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|co| Colombia +57

Number Format

Area Code:            1-5 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         09
International Prefix: 009

Area code information

1 June 2002 - mobile, freephone, internet renumbering

Cellular service carriers Bellsouth, Comcel / Occel and Celcaribe were separated into separate access codes.

Previously, cellular calls from conventional fixed telephones were dialled as 03 + 3 + 7-digit mobile subscriber number.

As of 1 June 2002, the access from fixed telephones changed according to the carrier serving the cellular number:

From cellular phones, domestic access to other cellular numbers is by dialling 310 + 7-digit mobile number to reach Comcel/Occel and Celcaribe cellular numbers, and 315 + 7-digit mobile number to reach Bellsouth cellular numbers.

Numbering format changes from outside Colombia was unclear, but the change suggests that if cellular mobile numbers were dialled as +57 33 xxxxxxx, the dialling becomes +57 3 310 xxxxxxx or +57 3 315 xxxxxxx according to the called number's mobile carrier.

No information was apparent regarding any permissive dialling period, although the migration to the new cellular numbering appears to allows for permissive use of old and new formats.

Freephone service access also changed. The previous format of dialling 9800 + 6-digit freephone number has changed to 01 + 800 + 7-digit freephone number within Colombia. The new 7-digit freephone number is formed by prepending digit '0' to the former 6-digit freephone number. For example, 9800 + 123456 becomes 01 800 0123456.

Premium rate services were previously dialled as 900 + 7-digit premium number within Colombia. Now prefix '01' must be prepended - that is dial 01 + 900 + 7-digit premium number. 901 code premium numbers were also changed i.e. now dialled as 01 + 901 + 7-digit premium number.

Internet service numbers change from 947 + 7-digit Internet service number to 01 + 947 + 7-digit Internet service number.

There was also no information regarding permissive dialling period for the freephone, premium and Internet numbering, nor could it be determined whether such numbers are accessible from outside Colombia.

1st June 2002 dialling information: see CRT document.

June 2002 - shortcode proposals

There was a June 2002 announcement regarding shortcodes numbering (1xx and 9xx format numbers).

Other information

Numbering information link (via ITU).

Regulator: Comisión de Regulación de Telecomunicaciones.

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