September 2005:

Number range  Place/Service
------------  -------------
2xxxxx        fixed/wireline subscriber numbers for Cable and Wireless
200xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
201xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
202xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
203xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
204xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
206xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
207xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
211xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
212xxx        Audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
217xxx        unknown location (Cable and Wireless)
218xxx        unknown location (Cable and Wireless)
221xxx        English River (Cable and Wireless)
222xxx        reserved for Victoria
223xxx        reserved for Victoria
224xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
225xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
226xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
227xxx        reserved for Victoria
228xxx        reserved for Victoria
229xxx        DOMSAT (Cable and Wireless)
231xxx        reserved for Anse Volbert Praslin
232xxx        Anse Volbert Praslin (Cable and Wireless)
233xxx        Gran Anse Praslin (Cable and Wireless)
234xxx        La Digue (Cable and Wireless)
235xxx        reserved for La Digue
237xxx        reserved for Gran Anse Praslin
240xxx        reserved for Anse Etoile
241xxx        Anse Etoile (Cable and Wireless)
242xxx        Anse Etoile (Cable and Wireless)
243xxx        Anse Etoile (Cable and Wireless)
244xxx        reserved for Anse Etoile
245xxx        reserved for Beau Vallon
246xxx        North East Point (Cable and Wireless)
247xxx        Beau Vallon (Cable and Wireless)
248xxx        Beau Vallon (Cable and Wireless)
249xxx        reserved for Beau Vallon
260xxx        reserved for Northholme
261xxx        Northholme (Cable and Wireless)
262xxx        reserved for Northholme
263xxx        reserved for Northholme
265xxx        reserved for Victoria
266xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
267xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
28xxxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
29xxxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
3xxxxx        fixed/wireline subscriber numbers for Cable and Wireless
303xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
304xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
313xxx        reserved for Cascade
315xxx        reserved for Anse Aux Pins
316xxx        reserved for Anse Aux Pins
321xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
322xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
323xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
324xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
325xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
326xxx        Victoria (Cable and Wireless)
341xxx        reserved for Plaisance
342xxx        reserved for Plaisance
343xxx        reserved for Plaisance
344xxx        Plaisance (Cable and Wireless)
345xxx        Plaisance (Cable and Wireless)
352xxx        reserved for Anse Boileau
353xxx        reserved for Anse Boileau
354xxx        reserved for Anse Boileau
355xxx        Anse Boileau (Cable and Wireless)
360xxx        unknown location (Cable and Wireless)
361xxx        Baie Lazare (Cable and Wireless)
362xxx        reserved for Baie Lazare
363xxx        reserved for Baie Lazare
366xxx        Anse Forbans (Cable and Wireless)
370xxx        reserved for Anse Royale
371xxx        Anse Royale (Cable and Wireless)
372xxx        Anse Royale (Cable and Wireless)
373xxx        Cascade (Cable and Wireless)
374xxx        Cascade (Cable and Wireless)
375xxx        Anse Aux Pins (Cable and Wireless)
376xxx        Anse Aux Pins (Cable and Wireless)
377xxx        Anse Aux Pins (Cable and Wireless)
378xxx        Helvetia (Cable and Wireless)
379xxx        Helvetia (Cable and Wireless)
380xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
381xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
382xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
383xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
384xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
385xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
386xxx        reserved for ISDN
387xxx        reserved for ISDN
388xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
389xxx        ISDN (Cable and Wireless)
39xxxx        reserved for ISDN
4xxxxx        not allocated
5xxxxx        mobile/wireless services
50xxxx        reserved for GSM mobile
51xxxx        mobile - GSM (Cable and Wireless)
52xxxx        mobile - GSM (Cable and Wireless)
54xxxx        (except 549xxx) reserved for fixed cellular
549xxx        internal use (Cable and Wireless)
55xxxx        fixed cellular (Cable and Wireless)
56xxxx        fixed cellular (Cable and Wireless)
57xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Cable and Wireless)
58xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Cable and Wireless)
59xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Cable and Wireless)
6xxxxx        fixed/wireline numbers for Telecom Seychelles
600xxx        Providence (Telecom Seychelles)
601xxx        Providence (Telecom Seychelles)
602xxx        Providence (Telecom Seychelles)
605xxx        DSL (Telecom Seychelles)
606xxx        DSL (Telecom Seychelles)
611xxx        Victoria (Telecom Seychelles)
612xxx        Victoria (Telecom Seychelles)
613xxx        Victoria (Telecom Seychelles)
614xxx        Victoria (Telecom Seychelles)
617xxx        Plaisance (Telecom Seychelles)
621xxx        Beau Vallon (Telecom Seychelles)
624xxx        Northholme (Telecom Seychelles)
625xxx        Victoria (Telecom Seychelles)
630xxx        Helvetia (Telecom Seychelles)
632xxx        Anse Boileau (Telecom Seychelles)
633xxx        Baie Lazare (Telecom Seychelles)
634xxx        Anse Forbans (Telecom Seychelles)
641xxx        Cascade (Telecom Seychelles)
642xxx        Anse Aux Pins (Telecom Seychelles)
644xxx        Anse Royale (Telecom Seychelles)
660xxx        Gran Anse (Praslin) (Telecom Seychelles)
661xxx        Anse Volbert (Praslin) (Telecom Seychelles)
665xxx        La Digue (Telecom Seychelles)
67xxxx        DID (Telecom Seychelles)
681xxx        DID (Telecom Seychelles)
682xxx        DID (Telecom Seychelles)
683xxx        DID (Telecom Seychelles)
7xxxxx        mobile/non-geographic numbers for Telecom Seychelles
700xxx        internal use (Telecom Seychelles)
702xxx        internal use (Telecom Seychelles)
703xxx        internal use (Telecom Seychelles)
707xxx        voice mail access from alternate network (Telecom Seychelles)
709xxx        internal use (Telecom Seychelles)
71xxxx        mobile - GSM (Telecom Seychelles)
720xxx        internal use (Telecom Seychelles)
722xxx        mobile - GSM (Telecom Seychelles)
723xxx        mobile - GSM (Telecom Seychelles)
724xxx        mobile - GSM (Telecom Seychelles)
744xxx        international SMS premium (Telecom Seychelles)
751xxx        fax/data (Telecom Seychelles)
752xxx        fax/data (Telecom Seychelles)
753xxx        fax/data (Telecom Seychelles)
76xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Telecom Seychelles)
77xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Telecom Seychelles)
78xxxx        fixed cellular (Telecom Seychelles)
79xxxx        mobile - prepaid (Telecom Seychelles)
8000xx        freephone (Telecom Seychelles)
971xxx        audiotext (Cable and Wireless)
98xxxx        VAS/SMS (MediaTech)
Short codes (assigned for both carriers, Cable and Wireless and Telecom Seychelles, unless otherwise noted):

Short code  Service
----------  -------
100         national operator
101         voice mail
102         voice mail (Cable and Wireless)
103         voice mail
105         national operator (Telecom Seychelles)
108         PSTN Prepaid Calling Card (Cable and Wireless)
109         prepaid (Cable and Wireless)
110         prepaid (Cable and Wireless)
111         faults report (Corporate customers) (Telecom Seychelles)
112         emergency for mobile
120         faults report (Corporate customers) (Cable and Wireless)
121         faults report  (Cable and Wireless)
122         mobile customer enquiry (Cable and Wireless)
123         customer helpline (Cable and Wireless)
124         mobile billing (Cable and Wireless)
125         customer helpline (Telecom Seychelles)
126         faults report (Telecom Seychelles)
127         mobile customer enquiry (Telecom Seychelles)
131         international phonogram
133         police
140         time (English)
141         time (French)
142         time (Creole)
151         international operator (Cable and Wireless)
155         international operator (Telecom Seychelles)
16x         (except 160) testing
17x         testing
171         maintenance control
172         operator sub identification
173         howler
174         operator's access code (Cable and Wireless)
175         operator's access code (Telecom Seychelles)
181         directory enquiries (Cable and Wireless)
185         directory enquiries (Telecom Seychelles)
191         wake up (Cable and Wireless)
195         wake up (Telecom Seychelles)
999         emergency
Domestic access codes:

Access code  Service
-----------  -------
00           international dialling prefix
01           international gateway (Cable and Wireless)
010          ISDN international access
02           international gateway (Telecom Seychelles)
Source: Department of Information Technology and Communications announcement (6 September 2005, via ITU).

(with report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

Other information

Regulator is Department of Information Communications Technology (ICT)

See Seychelles carriers for GSM, etc.: Airtel, Cable and Wireless.

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