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|bn| Brunei Darussalm +673

Number Format

Area Code:            1 digit (none as of 22 March 2003)
Subscriber Number:    6 digits (7 digits as of 22 March 2003)
Trunk Prefix:         0 (eliminated as of 22 March 2003)
International Prefix: 00
Subscriber Number: 6 digits

Area code information

22 March 2003 - 7-digit subscriber numbers, area codes eliminated

Subscriber numbers will become national 7-digit numbers on 22 March 2003. These will be formed by prepending the area code digit to each existing 6-digit subscriber number. The trunk prefix (0) and area code digit will be eliminated; all calls will then be dialled with 7 digits, whether within the caller's area code or not.

This is apparently a splash cut; calls in the area code/6-digit format will be routed to a record message after the change.

There is no change for international calls since the sequence will remain +673 followed by the same 7 digits. This change only affects domestic dialling and number formatting. But no area code should be added to a new 7-digit format number when it comes into effect.

There are no changes to short codes (09x, 1xx, 99x) nor are there changes for freephone (1800xxxx) and home country direct (800xxx).

This change was postponed from 1 November 2002 to avoid conflict with various holidays (Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year) and to provide more time for equipment changeover.

Source/details: Brunei Ministry of Communication.

Other information

Major carrier is Jabatan Telekom Brunei.

Telecom regulator is Ministry of Communications.

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