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|gi| Gibraltar +350

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    5 digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00
Subscriber numbering exceptions: 1. GSM Mobile numbers are 8 digits (54xxxxxx, 56xxxxxx, 57xxxxxx, 58xxxxxx); 2. Special services (including freephone) is of form 8xxx (4 digits) or for access codes 88x (3 digits).

Numbering range information

1 December 2007 - expansion to 8-digit format

5-digit subscriber numbers in Gibraltar will be expanded to 8-digit format by prepending '200' before existing numbers starting 1 December 2007. That is, +350 xxxxx will become +350 200xxxxx.

Both old and new formats can be used in permissive mode until 1 October 2008. At that point, attempts to use old format numbers will be diverted to advisory announcements until at least 31 December 2008.

Mobile numbers already in 8-digit format are not affected by this change.

It was reported that some international exchanges may not yet be upgraded to support the new 8-digit subscriber number format.

Source: GRA: New Telephone Numbering Plan.

(courtesy Jim Watt, GRA, Ken Westmoreland)

10 February 2007 - Spain implements standard international dialling into Gibraltar

Spain implemented standard international dialling into Gibraltar as of 10 February 2007. Instead of the previous 9567 access code arrangement, Spain telephone callers now use 00350 (international prefix + country code 350) then the Gibraltar subscriber number.

Callers attempting to use the old 9567 code (or even the +34 9567 access from other nations) to reach Gibraltar receive a recorded announcement.

Conversely, Gibraltar telephone customers calling Spain must now use standard international dialling, namely 0034 (prefix + country code), then the number in Spain.

Gibraltar is now free to expand its numbering plan without being concerned about limitations under the previous Spanish access code arrangements.

This also solves the previous inconvenience faced by 'Reload' (pre-pay) wireless subscribers, where previously 9567 then the first five digits are dialled, then a prompt is received at which point the entire 8-digit number had to be re-dialled.

There were reports that some international carriers have not adjusted their routing for the new Spain/Gibraltar dialling arrangements.


Reports courtesy Ken Westmoreland, Jim Watt.


January 2003 - 9567 access from Spain extended

Ken Westmoreland writes regarding Spain numbering for Gibraltar:

"Spain has made an official decree extending the current use of 9567 as the access code to Gibraltar from Spain.

This appeared in the [11 January 2003] weekend's Boletin Official de Estado which had previously set New Year as the cut off time for that code and the introduction of the new 8563 code (soon to be applied to all Cadiz) to Gibraltar with and extra 70 000 numbers. The Resolution by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Madrid recognises that the implementation of the earlier bulletin would have in effect cut off communications since Gibraltar had not made the changes to use these numbers. The 9567 code has been extended indefinitely."

January 2002 - Gibraltar-Spain numbering dispute

The government of Gibraltar continues to battle Spain's treatment of telephone numbering matters. Spain uses a portion of its own numbering plan to access Gibraltar telephone numbers, rather than using the +350 country code. This practice complicates expansion of telephone numbering in Gibraltar, since any new number allocations would need to be accessible from Spain.

A 16th November 2001 announcement from the Spanish Government offered to allocate another 70 000 numbers, but implies that Gibraltar's numbering plan would be effectively under Spain's control. The Gibraltar government has rejected this scheme.

For details of the Gibraltar government's reaction: Government of Gibraltar Press Office announcement, 23 January 2002.

(News tip courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

Other Information

Telecom carrier is GNC (Gibraltar Nynex).

Regulator is GRA.

Spain uses its domestic dialling format to place calls to Gibraltar: 9567 plus the 5-digit Gibraltar number. It may be possible from some nations to dial Gibraltar numbers through Spain's networks as +34 9567, presumably using tariffs to Spain.

Some further background on numbering disputes involving Gibraltar and Spain: Gibraltar government topical speech (April 1998), and Gibraltar government press release (2 August 2001).

See also the Memorandum by Ken Westmoreland for the House of Commons (UK) Foreign Affairs Committee.

There is a page of notable Gibraltar Telephone Numbers by Jim Watt.

(items and news courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

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