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|al| Albania +355

Number Format

Area Code:            1-3 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-7 digits (fixed); 7 digits (mobile, ISP access)
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
Note: area code and subscriber number for fixed services totals 7 digits. For mobile/wireless service, total is 9 digits. Some ISP access subscriber numbers in Tirana are 7 digits (apart from city's area code +355 4).

Area code information

May 2008 - numbering plan status

The latest numbering plan indicates geographic fixed/wireline numbering generally totals 8 digits for area code and subscriber number, excluding prefixes.

Tirana has 7-digit numbers under +355 4: +355 4 2xxxxxx through +355 4 6xxxxxx. Previous 6-digit subscriber numbers were apparently converted by prepending digit '2'.

In other regions, either a 2-digit area code precedes a 6-digit subscriber number, or a 3-digit area code precedes a 5-digit subscriber number. Since the latest information gives a maximum national number length of 9 digits (area code plus subscriber number), mobile numbers are presumed to remain at this 9-digit total.

Source: ERT numbering announcement (13 May 2008, via ITU) (Additional information courtesy Miguel Cruz)

1 May 2002 - national area code changes

Most area codes in Albania, outside Tirana, changed on 1 May 2002. There were no details of permissive dialling phases.

All cell phone numbers are 9D including prefix. Area code and subscriber number totals 7 digits for fixed phone numbers, 9 digits for cellular, except some digital ISP access numbers within Tirana which have 7-digit subscriber numbers.

(courtesy Hans J. Thimm)

May 2002 conversion listings are available at:

Intellectual Communication Center - Albania


2000? - Tirana area code, subscriber numbers change

At an unknown date, Tirana area code changes from 42 to 4 (+355 42 to +355 4), with existing 5-digit subscriber numbers prepended with the digit 2 or 3 depending on the former number:

Old number    New number
==========    ==========
   2xxxx        22xxxx
   3xxxx        23xxxx
   4xxxx        24xxxx
   50xxx        250xxx
   51xxx        251xxx
   52xxx        352xxx
   53xxx        353xxx
   54xxx        354xxx
   55xxx        355xxx
   56xxx        256xxx
   57xxx        257xxx
   58xxx        258xxx
   59xxx        259xxx
   6xxxx        36xxxx
   7xxxx        37xxxx
That is, from outside Albania, +355 42 xxxxx became +355 4 2xxxxx or +355 4 3xxxxx.

No information was available on timing of this change, or on any permissive calling period.

Other Information

Regulator is ERT.

See also:

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