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|cm| Cameroon +237

Number Format

Area Code:            none
Subscriber Number:    8 digits (formerly 7, 6 digits)
Trunk Prefix:         n/a
International Prefix: 00

Numbering range information

1 June 2007 - national renumbering to 8 digits

Existing 7-digit Cameroon subscriber numbers were expanded to 8-digit format by prepending a digit according to the service and carrier. There was no known permissive period between old and new formats:

Old numbers   New numbers    Service/Carrier
------------  -------------  ---------------
+237 2xxxxxx  +237 22xxxxxx  fixed, CAMTEL
+237 3xxxxxx  +237 33xxxxxx  fixed, CAMTEL
+237 45xxxxx  +237 745xxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 46xxxxx  +237 746xxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 47xxxxx  +237 747xxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 48xxxxx  +237 748xxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 49xxxxx  +237 749xxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 5xxxxxx  +237 75xxxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 7xxxxxx  +237 77xxxxxx  mobile, MTN Cameroon
+237 8xxxxxx  +237 88xxxxxx  special services, all carriers
+237 40xxxxx  +237 940xxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 41xxxxx  +237 941xxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 42xxxxx  +237 942xxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 43xxxxx  +237 943xxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 44xxxxx  +237 944xxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 6xxxxxx  +237 96xxxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun
+237 9xxxxxx  +237 99xxxxxx  mobile, Orange Cameroun

MTN Cameroon.

ART announcement (29 March 2007, via ITU)

OSAC report - consular bulletin (30 May 2007)

News courtesy: Julius Essoka Lobe (MTN Cameroon), Sergiu Rosenzweig, Howard Laker.

September 2004 - new mobile number ranges assigned

New mobile number ranges were assigned.

+237 5xxxxxx for MTN (plus existing +237 7xxxxxx range)

+237 6xxxxxx for Orange (plus existing +237 9xxxxxx range, formerly SCM)

Source: ART announcement (8 September 2004, via ITU).

26 October 2001 - national renumbering to 7-digit plan

Cameroon's previous 6-digit national numbers were changed to 7 digits on 26 October 2001. There was no indication of a permissive dialling period.

Details are from http://www.camnet.cm/plannu.htm.

A digit was prepended to the existing 6-digit numbers as follows:

Former    New 7-digit  Carrier / service type
Number    Number
======    ===========  ==============================
2xxxxx    22xxxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
30xxxx    230xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
31xxxx    231xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
32xxxx    332xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
33xxxx    333xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
34xxxx    334xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
35xxxx    335xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
36xxxx    336xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
37xxxx    337xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
38xxxx    338xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
39xxxx    339xxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
4xxxxx    34xxxxx      CAMTEL Geographic/Fixed number
6xxxxx    76xxxxx      MTN mobile/GSM
7xxxxx    77xxxxx      MTN mobile/GSM
8xxxxx    98xxxxx      SCM Mobile/GSM 
9xxxxx    99xxxxx      SCM Mobile/GSM 

Other information

Carrier is CAMTEL.

Regulator is Agence de Régulation des Telecommunications (ART) (Telecommunications Regulatory Board).

Government ministry for telecommunications is Ministère des Postes et Télécommunications.

Specific telecom regulator is Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications (ART).

Also see numbering information (hosted via ITU).

(updated information courtesy Tecla).

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