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This is a revision history for WTNG. This page contains the most recent set of changes. See below for link to previous change history.

|!!| 5 February 2018
Links and Other Resources: partial cleanup of dead or moved links; more still to be done.

Bulgaria: 2014 numbering plan update.

Cabo Verde: New common name for this nation, which had been commonly known as Cape Verde in English. (Report thanks to Risto Nykänen). Also added 2010 introduction of new mobile range, and regulator link.

Czech Republic: include Czechia as the country's official short name; the nation is still frequently known as the Czech Republic.

Grenada: updated regulator site

Iran: numbering plan update.

Mexico: update on use of 044/045 domestic prefixes for "calling party pays".

South Africa: general page update, portability info, repair links.

|!!| 5 January 2013
Argentina: many area code changes, 2011-12.

Ascension Island: numbering plan update

Azerbaijan: national renumbering in late 2011.

Brazil: Sao Paulo mobile numbers expanded.

Bulgaria: update for 2011 closed dialling plan.

Burkina Faso: new Airtel number range, update regulator link.

Canada: added link for Manitoba (+1 204 / +1 431).

Chile: national subscriber number expansion to 8-digit format, 2012-2013.

Cuba: short codes list

Denmark: fix broken weblink.

Djibouti: national renumbering from 6 to 8 digits.

East Timor: Timor Telecom mobile numbers expand to 8 digits.

Ecuadoe: national mobile area code expansion.

El Salvador: new +503 6 mobile numbering range opened.

Estonia: expansion of personal numbers, various selected changes during 2011.

Gabon: national 8-digit closed numbering plan implemented.

Gambia: numbering plan update, add regulator link.

Germany: fixed an area code information link.

Iceland: update regulator.

Kyrgyzstan: numbering update, including June 2011 change in Irdik.

Lebanon: new mobile number range, follow-up from 2009.

Macedonia: update regulator.

Malawi: mobile renumbering of MTL's +265 1xxxxxx CDMA range.

Mayotte and Reunion: some editorial.

Moldova: closed numbering plan in effect in 2012; various short code developments.

Mongolia: new number ranges (mobile, VOIP)

New Caledonia: numbering plan update, new Mobilis GSM number range.

North Korea: recent numbering range details are available.

Oman: numbering plan update.

Kazakhstan: Altel new +7 700 mobile range.

Kosovo/Serbia: status of possible separate country code for Kosovo.

Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha: updated numbering plan.

Senegal: updated numbering plan, update regulator link.

Sierra Leone: updated numbering plan, add regulator link.

Sint Maarten: more details for transition from +599 to +1 721.

South Africa: notes on 2010 draft numbering plan regulations, mobile allocations.

South Sudan": new +211 country code, leaving +249 Sudan +249. One carrier, Gemtel, used numbering from Uganda +256 for a time.

Suriname: updated numbering plan, add regulator link

Syria: Hamah City (+963 33) subscriber numbers expand from 6 to 7 digits.

Togo: national renumbering from 7 to 8 digits in August 2011. Updated cell/wireless carriers, short codes and other details.

Tunisia: numbering plan 2012 update, added regulator link.

Turks and Caicos: new number ranges.

Vanuatu: New number ranges introduced in August 2012. Added regulator link.

NANP: introduction of +1 566 for personal communications services

New flags for: Burma/Myanmar, Congo (Kinshasa), Iraq, Lesotho, Libya, Malawi, Tokelau, Venezuela.

Regional Services and other pages updated to remove links of the now-dead areacode-info.com; no archive apparently available (broken link report courtesy Mary Ann R.)

Other broken link spotting courtesy Joakim S.

Typo spotting courtesy Holger.

|!!| 2 June 2011
Regional Services: +1 544 code for personal services; +1 855 implemented for freephone; replace some discontinued weblinks.

Bangladesh: removed area code dead links; new working link courtesy Ray Chow

Belarus: area code and subscriber number change in Lida

Canada: +1 365 Ontario overlay area code (tentatively March 2013); +1 431 Manitoba overlay area code (November 2013), +1 873 Quebec overlay area code (June 2013); editorial correction courtesy Denise Moore, Mark King, Mark J. Cuccia.

Chad: national expansion from 7 to 8 digits (March 2010)

Congo: national renumbering (October 2010), regulator link

Diego-Garcia: numbering update (December 2009).

Dominican Republic: new +1 849 area code (February 2010)

Egypt: mobile number expansion (expected in 2011)

Equatorial Guinea: national number expansion to 9 digits (April 2010)

Ghana: renumbering of area codes for carrier GT-Vodafone; detail number ranges for carrier Zain

Georgia: 2011 national renumbering phases (from March 2011)

Honduras: national renumbering of fixed/wireline numbers to 8 digits (November 2010); fixed some regulatory links

India: removed area code dead links; new working link courtesy Ray Chow

Kazakhstan: Kar-Tel new +7 771 mobile range (December 2009)

Laos: mobile subscriber numbers expanded to 8 digits (June 2010)

Marshall Islands: editorial correction courtesy Trevor Harris

Mauritania: national number expansion to 8 digits (January 2011)

Mauritius: further postponement of mobile number expansion after August 2010 to an unknown schedule.

former Netherlands Antilles: updated for breakup of Netherlands Antilles; updated schedule for Sint Maarten transition to NANP (+1 721, September 2011).

Papua New Guinea: updated numbering ranges; international trunk prefix now 00.

Peru: elimination of area codes for calling mobile numbers (September 2010).

Qatar: national renumbering, to 8-digit format.

Romania: fixed and updated links for area codes, carriers, regulator.

St Maarten: new page for transition from +599 to +1 721; link updates, editorial corrections

Sao Tome and Principe: national number expansion to 7 digits (January 2010)

Seychelles: national renumbering (2010-2011), updated numbering information, regulator link.

Swaziland: details of national expansion to 8 digits (March 2010 - February 2011)

Turks and Caicos: update links

United Kingdom: updated information and links on Guernsey

Links, some updating.

Various editorial, with input courtesy Martin Palmer. There are almost certainly some forgotten updates, for which regrets are offered and for which attempts will be made to update more quickly than usual.

|!!| 31 December 2009
Bahrain: added regulator's numbering page; September 2008 update to numbering plan

Canada: +1 579 announced as new overlay code for +1 450 as of 21 August 2010 and +1 249 overlay for +1 705 as of 19 March 2011.

Chile: new VoIP number ranges introduced.

Denmark: updated links, some general information added, still further material to be done later.

Kazakstan: updated numbering ranges.

Georgia: updated international prefixes, numbering plan update.

Lebanon: details of new numbering plan proposal, update to current numbering ranges.

Lesotho: fixing dead links, new regulator name and website.

Malawi: national renumbering from 7 to 9 digits for most carriers.

Mauritius: national renumbering of mobile/wireless numbers from August 2010 (postponed from November 2009).

Morocco: national renumbering, new area code digits, of 7 March 2009.

Nicaragua: updated details of April 2009 national renumbering.

Pakistan: various regional numbering changes as of July 2009.

Rwanda: national renumbering of 1 February 2009.

St Maarten: approval to join NANP, island moving from +599 to +1 721 on 31 May 2010.

Solomon Islands: mobile numbering from 5 to 7 digits in August 2009.

Somalia: minor editorial

Swaziland: numbering expansion in 2010, regulator/operator link, added recent numbering plan info.

Tonga: updated numbering ranges.

Turks and Caicos: updated numbering ranges, updated international prefix (editorial finding courtesy Risto Nykänen).

Tuvalu: reintroduction of mobile service and numbering plan update; some copyedit courtesy Broadus Jones.

Ukraine: domestic and international prefixes changed; Kyiv region changes to +380 45.

United Kingdom: New +44 1987 code for Ebbsfleet; +44 3 national-rate numbers; updated area code lookup list; some other editorial.

Vietnam: updated numbering ranges and digit lengths, new +84 129 for VTI, editorial cleanup.

Yemen: add numbering ranges (as of 2007), add regulator link.

Zimbabwe: area code changes from May 2009, Econet mobile number expansion from 2007.

Country code +888 assigned by ITU as Telecommunications for Disaster Relief.

International Networks, updated +882, +883 assignments including some detail on iNum deployment (+883 5100).

Telecommunications for Disaster Relief: details of country code +888 assignment, replaces +999.

Some dead link reports courtesy Nigel Allen.

|!!| 31 December 2008
Link corrections and link break reports courtesy Simon Davis, Mark Mitchell and Steve.

Albania: Update links to numbering plan, latest information on digit lengths.

Belgium: fix broken regulator links (bug report courtesy Frans Vindevoghel).

Brazil: number portability being phased in within area codes and within service types.

Canada: approval of +1 343 overlay of +1 613; other editorial on recent area code overlays.

Comoros: national numbers expanded from 6 to 7 digits. Editorial in this and related pages to clarify that Mayotte is now in +262 and no longer in +269.

Costa Rica: correction to 8-digit numbering expansion - already in effect, correct prepend digit for mobile numbers.

Diego-Garcia: subscriber numbers now consistently a 7-digit format, replacing former 4-digit numbers following +246.

Ecuador: link cleanup, national renumbering delayed.

Georgia: New number ranges for Geocell and MagtiCom. Update area code information link.

Greece: editorial cleanup of outdated info, recent mobile number ranges, added carrier links.

Guinea-Bissau: National fixed/wireline numbers expand from 6 to 7 digits on 6 July 2008.

Honduras: details on mobile number expansion from 7 to 8 digits.

Kazakstan: Ekibastuz subscriber number changes.

Kuwait: national renumbering implemented October 2008; updated details.

Mali: national renumbering of November 2008; regulator link added.

Malaysia: broken link cleanup.

Mexico: broken link cleanup courtesy Peter Smith.

Montenegro: nationwide area code changes, new short codes.

Netherlands: broken link cleanup.

Netherlands Antilles: national dissolution; Sint Maarten applies to join +1 (NANP)

Nicaragua: announced expansion from 7- to 8-digit national numbers in April 2009.

Panama: link cleanup - regulator name changed.

Peru: mobile subscriber numbers expanded from 7 or 8 digits to 9 digits, within regional area codes.

Pakistan: mobile renumbering, subscriber numbers expand from 7 to 8 digits, area codes consolidated from 3 to 2 digits after prefixes.

Poland: premium +48 300 changed to +48 703, televoting +48 400 changed to +48 704. 9xxx short codes change to 19xxx. Elimination of '0' trunk prefix by 2010.

Romania: closed dialling for all domestic calls, requiring 10 digits even for local calls.

Serbia: details on 00+ replacing 99+ as international prefix.

Somalia: added carrier, March 2008 new number ranges.

South Africa: details on 00+ replacing 09+ as international prefix (Telkom carrier).

Syria: Qunietra subscriber numbers expand from 6 to 7 digits in September 2008. Cleanup of obsolete link thanks to report by Ned Lambert.

Vanuatu: mobile numbers expanded from 5 to 7 digits.

Uruguay: national renumbering scheduled for 2010.

Vietnam: subscriber numbers expanded by a digit in most places in October 2008.

NANP Caribbean Nations: Some editorial regarding which islands belong to the Caribbean.

European Telephony Numbering Space - termination of +388 3 for ETNS by 31 December 2010.

Global Mobile Satellite System - Ellipso ranges +881 2, +881 3 were deassigned and vacated by ITU.

North American Numbering Plan - +1 500 for personal/non-geographic numbering is running out of capacity, with the introduction of +1 533 expected by late-2009 for additional capacity.

There are also some cleanups and changes to the Help/Info page and the Links page.

DCCL pages are significantly outdated in many cases; some of these are being delinked from some WTNG pages at least for the time being.

|!!| 29 February 2008
Occasional cleanup, minor editorial, dead link cleanup on some pages. If a page indicates an updated date, but not mentioned below, the change likely falls under such housekeeping.

Still some backlog to do, and an admittedly rather long time since the last general WTNG update.

Algeria: National renumbering, non-geographic numbers in February 2008, geographinc numbers in 2009.

Brazil: São Paulo fixed/wireline subscriber numbers beginning with '6' reassigned to begin with '2' to allow mobile numbers additional capacity under the '6' range.

Cameroon: update link, June 2007 national renumbering to 8 digits.

Canada: Corrections/updates on new +1 587 area code (Alberta), editorial on potential overlay descriptions.

Chad: 2006-2007 numbering expansions, 2005 numbering plan details.

Denmark: broken link fix.

Ecuador: area codes expanded from 1 to 2 digits in March 2008.

Estonia: change of telecom regulator; editorial cleanup following completion of national renumbering; fix some broken weblinks.

Egypt: subscriber numbers expand from 7 to 8 digits.

Falkland Islands: additional numbering information.

Gibraltar: caution that not all international exchanges may yet support the numbering expansion.

Greece: new numbering ranges, updates and corrections to current situation.

Haiti: March 2008 national renumbering from 7 to 8 digits.

Ireland: November 2008 subscriber number expansion in certain areas from 5 to 7 digits. Other information and history added.

Kazakhstan: August 2007 area code renumbering, intra-zone dialling changes.

Kuwait: National renumbering (digit expansion) expected in 2008.

Mexico: 4 November 2006 introduction of domestic 045 cell/mobile access prefix and new charging regime, for most wireless carriers.

Montenegro: October 2007, +382 is mandatory for calls to Montenegro; +381 is now Serbia only.

Morocco: new numbering ranges found.

New Zealand: added report regarding McMurdo base in Antarctica, fixed some reported dead web links; +64 21 mobile subscriber number maximum digits lengthened in certain cases; numbering plan update January 2008.

Palestine, Israel: clarify that Jawall (Palestinian) mobile subscriber numbers did add an extra digit, shortly after other mobile numbers in Israel were extended by a digit; initially, it was announced that Jawall numbers would not change with the Israeli mobile carriers.

Saudi Arabia: 2007 new mobile number ranges; added regulator info.

Senegal: October 2007 national renumbering from 7 to 9 digits; slight change to regulator website.

Solomon Islands: new numbering ranges.

United Kingdom: retarget weblinks, courtesy Phil Hubbard.

Vietnam: expanded subscriber numbers in specific regions; new Vinaphone mobile numbering range.

Regional: added historical detail for ETNS +388 3 assignment, including reference to ITU Recommendation E.164.3 regarding assignments for groups of countries.

Special: introduction of +883 country code for new services; update to +882.

|!!| 17 July 2007
Afghanistan: updated regulator link, some new wireless number ranges since December 2005; updated flag.

Bangladesh: note of April 2007 numbering plan announcement; some editorial.

Cameroon: national renumbering from 7-digit to 8-digit format, regulator link.

Canada: new and rearranged area codes for Alberta, British Columbia; planning for Ontario and Quebec area code changes.

Ireland: numbering consolidations in certain areas from December 2005, some updating.

Gibraltar: expansion of existing 5-digit numbers to 8-digit format in December 2007. Some editorial and link updates.

Greece: Athens, new numbering ranges in service since 2001-2002 national renumbering.

Mongolia: new mobile number range.

Montenegro: numbering plan announcement; regulator link.

Syria: March 2007 numbering expansion to 7 digits in Homs (+963 31); mobile numbering expansion to 8 digits.

Spain: add reference to dialling changes for Gibraltar.

Thailand: mobile number expansion by a digit on September 2006.

Uganda: correction to numbering expansion, prepend '4's to Uganda Telecom subscriber numbers, not '2's.

Zambia: 2007 national numbering expansion.

|!!| 21 May 2007
Azerbaijan: number ranges as of December 2006; dead link cleanup.

Bangladesh: national renumbering plan announced, links cleanup, regulator link.

Bolivia: dead link cleanup.

Central African Republic: national expansion to 8-digit format announced for late 2007; updated numbering information.

Chile: new number ranges, August 2006 mobile number expansions; August 2006 number expansions in Concepción and Valparaiso; dead link cleanup.

Costa Rica: expansion to 8-digit national numbers announced for 2009; link to carrier.

Denmark: change to regulator webpage.

Egypt: national renumbering, 2007-2008, link cleanup.

French Antilles: updated numbering plan, various other updates, some links cleanup.

Georgia: detail on 1995 area code change, following introduction of +995 country code.

Gibraltar: details on transition to standard international dialling arrangements between Spain and Gibraltar, settling a long-standing telecommunications dispute.

Greece: past events in past tense, other editorial (courtesy Spyros Bartsocas).

Hungary: added various numbering changes, updated regulator.

Jordan: added carrier links, links cleanup, added detail of some numbering changes.

Kazakhstan and Russia: agreement to continue shared use of +7 country/world zone code.

Latvia: 2006-2008 national renumbering from 7 to 8 digit national numbers; regulator change.

Lebanon: some link cleanup.

Macao: details of 2006-2008 national renumbering to 8-digit format.

Malta: Carrier links, late 2006 introduction of new carrier ranges, with some details added.

Mayotte and Reunion: Make corrections, update links.

Mongolia: added new numbering information for carriers Unitel (2006), Mongolia Telecom (2007); do some links cleanup.

Montenegro: updated flag.

Netherlands: updated +31 8x ranges, replace obsolete links with current links to numbering plan.

Qatar: updated numbering (now 7-digit format), January 2007 new number ranges, current regulator.

Rwanda: new flag, regulator link added.

St Helena and Tristan da Cunha: corrected numbering range for Tristan da Cunha (+290 8xxx, not +290 3xxx).

San Marino: Clarified whether +378 xxxxx or +378 0549 xxxxxx format is valid for inbound calls (actually, both formats are valid; mystery solved thanks to tip from Chris Ward).

Switzerland: 111 short code for number enquiries discontinued 31 December 2006, replaced by 18xx. Also section noting carrier selection codes; also some links cleanup.

Tonga: Updated information on Tonfon GSM ranges, TCC prepaid range, continued use of both 5- and 7-digit numbers in Tonga.

Uganda: correct date for Uganda Telecom 2006 numbering changes.

United Arab Emirates: link to regulator page; updated numbering information; clean up inactive links.

Yemen: notes on 2005 GSM number changes.

Regional Services page - some editorial corrections, including update on proposed discontinuance of ETNS.

Defense Switched Network: removed inactive links, updated links for new versions.

There remain further updates pending, which will be processed in due course.

|!!| 1 February 2007
More African region updates:

Burundi: National renumbering from 6 to 8 digits on 1 March 2007. Previous expansion plan to 7-digit format was abandoned.

Mayotte and Reunion: Minor editorial, credit, mention of France-based dialling format.

St Helena and Tristan da Cunha: Tristan da Cunha now included in country code +290.

Tanzania: National renumbering, correction and update - final phase delayed to June 2006.

|!!| 31 January 2007
Another partial update - other changes to follow:

Cape Verde: new mobile numbering, update to telecom links.

France: current regulator is ARCEP, which replaced ART on May 2005.

Guinea-Bissau: new mobile numbering ranges introduced in 2006 for carriers Guinétel and Spacetel.

Comoros and Mayotte: Mayotte leaving +269 to join Reunion +262 and adopt the general France-based numbering format. +269 will become exclusively for Comoros in 2007.

Reunion: 2005 change in France-based regulator; Mayotte joins +262.

Seychelles: a few updates to numbering ranges announced July 2006.

Somalia: updated numbering and carrier information with recent announcements and websites.

Togo: new numbering ranges announced December 2006; add link to July 2001 number plan document via ITU.

|!!| 30 September 2006

This is a partial update - several other nations have outstanding updates to be posted.

ETNS: 2005 suspension of ETNS assignment activities.

Anguilla: link to November 2005 number range list.

Antigua: update changed carrier link for APUA (from report courtesy Ray Chow).

Bermuda: link to number ranges as of January 2006.

Canada: corrected some links (courtesy report from Joey Lindstrom).

Congo (Democratic Republic, capital Kinshasa): new GSM mobile number range for carrier Supercell.

Dominican Republic: new Tricom number ranges 15 December 2005.

Gabon: delay of second national renumbering phase past September 2005.

Guinea: national renumbering December 2005.

Liberia: minor editorial update, updated reference to a numbering announcement.

Libya: number ranges list as of February 2006.

Niger: expansion to 8-digit national numbers June 2006; updated number ranges on November 2005.

Luxembourg: mobile numbers changed, replacing leading digit '0' with '6'.

Montenegro: Montenegro now separate nation, assigned country code +382, running in parallel with +381 until early 2007.

Morocco: national number consolidation March 2006, various new number ranges since 2005.

Netherlands Antilles: new numbers introduced, updated list of numbering ranges.

Reunion: new number ranges.

Serbia: Montenegro now separate nation, leaving +381 numbering plan.

Sierra Leone: new number ranges assigned, updated to January 2006.

Solomon Islands: new number ranges added for selected areas and services in 2006.

|!!| 21 November 2005

Calendar: Some editorial corrections.

Fixed broken ETO links for regulatory agencies - any former ETO materials were moved under the ERO website. Dead link report courtesy by Richard Powles-Brown.

Angola: Details of national renumbering, second phase of which was implemented June 2005.

Anguilla: New mobile number ranges assigned for carrier Digicel.

Azerbaijan: Updated announcement date for May 2005 numbering changes.

Bangladesh: New number ranges in Sylhet.

Benin - expansion to 8-digit national subscriber numbers in September 2005.

Bolivia: Added ITU page for details of 2001 national renumbering.

Brazil: Update and correction to national renumbering details, plus July progress announcement from regulator.

Burkina Faso: New mobile number assignments September 2005.

Burundi: National renumbering from 6- to 7- digit subscriber numbers in 1 February 2006.

Canada: updated dates for introduction of various area codes and overlays, cleaned up some existing text.

Central African Republic: Indefinite postponement of national renumbering from 6- to 7- digit national numbers.

Chile: New numbering ranges July-October 2005.

Congo (Kinshasa/Dem. Rep.): New +243 99 mobile number range introduced for Celtel.

Costa Rica - added regulator link.

Cuba - added regulator link.

East Timor: Changes to pages and links due to change in ISO/domain code from .tp to .tl.

Ethiopia: September 2005 national renumbering to 2-digit area codes and 7-digit subscriber numbers.

French Antilles: updated numbering ranges announced including new WLL Antilles-Guyane and UTS GSM numbers. Some editorial changes for the Guadeloupe reference page.

Gambia: Introduction of new numbering range in July 2005.

Georgia - new area code for Magti GSM mobile carrier.

Ghana: Kasapa analog mobile numbers change to new CDMA numbers. Regulator site added.

Greece: Added carrier link.

Guinea-Bissau: New mobile number ranges August 2005, April 2004.

Guyana: Updated numbering ranges list July 2005.

Iran: editorial on Tehran 2005 8-digit subscriber number conversion.

Jamaica - added news of mobile number ranges assigned during 2003-2004.

Lebanon: Postponement of plan to change GSM code from +961 3 to +961 71.

Lesotho: Added carrier link, additional historical link for 2002 national renumbering.

Libya: Added mobile carrier Libyana.

Mali: Updated list of numbering ranges.

Malta: Updated list of numbering ranges.

Mongolia: New and changed number ranges for some Mongolian Railway Authority numbers effective November 2005. Also some editorial changes to correct and clarify the dialling format with carrier selection codes which took effect with the 2004-2005 national renumbering.

Montserrat: Added link to numbering document.

Morocco: New mobile range +212 79 for Médi Telecom.

Norway: Fixed some broken links to numbering information.

Pakistan: National renumbering from approximately late 2004. Also minor numbering changes around September 2004.

Romania: Removed broken link (report courtesy Csaba Borbáth). Updated information and links from 2002 numbering plan changes and subsequent developments.

Russia: +7 0xx area codes change to +7 4xx format in December 2005.

St Kitts and Nevis: New UTS Cariglobe GSM mobile number ranges.

St Pierre and Miquelon: Added carrier link.

San Marino: Carrier Intelcom now known as Telecom Italia San Marino.

Seychelles: Numbering assignments as of September 2005.

Sudan: Updated national numbering ranges e.g. +249 15 for Kanartel.

Tajikistan: July 2004 numbering ranges list. June 2004 introduction of new number range in Somonien City. Added carrier link.

Trinidad and Tobago: New mobile number ranges announced during 2005. New regulator name and link. Also added number ranges introduced from March 2002 to April 2004.

Turks and Caicos: New number ranges July 2005. Also number ranges introduced from March 2001 to June 2005.

Uganda: 2005-2006 national renumbering to 9-digit national total length.

Uruguay: New numbering plan proposal, apparently from 2004. Table of digit lengths, as of July 2005. Added regulator link.

US Virgin Islands - added some history of early dialling- and numbering-related changes.

Zambia: Updated numbering plan page link.

Zimbabwe: Note of 2001 proposal for national renumbering, which was not implemented.

Special Services - International Networks: Oration Technologies +882 33 7 range introduced.

Special Services - Inmarsat: BGAN service numbers +870 77, +870 78 introduced November 2005.

Changes include various link and info updates reported by Ray Chow. This included tip on Regulatel for the links page.

For previous changes to WTNG, see the revision history archive.

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