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|pt| Portugal +351

Number Format

Area Code:            1-2 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Area code information

(Postal code lists are included with the area code lists as a bonus)

30-31 October 1999 - National Renumbering

At the end of October, Portugal restructures its national numbering plan into a national 9-digit format, without area or access code.

New geographic numbers will consist of the digit 2, then the area code, then subscriber number. For example, a Lisbon number of (1) xxx.xxxx before the October 1999 numbering plan will become 21xxxxxxx.

Land mobile numbers (area codes of the form 93x) will be converted by dropping the digit '3' from the area code. A mobile number dialled under the old plan as 093x xxx.xxxx will be dialled as 9xxxxxxxx under the new plan.

6-digit Internet numbers will be converted by adding '000' after the number (e.g. 61xxxx becomes 61xxxx000).

All nine digits of the national number will be dialed in all cases. The use of 0+ as a STD/long distance prefix will be discontinued.

There will be no parallel running of the old and new numbering plans. An interception recording will remain for 6 months after the numbering change for callers who dial subscriber numbers under the old plan.

Outbound international calls continue to be dialed as 00 + international number.

From other nations, calls will be dialed as:

+351 + (new 9-digit subscriber number)

Summary of some of the new number formats:

2xxxxxxxx - geographic numbers
646xxxxxx - Audiotext (premium)
800xxxxxx - freephone
808xxxxxx - freephone
91xxxxxxx - Telecel
93xxxxxxx - Optimus
96xxxxxxx - TMN

Source: regulator ICP (now ANACOM).

See also bulletin from KDDI.

(tip thanks to Paulo Ratinho; additional info from Venceslau Costa)

Other information

Regulator is ANACOM.

ANACOM numbering page.

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