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|ch| Switzerland +41

Number Format

Area Code:            1-3 digits
Subscriber Number:    6-7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0
International Prefix: 00
Area code plus subscriber number (excluding trunk prefix or country code) should total 9 digits, except Zurich +41 1 until its area code conversion to +41 43 or +41 44 is complete.

Area code information

Carrier selection codes

Carrier selection codes within Switzerland are listed by eOFCOM.

(with report courtesy Peer M. Künstler)

31 December 2006 - 111 information short code phased out

The 111 short code used for directory enquiries in Switzerland was dispersed into a series of short codes of form 18xx, depending on the carrier. 18xx codes were introduced in 2001, then 111 was fully discontinued on 31 December 2006:

Short code  Carrier
----------  -------
1800        Genki
1801        BNS
1802        Tele2
1810        11880 telegate *
1811        Swisscom Fixnet
1812        Swisscom Information Gate
1818        1818 Auskunft
1819        Digicall
1822        11883 Telecom
1828        AMK-Media *
1848        Cablecom *
1850        Conduit Europe
1855        Yellow Gateway
1880        Orange Communications
1881        Telegate Auskunftsdienste *
1888        Fournir
1889        Infonova
1898        First Early Bird *
1899        TDC Switzerland
The change also affected the previous 115x international enquiry numbers. Swisscom's 1151, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1159 international enquiry codes were also consolidated under 1811.

Carriers implemented 18xx numbers prior to December 2006 - for example, Swisscom's 1811 began 3 April 2006.

* - this carrier does not appear on the eofcom.ch list of allocated 18xx information service providers as of May 2007.

Note that most of Europe tends to use 118xx for the information numbers, but 118 has long been used for fire emergency calls in Switzerland, so implementation of the enquiry services on 118xx would not have been practical.

Sources: eOFCOM list of 18xx information numbers

admin.ch: Allocation of new directory enquiry numbers (7 November 2006)

Tele 2 announcement: 111 becomes 1802

Swisscom announcement - introduction of 1811 on 3 April 2006

OFCOM information on 18xx enquiry service short codes

Swisscom service numbers list

(with report courtesy Peer M. Künstler)

2002-2007 Zurich +41 1 renumbering

The Zurich 01 area code (+41 1) will be phased out by March 2007 in favour of the 043 (+41 43) and 044 (+41 44) numbering ranges. Existing 01 (+41 1) numbers will be changed over to 044 (+41 44).


April 2001: both 043 (+41 43) and 044 (+41 44) come into existence

March 2002: New subscribers may be assigned under area codes 043 (+41 43) or 044 (+41 44). Early requests for 044 (+41 44) numbers were not to conflict with another subscriber's existing 01 (+41 1) number.

1 March 2004: 044 (+41 44) may be used to call 01 (+41 1) subscribers as parallel running of both area codes begins. Existing subscribers in 01 (+41 1) may now publish their numbers as 044 (+41 44) area code instead.

March 2005: throughout this month, existing 01 (+41 1) numbers will formally be changed to the new area code 044 (+41 44). After end of March, the calling number display/identification from all affected subscribers will display 044 (+41 44).

31 March 2007: end of Zurich renumbering; operation of 01 (+41 1) is discontinued


DATEC - Area code 01 is changing to 044

digitalphone.ch news item.

(Additional update courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

by 29 March 2002 - national dialling changes

A BAKOM (OFCOM) press release of 22 March 2000 announced that changes to the national numbering and dialling plan would be modified from the original December 1997 renumbering plan. This was done in reaction to demands for a simpler and cheaper scheme.

The new plan is to take effect 29 March 2002, by introducing a closed dialling plan. Subscriber numbers would incorporate the trunk prefix and area code, which effectively means all calls will be dialled in the long distance format. This will affect local calls, but not long distance or calls from other nations, but this will open additional numbering ranges for future assignment.

Domestically, this will mean 9 digits would be dialled for calls to Zurich subscribers (01 + existing 7-digit subscriber number), and 10 digits for other areas of the country (0xx + existing 7-digit subscriber number). However, BAKOM (OFCOM) wants Zurich to match the 10-digit format by 2007, to ensure a constant national number length.

The previous plan to restructure the numbering plan (to 9-digit national phone numbers as of 29 March 2002) was delayed from the original 12 April 2001 start. Information is available from a BAKOM (OFCOM) press release.

Some information from Switzerland's national telecom regulator BAKOM was available regarding the major national renumbering, but details may no longer be available online. There have already been numerous regional numbering changes, mainly consolidations of regions into existing area codes.

Other details on numbering may be available from Swisscom's page.

(Additional update courtesy Ken Westmoreland)

5 April 1999 - Liechtenstein leaves Switzerland numbering plan

Liechtenstein country code +423 became effective 5 April 1999. See the information on Liechtenstein for details.

Prior to the activation of country code +423, Liechtenstein was called via Switzerland's area code 75 (i.e. +41 75 ...).

September 1998

Announcement of 0840 "Firstline ISP" local rate access to Internet services. Announced by Swisscom press release, 1998 (no longer online).

Other Information

Regulator is OFCOM (BAKOM). They have a page on telephone numbering.

There was a reference to some recent telephone number changes.

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