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|so| Somalia +252

Number Format

Area Code:            unknown
Subscriber Number:    7? digits (see note below)
Trunk Prefix:         ?
International Prefix: 00? (formerly 16?)

Area code information

March 2008 - new Golis number ranges

Number ranges introduced by carrier Golis:

Number range     Service
============     =======
+252 55 xxxxx    wireline/fixed
+252 57 xxxxx    wireline/fixed
+252 58 xxxxx    wireline/fixed
+252 88 xxxxx    wireline/fixed
+252 90 xxxxxx   mobile
+252 91 xxxxxx   mobile (in service after March 2008)
Source: Golis Telecom, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announcement (24 March 2008, updated 14 April 2009, via ITU)

October 2006 - new number ranges for Golis

New number ranges were announced for use by carrier Golis Telecommunications Somalia:

Number range    Type of service
------------    ---------------
+252 5 7xxxxx   fixed
+252 5 8xxxxx   fixed
+252 6 7xxxxx   fixed
+252 6 8xxxxx   fixed
+252 8 8xxxxx   fixed
+252 90xxxxxx   mobile
Source: Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announcement (2 October 2006, via ITU).

Hormuud carrier number ranges

Telecom carrier Hormuud uses the following numbering ranges:

Number range   Region
------------   ------
+252 1 xxxxxx  Mogadishu and area
+252 3 xxxxxx  southern Somalia (Jaamame, Kisimaayo)
+252 4 xxxxxx  central Somalia (Buur Hakaba)

Hormuud (contacts).

Hormuud (tariffs).

Limited information available

Detailed telecommunications information is unavailable. Numbers found so far suggest mostly 7 digits total within the national numbering plan (excluding country code and prefixes). This is often formatted as an area digit followed by 6-digit subscriber numbers for wireline/fixed services.

Somalia has numerous telecom carriers, which were working under an unregulated environment. Standards and practices, including numbering, may vary according to the region and company involved. However, there is an apparent regulator, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, issuing announcements through ITU.

A few Somalia telecom carriers have websites:

Ausoma Telecommunications had subscriber numbers of the form 922.xxxx. No current information available as of 2006.

Galkom - carrier in Galkacayo. (subscriber numbers are of the form 543.xxxx).

Other information

Mobile carrier Hormuud.

Mobile and wireline carrier Golis.

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